10+ Indoor Plants That Don't Need Water Often

Tom Gaffey
by Tom Gaffey

House plants have all sorts of benefits. For one, they look great and add a breath of life to any room they are in. They also are proven to lower your stress and help you focus and relax. Best of all, they clean the air and add oxygen to your home. If you don’t have a green thumb and tend to forget to water your plants, however, they are likely shrivel up and die. But don’t worry, there are lots of houseplants that you don’t need to water often.

Succulents, including aloe, string of pearls, echeveria succulents, and jade plants are all great house plants that you don’t need to water often. Pothos, snake plants, sago palms, and ZZ plants are three very common plants that require infrequent watering and are not easy to kill. If all else fails, opt for a cactus that requires very little watering at all.

These are low-maintenance plants for all types of people. There are plants for those who want flowers, those who want a minimalist zen aesthetic, and even plants for those who never want to have to worry about watering a plant. Here are a dozen great and diverse houseplants that you don’t need to water often.

12 House Plants That You Don’t Need To Water Often

1. Pothos

One of the most popular and most recognized indoor plants is pothos. This plant grows out like a vine, and you can have it hang and slope within your home.

There are a variety of types of pothos, ranging in color and style. Almost all types of this plant prefer that the soil dries out completely before getting watered again. This means you can usually get away with watering it every 10 days or so.

2. Aloe

Surely you have heard of aloe vera. Well, this sunburn cure is also a plant that is very easy to keep alive. It comes from the succulent family. Within its leaves, it maintains most of its moisture. This moisture is actually where the aloe gel comes from.

You can use this gel if you get a minor burn on your body, which makes it easy to keep alive and also useful. Because it maintains most of its water, it only needs to be watered every two to three weeks. Keep in mind it does not like the cold, and do not overwater it.

3. Snake Plant

The snake plant is nicknamed mother-in-law’s tongue for good reason, because it never goes away. These plants can go weeks without water. In fact, they are so resilient that they are often able to survive in only water. In other words, take a few long stalks of this plant and put them in a vase and the plant will likely root itself in water.

These plants grow slowly and vertically, and come in different colors and varieties. They grow upwards, so they do not take up much space, and only need to be watered (if in soil) every 10 to 20 days.

4. String of Pearls

The string of pearls is another plant that belongs to the succulent family. This is a great plant for those looking for an interesting and ornate plant that is fairly low maintenance. The string of pearls is eye-catching in that its “leaves” are small pearl-sized balls.

The plant itself is a hanging plant, so this succulent will hang with this string of pearls that grows over time.

This plant likes a good amount of sunlight, but only needs to be watered when the soil gets dry. This means about every 10 days or so. Be sure not to over water it.

5. Cactus

If there is one type of plant that everyone knows requires very little water, it’s a cactus. Cacti grow in desert conditions for the most part, and require very little water. This makes them one of the easiest types of plants to keep alive.

There are all sorts of cactus plants out there. Some of them flower, some are very prickly, while others are mostly smooth. When selecting a cactus, it is best to go to a store that specializes in them. Tell the salesman what you are looking for and the type of room you plan to put it in. The plant will practically take care of itself from there.

6. Jade plant

The jade plant is another beautiful member of the succulent family. Jade plants differ from many other types of succulents in that they develop branches, while the leaves stay ripe and filled with water. This gives them the appearance of a succulent tree.

These plants are often found in zen gardens, and can have a calming effect. They look stylish, and fit well for those going for a minimal or modern aesthetic. Just like all other plants in the succulent family, make sure they get a little sun at least, and never over water them.

7. Orchids

Orchids are another plant that require very little water. In fact, some orchids just require a brief misting now and again. Others you can just place a few ice cubes on twice a week and let them melt.

For such an exotic plant, they require very infrequent watering. If you are looking for a low-maintenance orchid, however, be sure to talk to the flower professional at the nursery. Some orchids are very easy to maintain, while others are very sensitive and temperamental.

8. Echeveria Succulents

Echeveria succulents are often the type of plant one thinks of when they hear the word “succulent.” These are the small flower or rose-like succulents that grow slowly over time, and even develop new clusters in the soil.

These plants are great to build a living wall, zen garden or succulent pot on the window sill. They can go quite some time without water, as they like the soil to dry out. Just like with all other succulents, never over-water them.

9. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant (Zamioculcus zamiifolia) is a great plant option for those people who can’t seem to keep a houseplant alive. They can survive in a variety of light conditions, and they like to dry out between waterings. In fact, they can last two to three weeks between waterings. To top it off, the plant has nice hearty stalks with waxy leaves, making it an attractive plant that is hard to kill.

10. Sago Palm

The sago palm is a chic and prehistoric-looking palm. In fact, this plant has in fact been around for nearly that long. They like sun, or partial shade, but are not fussy about getting lots of water. In fact, they do not like to be overwatered at all. Just give them a good watering when the soil dries out.

11. Red Aglaonema

If you are looking for a plant with a bold pop of color, but don’t want to have to worry about a regular watering schedule, consider a red aglaonema. These plants are a nice upright bushy type plant with vibrant red leaves. They also come in other colors.

They are not too fussy about their conditions, and they like their soil to dry out before watering. So every 10 days or so you can give these pretty leaves a bath with a watering.

12. Bromeliad

Bromeliads are gorgeous tropical-looking plants that look like they can right off the set of Jurassic Park. As they grow, the center grows colorful “bracts,” which are a decorative leaf display that looks similar to the fronds on a pineapple.

These are not only beautiful, but they also act like little watering cans. These plants don’t like to be watered frequently (once every two or three weeks) or too much, and they like to collect water in their leaves in order to slowly trickle and feed the plant.

Tom Gaffey
Tom Gaffey

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