How Much Does a Locksmith Cost? (Locked Out & Key Replacement)

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

Have you lost your keys before? We all know we need to be careful with our house and car keys, but it’s so easy to lose them. You may not even be aware that you’ve lost your keys until the time comes for you to unlock your front door.

Losing your keys can be a nightmarish ordeal, but before worrying about that, you must get inside your home or car somehow. Thankfully, a locksmith can help you find a way around the barrier in front of you. So, how much will have you to pay if you need the services of a locksmith?

A locksmith can unlock your home for an average fee of $115. The locksmith will charge between $90-$120 if you lost your house key and need it replaced. They can also change any old or busted locks for a fee of $300-350. If you’ve been locked out of your car, a locksmith can help you get in for about $70-100.

The realization that you’re locked out of your home or car is a scary one. It’s easy to feel helpless in that scenario, but remember that you can still enlist the help of a locksmith. Learn more about how much hiring a locksmith will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

Cost of Locksmith Services

Type of ServiceCost
Unlocking a House$115
Key Replacement$90
Key Duplication$18
Key Extraction$125
Lock Repair$130
Opening a Safe$300

Do you know what kind of skills a typical locksmith possesses? We all know that they can unlock the front door, but they can do way more than that.

It’s important to know all about the work that a locksmith can do. That way, you will know if you can turn to them to resolve the current situation you’re dealing with.

We’ve detailed the different services that locksmiths provide below. You can also find out how much those services will cost by reading on.

Unlocking a House

Losing or misplacing your key means you cannot get inside your home. An issue with your lock can also deny you entry. Resolve that issue by paying a locksmith $115 to unlock your home.

Locksmiths can open just about any type of lock no matter how old or new it is. They will also work on the lock carefully to ensure that it does not sustain any serious damage. Still, you should know that they may charge extra to open up certain locks.

Don’t hesitate to call up a locksmith if you’ve been locked out of your home. Look up the locksmiths near your area so you can get back inside your home as soon as possible.

Key Replacement

Misplacing your key is one thing. You can pick it up after you get back home or return to your office. If your key is lost for good, you will need to get it replaced and that costs an average of $90.

With key replacement, the locksmith will cut out a new key that will match your lock. They can produce numerous copies of your old key. Get as many keys as you need to prevent this issue in the future.

Note that the cost of key replacement will change if you ask for more than one new key. Keep that in mind before deciding what you want to do.

Key Duplication

Do you want some spare keys to prevent future lockouts? If so, you can ask the locksmith to duplicate your house keys. Duplication is more affordable than replacement as the former only costs $18 on average.

You’ve probably noticed that duplication is significantly cheaper than replacement. That’s mainly because copying a key is easier than recreating one. Locksmiths can also duplicate keys faster so that frees them up to work on more tasks.

Key Extraction

After trying to open your lock numerous times to no avail, you may end up getting frustrated. Because of that, you crammed your key into the lock, turned it forcefully, and broke it. Now, you will need a locksmith to extract the broken key and that will cost $125.

Key extraction can be a very complicated task. The locksmith cannot just hammer away at your lock to force the key out. They must somehow remove your key without damaging the lock in the process.

Extracting a key can take a long time and the locksmith will also have to use numerous specialized tools. Key extraction costing $125 makes sense when you consider all the work involved.

Lock Repair

Getting locked out of your home can be incredibly frustrating and aggravating. Due to your anger, you may have damaged your lock while trying to forcefully open it. Try your best to keep your composure or else you may wind up paying $130 for lock repairs.

Before you pay to get your lock repaired, you should check to see if it’s worth it. If your lock was badly damaged, fixing it may only be a temporary solution. Old locks should also be retired since they may not provide as much security.

Opening a Safe

A locksmith’s expertise can grant them access to highly secure spaces like the interior of a safe. Of course, getting inside a locked safe is a very complicated undertaking. That’s why locksmiths charge an average fee of $300 if you’re asking them to do that.

Drilling can sometimes be used to open a safe, but that method alone may not work on newer containers. The locksmith will also have to use other techniques to access the contents of the safe.

Note that locksmiths typically ask for some proof that you are indeed the owner of the safe before opening it. Ask them beforehand about the proof they need so you can get it ready.

