How Much Do Pella Bifold Patio Doors Cost?

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In order to create harmony between the inside and outside areas of their homes, many folks opt to install patio doors. Patio doors can establish that connection you need between those two distinct areas.

Homeowners have several options to choose from if they want a new patio door. Among the most popular options available today are bifold patio doors made by Pella. So, how much will you have to pay if you want a Pella bifold patio door installed on your home?

The average Pella bifold patio doors cost is $6,750, and installation costs another $1,600. Homeowners spend an average of $800 per linear foot for labor and installation of Pella bifold doors. Additional Pella bifold door panels cost $1,000 each, and four-panel doors cost $10,000 before installation.

Improve the dynamism of your home layout by adding bifold patio doors from Pella. Find out how much those new additions will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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What Are Bifold Patio Doors?

Before we discuss how much bifold patio doors cost, it would be wise to understand what they are first. Homeowners basically have three options when it comes to patio doors.

First off, you have French doors. French doors are typically made up of two glass panels that are mounted on the sides of the doorway using hinges. The panels themselves can feature different designs. Next up are the sliding doors. Sliding doors are usually two large panels of glass set along a track that move horizontally to either open or close.

Bifold doors are quite similar to sliding doors because they are also made of glass and set on a track. The big difference can be seen in how the bifold doors move. When you open them up, the bifold doors fold back on to themselves.

All three types of patio doors can work fine for most homes. However, you may find one type to be better than others. For this article, we’ll focus mainly on bifold doors and the ones manufactured by Pella specifically.

How Do Pella Bifold Patio Doors Differ from the Other Available Options?

Pella is known for bringing stylish home additions to the marketplace. You can see that in their selection of bifold patio doors.

Their Architect Series patio doors emphasize a more minimalist design. The Architect Series includes both Traditional and Contemporary patio door designs. Homeowners can choose from 11 different color options if they opt for a patio door from the Architect Series.

Meanwhile, the bifold patio doors in Pella’s Reserve Series feature more intricate designs. Similar to the Architect Series, Traditional and Contemporary designs are also included in the Reserve Series. The available color options also increase to 20.

You cannot go wrong with any of the available bifold patio doors sold by Pella. They will all serve as terrific additions to your home.

Lean on your design preferences to identify the type of Pella bifold patio door that you need for your home. Of course, you cannot forget about prices when making that decision as well.

How Much Do Pella Bifold Patio Doors Cost?

Cost is always going to be a huge factor whenever you’re trying to decide which home additions to purchase. It could also be the reason why you hold off on purchasing a new Pella patio door.

Simply put, those patio doors cost a lot of money. On the low end, you’ll probably have to spend $3,500 to get new bifold patio doors from Pella. That price tag is for the standard four-panel options.

The bifold patio doors from Pella’s Architect Series are cheaper. Consider them carefully if you want to keep your costs under control as much as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the bifold patio doors included in Pella’s Reserve Series. Those options are way more expensive and you may have to pay up to $10,000 for the four-panel doors. Whether or not they’re worth that much money is for you to decide.

How Much Do Additional Pella Bifold Patio Door Panels Cost?

A standard four-panel bifold patio door may not be big enough to cover the opening along your wall. You may need to purchase a larger Pella door in order to cover up the opening properly. That is going to cost you though.

Additional panels for Pella’s bifold doors do not come cheap. The lowest price for an additional panel is around $1,000. Don’t be surprised if the extra panels cost close to $1,500 especially if you need them for Reserve Series doors.

Prior to deciding on your new patio doors, take some time to measure how much space you need to cover. You may not be able to afford the new Pella patio doors anymore if you still need additional panels. It’s best to be sure before making any kind of purchase.

How Much Will It Cost to Get Pella Bifold Patio Doors Professionally Installed?

Thus far, we’ve only focused on how much the doors themselves may cost. That’s not the entire cost equation though.

Bifold patio doors are not easy to install. They have plenty of moving pieces and they can be delicate too. After spending so much money on your new patio doors, the last thing you want is to damage them during installation.

It’s best to let the professionals handle the installation of your new Pella patio doors. But, how much will that actually cost? The cost of labor will depend on how big the opening is. Homeowners usually have to pay $600 to $1,000 per linear foot if they want new patio doors installed. Installing a standard set of bifold patio doors from Pella will likely cost $2,500 on the high end.

What Are the Advantages of Installing Bifold Patio Doors?

You may have to pay close to $12,500 for a new set of Pella bifold patio doors. That’s a big investment for the vast majority of homeowners.

Considering the high price tag attached, it’s fair to ask if getting new bifold patio doors from Pella is worth it. To find out the answer to that question, we must look at the pros and cons of installing bifold patio doors. Let’s start by discussing the advantages of bifold patio doors in this section.

Bifold Patio Doors Help You Create Bigger Openings

Bifold patio doors allow you to create a larger opening between your yard and your home interior. Because the glass panels can be folded up and set aside, they only block a small portion of the opening. If you want to promote better freedom of movement, bifold doors are the way to go.

Bifold Patio Doors Cause Fewer Accidents

Compared to sliding doors, bifold doors can be considered safer because they don’t need thresholds. The lack of thresholds can lead to fewer accidents.

If you have kids at home, they could easily trip over as they enter the home if there’s a threshold present. We know how careless kids can be sometimes, so tripping over the threshold is a real possibility. You don’t have to worry about that anymore if you have bifold doors installed.

Kids are also less likely to run into bifold doors because they are out of the way. They won’t accidentally run into the glass panel or the edge of one.

Bifold Patio Doors Are More Secure

Homeowners can install multiple locks over their bifold patio doors. That’s important because it keeps your home safer. Installing more locks means potential intruders will have a harder time breaking into your home.

Bifold Patio Doors Are More Energy-Efficient

Bifold patio doors create a very tight seal when they are closed. That tight seal is important because it helps regulate temperature. When you set a desired temperature for your home, the bifold doors will help maintain it as long as they’re closed.

You’re not getting that same kind of seal from sliding and French patio doors. If you live in a city known for having extreme weather, bifold patio doors will suit you.

What Are the Disadvantages of Installing Bifold Patio Doors?

Bifold patio doors can improve your home in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, there are still disadvantages to installing them. Those disadvantages are highlighted below.

Bifold Patio Doors Are More Expensive

You likely guessed this already, but bifold patio doors tend to be more expensive than your other options. They can be especially costly if you need to cover a large space. Think about the price tag carefully before you pull the trigger on purchasing them.

Bifold Patio Doors Take Up Interior Space When Opened Up

Bifold patio doors may not be an option if you lack space indoors. They take up space after they’re opened up so you will have to clear the area around them. That may prove difficult if you already lack indoor space to begin with.

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Related Questions

Which Accessories Can I Add to My Bifold Patio Doors?

You can add a decent amount of accessories to your bifold patio doors. Install more locks if you want to improve security. Screens are good additions if you want to cool down your home effectively during the summer. The screens will prevent insects from flying into your home. Also, consider introducing some aesthetic additions to your bifold patio doors. Grilles and trim options work well for that purpose.

How Do You Maintain Bifold Patio Doors?

Maintaining bifold patio doors is not that different from maintaining sliding patio doors. Use some kind of lubricant to clear the rolling mechanisms and the track so the doors move as intended.The sides of the doors also need occasional cleaning, but that’s easy enough. If the sides of the doors are made out of wood, you could also look to sand them. Sanding should keep the doors looking great no matter how long they’ve been in use.

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