How To Tell If A Light Bulb Is Secretly A Camera

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Hidden cameras are ultimately among the biggest privacy violations that you can experience. Spy cameras have become so small that you can find them in everything from smoke detectors to light bulbs. That said, the average person still struggles with how to tell if a light bulb is secretly a camera.

You can tell if a light bulb is secretly a camera if you look for a blinking red, green, or blue light. Install a hidden camera scanner app on your phone and scan the light bulb for magnetic activity.

Scan the Wi-Fi network for unknown devices that could be a hidden camera or audio recording device.

Sometimes, all that you need to do is physically inspect the light bulb to look for a spy camera. Phone cameras can even detect a hidden camera’s infrared light if you turn the lights off in the room.

Follow along as we explore how to tell if a light bulb is secretly a camera.

Can A Light Bulb Be A Spy Camera?

A light bulb can be a spy camera, and that is unfortunately somewhat common. Modern spy cameras are quite small and can easily fit inside the average light bulb. Some of them don’t even require a wired connection so they aren’t bulky.

You can also find security cameras that sit underneath light bulbs, but those aren’t secretive. They are quite common for home security, and they aren’t to be confused with spy cameras. Spy cameras are illegal in private areas of your Airbnb or hotel room.

How Do You Know If A Light Bulb Has A Hidden Camera?

You can tell that a light bulb is secretly a camera if you investigate the fixture. Visual indicators such as flashing lights are typically a sign that the light bulb contains a camera. However, it isn’t always quite that easy, and that is why many travelers are left scratching their heads.

That is because many modern spy cameras don’t emit a blinking light. Many homeowners worry about hidden cameras in their smart fixtures. Travelers also understandably worry about hidden cameras in Airbnb locations and hotel rooms. Let’s take a look at the best ways to tell if a light bulb is secretly a camera.

Look For A Light

The easiest way to tell if a light bulb is secretly a camera is to turn off the lights in the room. Make the room as dark as possible so that you can look for an unusual light. Generally, cameras feature a blue or red light that blinks while turned on.

Closely inspect the bulb and look for a blinking light. It may be difficult, depending on the clarity of the light bulb. In some cases, the light is static, and it will be easier to tell whether or not there is a camera.

Listen For Phone Interference

Have you recently heard strange interference while talking on the phone? If so, this may be a sign that a light bulb near you is secretly a camera. Hidden cameras create frequencies and electromagnetic energy that can interfere with phone signals.

You may hear strange popping sounds or the person on the other end of the line may drop out. Move closer to the light bulb that you find suspicious while on the phone and see if the interference worsens. If so, it is time to physically inspect the bulb or use a hidden camera detector to make sure.

Camera Detector App

There are currently many camera detector apps available for smartphones. While they aren’t foolproof, they can help detect hidden cameras and audio recording devices. Apps such as Hidden Spy Camera Detector and Wireless Device Detector are among the best on the market.

Download a camera detector app and approach the light fixture that you suspect contains a hidden camera. The app will take advantage of the magnetic scanner that your phone already has. Cameras create plenty of detectable magnetic activity.

Hold your phone close to the light bulb so that it can detect magnetic activity if there is any. You can also use the app to scan the rest of the room or location if you are concerned. Apps aren’t as good as specialized camera scanners but are often quite accurate.

Scan For Unusual Frequencies

Hidden camera and audio recording device detectors can help you find secret cameras. Invest in a camera detector if you frequently travel. Unfortunately, many travelers discover that light bulbs and even smoke detectors are secret cameras.

These special detectors pick up radio frequencies and magnetic fields. Hidden cameras and audio recording devices generally emit radio frequencies. These devices cost between $25 and $150, but it’s worthwhile to invest in one that is more expensive.

Slowly walk around the room with the device and approach the fixtures that you are worried about. Your device will ping if it detects a radio frequency that matches a camera. This will tell you if the light bulb is secretly a camera.

Inspect The Bulb

If possible, remove the light bulb so that you can inspect it. Look for wires that shouldn’t be there, which can indicate that the bulb is a camera. However, many wireless cameras are available today, so you’ll need to look for a small device with or without wires.

Shine a flashlight on the bulb to see if a small camera or audio recording device is inside. You can also carefully shake the bulb and listen in case there is an unusual rattle. This is a great practice for people staying in an Airbnb or hotel room, and it’s worth the time if you are uncomfortable.

Use A Wi-Fi Scanner

One of the easiest ways to tell if a light bulb is secretly a camera is to use a Wi-Fi scanner. Hidden cameras typically rely on a Wi-Fi connection to record and transmit video or audio. Simply download a Wi-Fi scanner app on your phone or computer.

Check the list of devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network. You can tell that there is a hidden camera if a device appears on the list that you are unfamiliar with. This is an effective option whether you are at home or on the road.

Of course, this won’t tell you where the hidden camera is. You will need to use a hidden camera scanner or app to find the camera’s location once you identify a secret device on your network.

Phone Camera

Many spy cameras utilize infrared light to record and stream video in the dark. Luckily, your phone camera can detect infrared light in many cases. Open the camera on your phone and select the front-facing option.

Turn off the lights in the room so the infrared light is as easy to detect as possible. Scan the light bulb in question to see if you detect a beam of light. In some cases, the beam of infrared light is subtle, so you will need to look carefully. The light is typically pink, purple, or blue.

Ask The Property Manager

Ask the property manager if there are cameras on the property if you visit an Airbnb or hotel. It is common for Airbnb to have cameras on the property for security purposes, but they cannot be hidden. For example, Airbnb hosts are required to disclose whether or not there are cameras on the property.

Cameras aren’t allowed in private areas, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Contact the host or hotel reception if you are concerned about a potential secret camera. Report any hidden camera that you find to the hotel or Airbnb directly and take legal action if need be.

What Color Is A Hidden Camera Light?

Hidden cameras feature a variety of light colors, but red and green are the most common. You can also find blue lights on hidden cameras in some cases. However, it gets tricky when you consider that not all hidden cameras have a detectable light.

This makes them harder to find, albeit not impossible. With that said, your first instinct should be to look for a blinking light if you suspect that your light bulb is secretly a camera. Contact the authorities if you discover a hidden camera in your home or a location that hasn’t informed you you’re being surveilled in a private area.

Are Hidden Cameras Illegal?

Hidden cameras are illegal and violators are likely to be prosecuted. It is legal for hotels, businesses, and Airbnb hosts to set up a camera, as long as they disclose it and it isn’t hidden. Cameras are legal if they are designated for security purposes and in a public place or private property.

For example, you can place a camera above your garage door to monitor your driveway. You can also legally install cameras in your home for security purposes or to watch your pets while you aren’t home. However, it is illegal to hide a camera in a private area of your home or business to monitor people without consent.

Changing rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms are considered private areas. That is why you should contact the police right away if you discover a hidden camera in your home or hotel room.

Summing It Up

The best way to tell whether or not a light bulb is secretly a camera is to physically inspect it. Unscrew the light bulb, shine a light through it, and look for the device. Otherwise, you should look for a blinking light within the bulb that will indicate there is a camera.

Download a hidden camera scanner app on your smartphone. You can also purchase a hidden camera detector for $25-$150. Otherwise, you can use your phone’s front-facing camera to scan for an infrared beam that will help you find the camera.

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