How Much Does a Glass Garage Door Cost?

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

Your garage door can do more than just improve security and protect some of your valued possessions. It can also be a decorative element that elevates the look of your property. Glass garage doors, in particular, introduce an element of styling that you simply don’t get from the other available options.

Apart from being stylish, glass garage doors can also be practical additions because they cut down on your lighting needs. They also don’t need to be painted for maintenance, although cleaning them regularly remains important. If you’re interested in adding a glass garage door to your home, you need to know how much it costs.

Installing a new glass garage door will cost an average of $4,000. Additional features will hike up the price of your desired installation. You will have to pay $350 extra if you want the frosted glass to be used for your garage door. Add $1,400 more to the bill if you need an insulated glass door protecting your garage.

A glass garage door brings something different to the table in terms of styling and supplemental benefits. It can be a fantastic addition if you want your garage to stand out more. Find out how much adding that new element to your home will cost by continuing with this article.

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Glass Garage Door Cost by Type

Glass Garage Door TypePrice
No Additional Features$4,000
Frosted Glass Used$4,350
Insulation Added$5,400

The type of glass garage door you want is going to impact how much it costs. The cost baseline for your garage door is $4,000.

At that price, you’re getting a garage door with no special features included. It’s made from frosted glass and properly framed, but it’s otherwise plain. Note that the price is going to increase if you want thicker glass panels to be used for the door.

Some homeowners like the look of a glass garage door, but they feel that it doesn’t offer enough privacy. If you harbor that concern, you can get a garage door that uses frosted glass.

Frosted glass garage doors are usually more expensive. You will have to pay $450 extra if you want to enjoy the privacy they provide.

Try shopping around before you pay for the frosted glass, though. Some manufacturers of garage doors will include frosted glass in your order for free so seek them out.

Going with frosted glass is not your only option if you want something that protects your privacy. For instance, you can also have the glass tinted so people passing by won’t be able to look inside your garage.

In cold areas, insulated garage doors are must-have items. You can get a garage door that’s already insulated if you’re willing to pay an additional $1,400.

Glass Garage Door Cost by Style

Glass Garage Door StylePrice
Carriage Garage Door$2,000
French Garage Door$3,500
Paneled Garage Door$1,500

You need to choose a style when purchasing a glass garage door. First off, you can get a carriage-style garage door for $2,000.

Carriage-style garage doors are mainly about aesthetics. They feature a kind of design that you are likely to find on old farmhouses and barns. Their designs are pretty intricate and they often come with window inserts and iron embellishments.

Homeowners can also pick out a French glass door for their garage door. Those French garage doors cost $3,500 on average. Similar to French doors, French garage doors feature long panels of glass. Those panels of glass extend from the top of the door to the bottom.

Paneled garage doors are also popular choices among homeowners. You can purchase a paneled garage door made from glass for $1,500.

Note that paneled garage doors can either feature a single panel or multiple sections. Single-panel doors come in a greater variety of designs while sectional doors are considered more durable.

Glass Garage Door Cost: Roll-Up vs. Swing-Up

How your glass garage door opens is also going to affect how much it costs. You can choose to purchase a swing-up garage door that costs $2,500 or a roll-up door that’s usually priced at $3,000.

Some homeowners prefer swing-up garage doors because they don’t rely on as many parts to function properly. That translates to lighter maintenance work on your end. Still, you may struggle with using a swing-up door if the space near your garage is on the smaller side.

Roll-up garage doors don’t present spacing issues. Once you roll them up, they will stay out of the way. Just remember to lubricate them regularly or else your door may get stuck at an inopportune time.

Glass Garage Door Cost by Size

Unsurprisingly, the cost of your glass garage door will vary depending on its size. Glass garage doors that top out at 10 feet tall will cost $2,700. If you need a glass garage door that measures 14 feet tall, you’re looking at a possible price tag of $4,000.

Your choices may be limited when it comes to the size of your garage door. The glass garage door you ultimately decide to purchase should be able to accommodate your vehicles so go tall if necessary.

The width of the garage door is something you also need to consider. You can find glass garage doors that measure 18 feet across. A glass garage door that wide will cost $5,500.

Glass Garage Door Frames

Garage door frames are necessary because they keep the glass panels in place. You have some options to consider when choosing a garage door. Let’s go over them in greater detail below.

Bare Aluminum Frames

Bare aluminum frames are the most affordable. The great thing about aluminum is that it’s a fairly customizable material. You can find aluminum frames that are available in different colors.

Also, consider using anodized aluminum if you don’t intend to apply a coating over it. Anodized aluminum is more resistant to corrosion and that allows it to retain its appearance longer.

Painted Frames

If you want to feature a specific look with your glass garage door, you may want to paint the frames too. Painting allows you to nail down a more precise color scheme for your new garage door.

Plus, the paint provides some good protection against the elements. As long as you’re diligent with retouching the paint, your garage door will look great for a long time.

Powder-Coated Frames

A powder coating can give your garage door frame a very distinctive look. That’s why a lot of homeowners go with it when designing their glass garage door.

The powder coating can also be helpful from a protection standpoint. Use it to protect the frames from the onset of rust.

Labor Cost to Install a Glass Garage Door

You can hire a professional to handle the installation of your glass garage door. So, how much will professionals charge for a task like that? The factors highlighted in this section will give you a good idea of what to expect.

The Size of the Glass Garage Door

First off, the size of the glass garage door will help determine how much the project will cost. We’re not just talking about the height or width of the door here. You also have to consider if it’s a single door or a double door.

Installation costs for a single door reach $220. If you want a double garage door setup, the labor costs will spike to $400.

Customized Features

The installer you hired will charge more if you want them to work on a customized garage door. The unique quirks of your custom garage door may be tricky to handle for the installer at first. They will charge more because of that.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Should you hire a professional installer or can you install the glass garage door on your own? That’s a question you’ve likely asked yourself at some point. With a project such as this, hiring a professional installer is recommended.

Glass garage doors can be tough to install. You have to be careful not to damage the glass. Getting it all set up with the wiring included can also be dangerous for inexperienced installers.

Paying for installation may not be something you’re keen on, but it beats damaging your glass garage door. Those labor costs are still cheaper than purchasing a new glass garage door after all.

Accessories for Glass Garage Doors

In addition to the glass garage door, you can also install some accessories that will help it function more reliably. Garage door openers are very popular accessories. On average, a brand new garage door opener will cost $200.

Note that the $200 price tag is just for the accessory itself. You will have to pay $250 extra to get the garage door opener installed.

Weatherstripping is another accessory you can add to your garage door. Once weatherstripping is installed, it can keep moisture out of your garage and also prevent heat loss. Expect to pay $80 if you want to buy weatherstripping and have it professionally installed.

Repair Costs for Glass Garage Doors

The repair-related expenses for your glass garage door will depend on the extent of the damage. If you only need to replace a panel, you may have to spend $700. That $700 expense accounts for both the replacement panel and the cost of labor.

However, repairing individual panels of your glass garage door is not always recommended. If multiple panels need to be replaced, your expenses may quickly skyrocket.

Instead of paying to repair individual panels, you may want to consider replacing the entire door. In the long run, you might end up saving more money by going down that route.

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