Kenmore Series 70 Washer Won't Drain? (We Have A Fix)

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Nothing is a bigger pain than when your appliances start to act up and no longer perform like they are supposed to. Kenmore is an excellent name in the washer space, but even they act up from time to time and have problems like not draining. Even though you can make a service call on it, it is best to try and fix it yourself if you have an idea of what is going on and think you can help.

The main reasons why your Kenmore Series 70 Washer won’t drain are because of a clogged pump, bad lid switch, and an incorrectly installed hose. The good news with your Kenmore Series 70 Washer is that there are only three or four areas that could be causing your Kenmore washer not to be draining properly. Some of them are relatively obvious, and other reasons require a bit more thought.

There are other little reasons that could be why you are having problems, but those three reasons above are the most common, according to multiple sources. In this article, we will take you through the possible causes your Kenmore washer won’t drain and walk you through how to fix them.

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What To Do For A Clogged Pump In Your Kenmore Washer

The first important step is to unplug your machine and then access the central panel of your Series 70 Washer. You should be able to see or feel if the pump is clogged or needs attention. This is the most apparent cause for lack of draining because that is what the pump does after a spin cycle is done with your Kenmore washer.

While you are already inspecting the pump, analyze other parts of the area, and see if anything looks broken or has debris in it that could be causing problems. According to a few YouTube videos online, you should also check the pulley system in the pump area and make sure it is running smoothly. Without the pulley, a whole slew of problems can erupt with your washer.

Possible Problems Causing Your Kenmore Washer Not To Drain

When it comes to a washer that won’t drain, it can first be overwhelming. Where do you even begin when your washer decides to be stubborn and won’t empty the water? There are several reasons your Kenmore Series 70 washer won’t drain; those reasons include:

  • Using too much detergent
  • Problems or kinds with the hosing
  • The switch for the lid could be faulty

More often than not, you’ll fix the issue by checking these three common problems. Sometimes, though, there’s an issue that’s a bit more deep-seated. It’s not impossible to fix on your own, but it is more of a challenge to do so. First, try these three fixes below. If these don’t help, then it would be a good idea to call in a professional.

Too Much Detergent While Using

If your Kenmore Series 70 is draining after usage, but it is going very slow, then you might have an easy fix. Using too much detergent can make your washer very delayed in draining and can make it seem like it has something wrong with it. If you are experiencing this, try to use half the detergent amount the next time you use your washer and see if it drains much more effectively.

How To Fix This Problem

At this point, it would also be a good idea to run your washer on a cleaning cycle just to clean out any of the residual detergents, primarily if you use a powder detergent.

  • Clear the washer. You want the cleaning cycle to run on empty. Make sure all of your clothing is removed.
  • Apply vinegar. Before you run your washer, you will want to pour about 1/2 cup of vinegar. It’s good to stay away from any solvents as you don’t want to mix any chemicals.
  • Run the washer on hot. Turn the dial to the cleaning cycle, and the water temperature all the way to hot. Allow it to run and see if it drains. If it does, then you’ve solved your problem. If it doesn’t, it’s time to check the hose.

It Could Be Issues With Hosing

Another important factor that can make your washer not drain at all is issues with the installation of the hose or with blockage of your hose. The first major reason is with the installation. Too high of a hose off the ground will not let the machine drain right and could be your reason for having problems.

When installing your hose into your washer, you need to make sure that it is less than 8 feet off the ground. Too high of a hose is terrible news because your washer is going to be fighting gravity hard to pump the water out of your washer. The other common reason your hose can be messing with you is if it is clogged with a piece of debris.

How To Remove Debris And Kinks From Your Hose

  • Move your washer out from your wall. Since the hose is connected to the back, you’ll need to move the appliance away from the wall to gain access to the backside. Make sure you ask a friend for help as these can be very heavy.
  • Straighten the hose. Straighten out your hose and try to run your washer on the drain setting. If it drains, then the kink was the issue. Or, you had a piece of debris that was stuck in the kink, and it was able to budge.
  • Get the piece out of the hose. If straightening the hose doesn’t help, or it wasn’t kinked in the first place, you may have a clog. You can take a plastic butter knife to remove it.

The pump and the hose are usually the two most common areas that are having trouble if you have a washer that is not draining. Check the pump while you’re fixing the hose as well to make sure everything looks great in that area.

Check The Lid Switch

An uncommon reason your washer won’t drain but one that’s still worth checking out is the switch for the lid. The purpose of this switch is to let your machine know that the top is closed or open. It is a significant function with draining because your washer will not drain if it thinks that it should not be draining at that moment.

You are going to have to get into contact with Kenmore if you think that it is your switch that is acting up. The smart thing to do is check out your situation with your hose and pump first because those problems can be dealt with by you if you are good with fixing stuff.

The last resort is to contact Kenmore and see what they can do for you, but sometimes that is the next best thing to do and is necessary. Even though it may be a pain, sometimes you just have to get into contact with a local repair expert or the company and get it taken care of.

Remember To Unplug Your Washer

But remember, always unplug your washer before doing any type of work on the machine or inspecting the control panel, pump, or hose. The second tip is to examine what you are comfortable with first and try to diagnose the problem. Hopefully, the only reason why you are here is that you realized that you use way too much detergent, and it is causing a blockage. That is a pretty simple fix to stop using so much detergent!

Check Your Warranty

If you’ve tried all of these methods, but none of them work, then you may need to hire a specialist. If you want to try to do this on your own, you need to check your warranty first. If your warranty is still active, then you need to look through the clauses. Sometimes, they will say that the owner will void the warranty if they get into the control panel/electrical box.

Also, some warranties will cover repairs and replacements. If this is the case, you should call the company and let them know that you’re experiencing issues with your washer draining. They will then put you into one of their service workers, who will schedule a day and time with you for them to come out and take a look at your washer.

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Our Final Tip

If all else fails, then it is time to weigh out your costs and see if it makes sense to pay the repair costs or just to buy a new washer and trash your old washer that won’t drain. Although Kenmore is a relatively cheap fix in terms of parts, so it might make sense to just keep the Kenmore Series 70 Washer and get it fixed and live to fight another day.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful, and good luck in getting your washer fixed and draining correctly! Thank you for reading, and good luck with your washer. Remember, check your warranty!

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