How Much Do Pocket Doors Cost?

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Doors don’t get enough attention for the impact they can have on your home. They protect against the elements, security against individuals with bad intentions, and they also offer some much-needed privacy. Beyond those more obvious benefits of doors, you also cannot overlook the fact that they can help bring your home’s design together.

If you’re looking for a door that offers all the usual benefits along with more style, then you will like pocket doors. Pocket doors are stylish and space-saving additions that can work as fantastic additions to any home. You may be interested in adding them to your home too, which means you need to find out how much they cost.

A standard-sized pocket door costs an average of $850. Single pocket doors cost an average of $1,050 while double pocket doors are more expensive at $2,200. The average cost of labor for installing a new pocket door settles in at $750, but exterior installations are priced at $1,750. DIY pocket door kits are also available for $250 each.

Pocket doors can be great additions to your home both functionally and aesthetically speaking. Consider adding them while you’re building or perhaps renovating your home. Learn more about the cost of new pocket doors after going through the rest of this article.

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How Wide Should Your Pocket Doors Be?

Before you start shopping for your new pocket doors, you should first find out what size they need to be. Doing so will ensure that your new doors will fit the openings in and around your home. You specifically want to focus on the width of your new pocket doors.

The standard width for interior doors is 36 inches. Single pocket doors are also available in that size so you should be able to find an appropriately sized door easily.

Are you planning to cover a wall opening with a set of double doors? If so, you should look for double doors that stretch out to 72 inches wide. You should be able to find double doors that cover a 72-inch opening because that’s the standard size.

The height is not a major concern for pocket doors. Most of them are 80 inches tall and they should fit easily into standard doorways.

Cost of Pocket Doors by Width

Pocket Door Width (In Inches)Cost

The size of your new pocket door is the most important consideration when shopping for one. You need to purchase a door of the right size or else your planned installation will not be possible. Most of the time, the standard-sized 36-inch pocket door is what you’ll need and it costs $850.

Use the 36-inch pocket door for pathways leading from one room to the next. It works well as the entry point to your kitchen or perhaps some bedrooms.

Other sizes are also available and you can easily downsize if needed. You should be able to find pocket doors that measure 24 or 28 inches wide. Those pocket doors cost $275 and $330 respectively. Small pocket doors are great for walk-in closets or storage areas because they don’t take up a lot of space.

You can also find a 32-inch pocket door and that works for openings that are slightly smaller than average. Expect to pay $630 if you need a new 32-inch pocket door.

Lastly, you can also purchase 48-inch pocket doors to cover extra-wide openings that aren’t quite big enough for double doors. They are the most expensive options by far as they cost $1,250 on average.

Cost of Pocket Doors by Type

Pocket Door TypeCost

There are different types of pocket doors that you can find on the market. The main types available are single, double, and French doors.

You need to be discerning when choosing the pocket door type because these are not one-size-fits-all installations. Many homeowners end up wasting money because they’ve chosen the wrong pocket doors.

Pricing is not the only differentiating factor between the types of available pocket doors. Find out more about the differences between those products by checking out the information provided below.

Single Pocket Doors

Single pocket doors are the cheapest option you can get from the three choices available. You can expect to pay $1,050 for a single pocket door.

A single pocket door is a suitable installation in most cases. It can cover most doorways without creating those annoying gaps. Feel free to use it to cover most of the doorways in and around your home.

Sticking with single pocket doors also makes sense from a financial perspective. We’ve already established that they are the cheapest options available. On top of that, you also don’t have to install any large tracks to accommodate them. That will allow you to keep your costs down.

Double Pocket Doors

Next up, you can choose double pocket doors for your home. Unsurprisingly, they are double the price of single pocket doors. A set of double pocket doors costs an average of $2,200.

Aside from being more expensive, double pocket doors are also harder to install. Instead of just one track, the workers now have to lay two tracks in place. Your labor expenses will rise because of that.

Double pocket doors are great installations if you want to cover the missing area for a short wall. Save some money by installing double pocket doors instead of another wall segment.

French Pocket Doors

Lastly, you can also opt to install French pocket doors inside your home. They are the most expensive options available at $2,500.

French pocket doors resemble large windows. They may just be big panes of glass or they could also be segmented into small panels.

One of the main advantages of installing French pocket doors is that they can double as sources of natural light. Using them as patio doors also works so you can integrate the green from your garden into your home décor.

Installing French pocket doors is a complex task. You will likely have to pay extra for that kind of installation.

Cost of Pocket Doors by Material

Material UsedCost

It’s now time for us to check out the available material options for pocket doors. The material you choose greatly affects the performance of your new fixture.

First off, the material makeup of your door matters because it affects that fixture’s overall durability. Some material options are way more durable than others.

The material you choose also affects how well the pocket doors move. Lighter doors are less likely to become misaligned.

Of course, the material composition of your door also affects its appearance. Choose a material that you feel fits well with the rest of your home.


Aluminum pocket doors are among the most expensive fixtures you can get. On average, an aluminum pocket door costs $1,200.

If your plan is to install new pocket doors on an exterior doorway, choosing ones made from aluminum is a good idea. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant so you can count on it retaining its appearance even as it is constantly exposed to the elements.

You can also paint over aluminum if you so desire. Paint your aluminum pocket doors so they match the rest of your home’s exterior.