Cost to Rekey a Lock

Rekeying ServiceCost
Best Type IC Cylinder Repin$33
High-Security Cylinder$35
Rim/Mortise Repin$25
Safe Deposit Lock Repin$35
Set to Master Key System$30
Tubular Lock$32

Another service provided by locksmiths is rekeying. The average cost of rekeying an existing lock is $29.

It’s important to understand that rekeying is not the same as opening a lock or replacing a key. Rekeying is also different from changing the lock that is currently installed.

The process of rekeying involves opening up the lock and tinkering with it. The locksmith will look for the pins inside the lock and alter their positioning.

Altering the positioning of the pins means that an old key will no longer be compatible with it. That means someone you gave an old key to won’t be able to legally enter your home without you knowing. The locksmith will also give you a new key that will open the rekeyed lock.

Paying for rekeying makes sense because it’s cheaper than changing a lock. However, rekeying is not an ideal solution if your lock is already old and damaged. At that point, you will be better served to just replace your lock.

The cost of rekeying will also vary based on the cylinder that needs to be altered. The differences in pricing aren’t that big, but you should still be aware of them.

Cost to Change Locks

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$150
Mid-Range Estimate$350
High-End Estimate$550

Continually relying on old or badly damaged locks can be very risky. Those locks are often easier to open without the right key so they can significantly compromise your home security. Change your locks for the average price of $350 and ensure that your home remains as safe as it can be.

As you can see, the average cost of changing locks is pretty expensive. Note that the aforementioned price point can still change significantly based on different cost factors. We’ve detailed those cost factors below.

New Locks

Do you want to install a new lock or do you already have a spare one lying around? If you’re planning to install a new lock, that will add $100 to your final bill.

Opting to install a new lock is a good idea if you want a new model. Many of the new locks available these days are more secure. They are capable of significantly improving your home security.

You can still choose an older, unused lock as the replacement, but have it inspected first. The old lock may already have some issues so installing a new lock would be your only option.

Electronic Locks

Since you’re already replacing an old lock, you may be interested in making a major upgrade. An electronic lock could prove to be a terrific addition to your home. The average cost of upgrading to an electronic is $420.

$340 of that $420 will go toward the purchase of the new electronic lock. You have some options to choose from in that regard. Biometric, keypad-based, and Wi-Fi-capable electronic locks are among the options most frequently used today.

You’ll use the remaining $80 to pay for labor expenses. If you’re adding an electronic lock that will be part of a new security system, the installation cost will likely be higher.

Creating Duplicate Keys

The new lock you purchased for your home may come with a spare key or two. That may not be enough for your household. You may need some duplicates and they will cost $18 each.

When asking for duplicates, you can put in a request for four-sided or dimple keys. Four-sided keys are great because they are very durable. You won’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

Dimple keys are handy because they can open a door no matter how they’re oriented. Spending several minutes working out how the key should be positioned will no longer be necessary if you have a dimple key.

Emergency or After Hours Charges

You cannot predict when you’ll lose your keys. If you lose them late at night or during a holiday, you will have to pay extra for a locksmith’s services. Locksmiths charge an additional $35 per hour for emergency services.

The higher locksmith rates don’t always kick in at the same time. Check the locksmith’s website or social media page first to see when they start charging higher rates.

Since some locksmiths don’t work on holidays or late at night, your options may also be limited. That means you may have to hire someone who lives far away. They will ask for more money since they have to travel farther.

Cost of Auto Locksmith Services

Type of ServiceCost
Unlocking a Car$70
Key Replacement$160
Key Fob Replacement$200
Key Extraction$110
Car Rekeying$130
Changing a Car Lock$150
Key Fob Reprogramming$125
Car Ignition Repair$170

The locksmith’s services may not be required because you have issues with your home’s locks. You could also find yourself struggling with lock issues related to your vehicle. In that case, you may need to hire an auto locksmith.

Many locksmiths don’t necessarily specialize in homes or automobiles. They can handle tasks related to both of those things expertly. Still, you may need to hire someone who specializes in cars for certain issues.

Unlocking a Car

Leaving your key in the ignition can happen if you’re in a rush. By the time you’ve realized your mistake, your car door is already firmly locked. You can hire a locksmith to open your locked car door for $70.

It’s tempting to try and pick the lock yourself, but you could just end up doing more harm than good. Call a nearby locksmith so they can open the door without damaging your vehicle.

