Pedestal Sink Dimensions (with Drawings)

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It’s fair to say that any standard home you visit in the US will have at least one bathroom. Likewise, it’s safe to assume that you’d find a sink in the bathroom. However, as far as the size and style of the bathroom sink, there are tons of options.

A pedestal sink is a sleek, space-saving addition to a bathroom or powder room. It’s typically about 22 to 24 inches wide, 18 to 20 inches deep, and 33 to 34 inches tall. But there are compact models and corner versions as well that have sides closer to approximately 15 inches.

Using a pedestal sink can be a matter of preference or necessity. If you’re going for a classic style or particular look, like Victorian, a pedestal sink works well. It’s an equally fine choice for a tiny bathroom or a more minimal design approach.

Dimensions of Pedestal Sinks

A standard pedestal sink is usually 22 to 24 inches wide and about 33 to 34 inches tall. The pedestal base usually is about 11 to 12 inches wide.

If the area where you mount the faucet is raised, then the tallest point bumps up a bit. It can reach closer to 35 or 36 inches tall in this area. Additionally, the overall sink depth (front to back) can vary but is typically around 18 to 20 inches. The actual bowl or basin is usually an oval shape in a classic pedestal sink.

The measurements for the basin are roughly 12 to 13 inches by 16 to 17 inches. Furthermore, the basin is typically about 6 to 7 inches deep (in terms of filling with water).

But, you can also find pedestal sinks that are entirely round or square. These sinks will have measurements within the same range as above. For example, a round pedestal sink might have a diameter of 14 or 15 inches, and a square one would be 15 by 15 inches.

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Don’t Count on Lots of Storage

If you opt for a more expansive pedestal sink, you’ll likely end up with a bit of surface area on the sides. It could be anywhere from a couple of inches to 5 or 6 inches on each side. For example, consider a pedestal sink that is 32 inches wide with a sink 18.5 inches wide.

It would give you roughly 6.75 inches on either side of the bowl. However, many classic-style pedestal sinks feature slightly raised or rounded edges. So keep in mind the shape of your sink, and know the whole space may not be flat.

This can provide some space for things like a cup of toothbrushes, a hairbrush, or a couple of perfume bottles. However, you won’t get nearly the area you would get with a vanity. Therefore, be aware that you may need other means of storage.

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Modern Pedestal Sinks

Many contemporary and modern pedestal sinks feature sleek, streamlined designs that take a more minimal approach. Often, these more modern designs can also be slimmer and less assuming in size. The smaller scale can work well in tiny bathrooms or powder rooms (as long as the aesthetic works for you).

For example, the slim and elegant Windfield Pedestal Sink from Fine Fixtures on Amazon takes up a much smaller footprint. It is only 11 inches across at its widest point and comes about 12 ½ inches out from the wall.

The pedestal base is less than 6 inches wide and the overall height of the sink is 34.25 inches. Of course, as with most styles, you can find larger versions as well, so it pays to shop around.

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Compact Pedestal Sinks

You can also find more classic-style pedestal sinks in a compact version. Some slimline pedestal sinks are closer to 16 inches wide and 15 inches from front to back. You won’t get any excess surface space on the sides with these types of sinks.

For example, the Farnham Sink from Signature Hardware on Amazon provides a charming, classic style and takes up less room. It is 15.5 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 33.5 tall. Plus, the smaller porcelain sink only weighs 34 pounds and sits snugly atop the pedestal base.

Source: Amazon

Corner Pedestal Sinks

Another way to fit a sink into a smaller bathroom is to go with a corner pedestal sink. These types of sinks are usually about 15 inches going along each wall. Additionally, they project out to the midpoint of the sink’s front roughly 20 inches.

These triangular-shaped sinks are an excellent option when you want the charm of a pedestal in a more confined space. This cute model from Fine Fixtures is 36 inches tall and projects out from the wall 20 inches. It is 18.5 inches along the wall and 24.75 inches from side to side.

Source: Amazon

Extra Considerations When Choosing a Pedestal Sink

When deciding on the best pedestal sink for your bathroom, the size of the sink isn’t the only factor to consider. Obviously, you want to think about style, color, and budget, but there are other dimensions to think about.

Bathroom Layout

Don’t underestimate your bathroom’s layout. In addition to having the available space in your bathroom, pay attention to where everything is.

For example, you don’t want your toilet right up against your sink. If your shower door opens outward, you can’t put your sink too close to the shower. You also need to consider practical elements like who uses the bathroom, how often, and storage needs.

If it’s a simple powder room, you likely won’t need much storage space. You could have a cute basket on the floor or on a small table for rolled-up towels. However, if it is the main bathroom that many household members use frequently, you need more storage.

Since a pedestal sink doesn’t provide ample storage space, where will you put your things? Allow room for a set of shelves unless you have a bathroom closet. You can also get space-saving cabinets that go above the toilet, etc.

Sink Installation

Also, how will you install the sink? Pedestal sinks can be freestanding or also mount to the wall for extra support.

A typical pedestal sink can weigh between 90 and 100 pounds, so mounting to the wall is a good idea. This can add additional strength and safety.

Bathroom Sink Height and Spacing

If you plan to hang a mirror, the bottom usually goes 11 to 12 inches above the sink. It is also typical to center the mirror over the midpoint of a pedestal sink. So make sure you have adequate wall space.

If using a corner pedestal, you might not have a mirror directly above the sink. Instead, you can hang it on one of the walls, or you might opt to corner mount a mirror.

You could also hang a corner shelf above the sink, at the proper height of 11 to 12 inches. Then, you can simply prop a mirror on the shelf.


Faucet Holes and Pipes

When planning the location for your sink, pay attention to your existing plumbing. Unless you plan to pay to reroute pipes, the current setup will likely dictate where your sink will go.

For your faucet, make sure it fits the sink you select. Most sinks have predrilled holes for either single-handled or double-handled faucets.

If your sink only has one pre-drilled hole, you need to find a single-handled faucet. If your sink has three holes, you need a faucet with separate handles for hot and cold. Some single-handled faucets come with plates to cover the extra holes so that you can use them with three-hole sinks.

For three-hole sinks with holes spaced 4 inches apart, you need a center-set faucet. If the holes are 8 to 16 inches apart, you need a widespread faucet.

If your sink doesn’t have any holes, you need a faucet designed to mount on the wall or the countertop. These types of faucets usually work with vessel sinks and some under-mount sinks as well.

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