Aluminum is also lightweight and that matters for installation purposes. Pocket doors made from aluminum are easy to install. The workers may not charge that much to set them in place.


Pocket doors can also be made from fiberglass. If you’re thinking of getting them, they cost $500 each.

Fiberglass is routinely lauded for its remarkable durability. You can install a fiberglass pocket door on an exterior doorway and be confident that it will hold up for several years. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Homeowners should also consider installing fiberglass pocket doors because they excel at regulating heat transfer. They will help you keep your energy bills down even during the summer and winter seasons.

Similar to aluminum, the installation will not be an issue with fiberglass. The workers will be able to install your new fiberglass pocket door pretty quickly.


Glass pocket doors are also available. A glass pocket door costs $1,130 on average.

Homeowners who want to elevate their home décor will be well served to use glass pocket doors. They add more refinement to your home décor while also giving you more design versatility. Depending on where you install the glass pocket doors, you can use them to highlight different portions of your property.

Those glass pocket doors are also great sources of natural light. Position them next to your living room so you can keep the lights off during the day.

Privacy can be an issue with glass pocket doors. You can resolve that issue by using frosted panes of glass.


Do you want to add pocket doors to your home without spending too much money? If that’s your goal, you can choose to install hollow-core pocket doors. They are very affordable as they only cost $300 each.

Hollow-core doors are not durable. Consider it a big win if they last for a year or two. You shouldn’t be surprised if they start to malfunction before the one-year mark because of how flimsy they tend to be.

It pays to be strategic when it comes to using hollow-core doors. Limit them to spots that aren’t accessed often so they last longer.


The final material option available to you is wood. Wooden pocket doors are very expensive. Get ready to pay $1,200 for a single wooden pocket door kit.

Wooden pocket doors combine elements of old-school design and modern architecture. Pocket doors made of wood have to be practically designed or else they won’t be able to slide easily on the tracks.

At the same time, they still present that classic appearance that many homeowners adore. If you want to feature a classic design scheme, you cannot omit the wooden doors.

Wooden pocket doors require a lot of maintenance. Even so, they are worth that kind of work given what they can do for your home.

Labor Cost to Install Pocket Doors

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$500
Mid-Range Estimate$750
High-End Estimate$1,000

Don’t forget about the labor expenses if you want to install a new pocket door. For this particular project, labor expenses often end up at $750.

Pocket door installation is a multi-stage process. It involves mounting the required frame, installing the track, and adding accessories such as the header and bottom plate. The complexity of the project will change based on how many pieces of hardware need to be installed.

You will have to pay more if you need to remodel your doorway to accommodate the pocket door. That’s the case because the workers often have to modify the wall to make room for the necessary hardware. If you know you want pocket doors, build them into your home right away so you can save money.

The general rule with pocket doors is that installation costs climb as the door increases in size. Those large pocket doors can be unwieldy. Getting them into the right spots is not that easy even for experienced installers.

Reinforcing the door frame may also be needed if you want a large pocket door added to your home. Workers charge extra if you’re calling on them to reinforce your modified doorways.

Labor Cost to Install Exterior Pocket Doors

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$1,000
Mid-Range Estimate$1,750
High-End Estimate$2,500

Pocket doors work splendidly for exterior doorways as they grant easy access both ways. Double pocket doors, in particular, can create a strong connection between your home interior and your yard. Workers charge an average of $1,750 for that kind of installation.

As you’ve probably noticed, there is a sizable gap between the interior and exterior pocket door installation costs. Why is installing an exterior pocket door way more expensive? That’s because it requires more work.

Whereas reinforcing the door is necessary only some of the time for interior installations, it becomes mandatory for exterior front doors. That frame needs to be very sturdy to hold up against swirling winds and strong rain.

Another major consideration with exterior pocket doors is the possibility of air leaking. The edges of the pocket door must be sealed tightly to prevent that. Ensuring that there is a proper seal will take more time and that will also increase the cost of labor.

Cost of DIY Pocket Doors

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$100
Mid-Range Estimate$250
High-End Estimate$400

The labor expenses you’ll incur from a pocket door installation are not that easy to disregard. That’s why many homeowners choose to bypass them by buying different pocket doors. To be more specific, they may buy a DIY pocket door kit for $250.

A DIY pocket door kit contains all the pieces of hardware you need to secure the door onto the doorway. The DIY pocket door is not especially sturdy, but it will move just fine as long as it was installed properly.

$250 is the average price of a DIY pocket door kit, but you can find more expensive options too. Those more expensive DIY kits hold up better. They are also harder to install.

You can get a DIY pocket door kit for $100 if you just need a temporary replacement. After a few months, you will likely have to replace that door.

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Related Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Install Automatic Pocket Doors?

Automating your pocket door will cost $500. To automate the pocket door, the workers will have to change the track, add sensors, and a controlling mechanism of some kind. You don’t have to automate your pocket doors, but doing so will make your new installation feel more special.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Pocket Doors?

Replacing an existing pocket door will cost $1,500. That includes the cost of the replacement door as well as labor.You can save some money because you don’t have to modify your walls to fit the pocket doors anymore. If you’re using the same pocket doors, you may even be able to retain the hardware.

Are Pocket Doors Cheaper Than Regular Doors?

No, you will have to spend more on pocket doors compared to regular doors. A standard-sized pocket door costs $850 while a regular door of the same size only costs an average of $200.

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