Key Replacement

Replacing your missing car key is also an option if you cannot get into your vehicle. Expect to pay $160 for car key replacement.

Car key replacement works pretty similarly to replacing a house key. Most experienced locksmiths can handle that job with no issue.

Key Fob Replacement

Is your car equipped with an electronic lock instead of a conventional lock? If so, you will need to replace your key fob to gain entry into your locked automobile. Replacing the key fob will cost $200.

Not all auto locksmiths are well versed in fixing key fobs. Thankfully, you can still go to the dealership to purchase a new key fob for your vehicle.

Key Extraction

Your car key could break inside the door or in the ignition. Hiring a locksmith will be necessary if you want to use your car again. Locksmiths charge an average of $110 to extract stuck car keys.

Car Rekeying

The average cost of rekeying your car is $130. How much you’ll have to pay for rekeying will depend on which part of your vehicle could be compromised.

Rekeying the car door is easier so locksmiths don’t charge as much for it. Rekeying an ignition is way more complex and it involves tinkering with numerous components. Locksmiths charge more for that because it’s a difficult and time-consuming task.

Changing a Car Lock

Changing your car lock will protect you from potential break-ins. Locksmiths charge an average of $150 to change a car lock.

You can also repair a car lock following a break-in, but you may not feel as confident relying on it. Upgrading to a new lock that offers more protection may be the move you need to make.

Key Fob Reprogramming

A malfunctioning key fob can lock you out of your car. You need to get it reprogrammed if you want to drive your vehicle again. The cost of key fob reprogramming is $125.

Key fobs may malfunction due to electrical issues. The auto locksmith can sort out those issues and reprogram your key fob as well.

Car Ignition Repair

The ignition cylinder of your vehicle may need to be repaired before you can use it again. Repairing your car’s ignition will cost $170.

Damage to your car’s ignition cylinder may accumulate over time. Bits of debris may also end up stuck in there. Get your ignition repaired so you don’t end up stuck somewhere with a car that won’t start.

Cost of Additional Locksmith Services

Type of ServiceCost
Unlocking a Mailbox$150
Unlocking Luggage$140
Unlocking Bike Lock$190

Most of the time, we call upon locksmiths to open up our homes or our cars. While those two tasks may take up the bulk of their workload, they do render other services too.

We’re going to use this section to talk about the additional services that locksmiths provide. Take note of them as they may end up proving useful to you in the future.

Unlocking a Mailbox

Mailbox theft is not a rare occurrence. For that reason, many homeowners secure their mailboxes by installing some strong locks. If you lose the key to your mailbox, a locksmith can open it for you in exchange for $150.

Note that the amount we mentioned already includes the cost of unlocking the mailbox and replacing the missing key. Replacing the lock will be a bit more expensive.

Also, you should know that some mailbox locks cannot be opened by a locksmith For instance, they will not open your locked mailbox if you live in an apartment complex. Instead, you have to approach your landlord if you need your mailbox opened.

Unlocking Luggage

Traveling can take a huge physical toll on you. Because of that, you may not even notice that the key to your luggage is missing. You may need the help of a locksmith to get into your luggage and that will cost $140.

Once more, the costs of opening the luggage and replacing the key are already included in the $140 estimate. The cost of new luggage is within that range as well. Even so, paying for a locksmith makes sense if your currently locked luggage is expensive or if it possesses sentimental value.

Unlocking a Bike Lock

Finally, you can also hire a locksmith to open up a bike lock. Doing so will cost you $190.

The costs connected to replacing the key to the bike lock or getting a new bike lock are fairly similar. You won’t be saving that much money no matter which option you choose.

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Why Are Locksmiths Expensive?

Locksmiths have high rates because breaking into a lock is a fairly complex task. Add to that the need to use specialized tools and you can see why they can charge the rates they do.It’s also worth noting that some locksmiths take out insurance to protect their clients and themselves. That factors into their higher rates too.

Are Locksmiths Trustworthy?

Hiring a locksmith can be tricky because licensing laws vary from state to state. If you live in a state that does require locksmiths to acquire a license, then you can request to see that.You can also check the online database provided by the Associated Locksmiths of America if you’re looking for someone to hire. Use their search tool to find a reputable locksmith in your area.

Is Rekeying Safe?

Yes, rekeying is safe and it’s a procedure that can improve the security of your home. No one without the key for the modified lock will be able to open it.

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