How To Stop Birds From Pooping On My Patio

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Having an outdoor patio is like having an extra room in the home. You can make it complete with furniture, an umbrella, and even a grilling area. They are great places to entertain guests when there is pleasant weather, and a perfect place to soak up the sun without leaving the house. They can even add significant value to your home. So, when you notice that birds keep pooping all over your precious patio, you need to find ways to stop them.

In order to stop birds from pooping on a patio, try hanging wind chimes, reflective metals, or mirrored objects. You can purchase plastic owls or other predator statues to scare birds away, or consider installing bird deterrent spikes. Relocate bird feeders and large shrubs far away from the deck, keep the decks clean, and make sure you block all potential nearby nesting places above the patio area.

Birds are great to look at from afar, but they can be a real pain once they nest above your patio. They can be noisy, clog your gutters and poop all over your patio. Once you notice birds pooping on your patio, make sure you address the problem immediately. Check out these 10 great ways to stop birds from pooping on your patio. They are all highly effective, and might even help add to the ambience of your patio. Consider using one, or several of these methods to eliminate this issue.

Ten Ways To Stop Birds From Pooping On A Patio

1. Use Reflective Metal Or Mirrors

One very popular way to get birds off your patio and prevent them from pooping on it is by installing reflective metal or mirrored objects. Birds are easily spooked by reflective and shiny objects like mirrors and shiny metals like aluminum.

Think about buying outdoor hanging art that is reflective and enjoyable. After all, you need to decorate your patio anyway. You might as well decorate it with something that scares birds away.

2. Hang Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a fantastic option for those looking to get birds to stop pooping on the patio. Wind chimes work for several reasons. One reason is they move, and movement scares birds. Second, they make noise. Any object that makes noise is effective at spooking birds, especially strange chiming sounds.

Also, wind chimes are a great addition to any patio. They are soothing to hear and come in great designs. Consider buying a wind chime that is both visually appealing and also reflective, as this is likely to prove even more effective at keeping birds away.

3. Buy Plastic Bird Predator Statues

Another popular way to scare away birds is by purchasing a plastic and life-like predator bird. This can be an owl, hawk, or other bird of prey. These plastic statues are highly effective at preventing birds from landing anywhere near your patio, as they have a fear associated with the shapes of these birds.

Pro Tip: Be sure to relocate these statues on a regular basis. If you keep it in the same location, they will stop being as effective.

4. Install Bird Deterrent Spikes

Bird deterrent spikes are very popular when it comes to preventing birds a place to land. While they are not necessarily a joy to look at, they are very effective. This might be a great option if you notice the birds who poop on your deck seem to sit on a ledge above the deck.

These are cheap to buy and easy to install. If birds are generally located in one area, this might be the best option for you, especially if the area is located high above the ground, and out of reach of children, as these spikes can be painful for humans as well.

5. Enclose The Patio With Netting

While a much larger project, you might want to consider enclosing your outdoor patio with a screen. Screened-in patios are fantastic for those living in areas not only with a lot of birds but also bugs.

Screened-in patios are expensive, but they can help prevent birds from landing anywhere where they can poop and cause damage. Also, while screens are big initial investments, they are also major selling points. You might be able to increase your home value a bit.

6. Install A Bird Bath And Feeder Far Away From The Deck

Bird feeders are great ways to attract exotic local and migrating birds. But they also bring birds closer to your patio. If you want to keep bird baths and bird feeders, make sure they are located far away from your patio. This allows you to enjoy them from afar without having to clean up their poop.

7. Block All Potential Nesting Places

Make sure you look high and low to identify all potential nesting places for birds. After all, it is not usually the occasional resting bird that causes major poop issues. It is more often birds who nest above or very close to your patio that really cause damage. Locate and eliminate any potential nesting locations, like the roof and even the chimney for best results.

8. Keep The Decks Clean And Fresh

Another way to help mitigate birds being present and pooping on your patio is to keep the patio clean and freshly stained. Birds tend to like areas that more closely resemble their natural habitat. Further, any food or elements or natural seeds or leaves can attract birds or insects (which then attract birds). Keep things tidy.

9. Hang Flowing And Decorative Art

Movement is a major bird deterrent. For this reason, consider buying flowing and hanging artwork for your patio. You have likely seen streamer art and hanging windmills on patios. These are usually installed to reduce the number of birds in the area. Keep your eyes peeled for moving and hanging artwork designed to be outside.

10. Relocate Plants That Border The Deck

If you are a plant lover, you might want to reconsider all the bird-attracting potted flowers and shrubs around your deck. If you notice that birds are landing in shrubs that border the deck, cut them back. If you have plants that attract birds, move them elsewhere. This should mitigate the bird poop on the patio.

Things To Remember When You Notice Bird Poop On Patio

Address The Problem Sooner Than Later

One important thing to remember about birds pooping on your patio is that it can cause damage. It is unsightly and gross to have bird poop on your patio, but it also promotes decay.

In addition to finding ways to get the birds to stop pooping on the deck, make sure the poop is always cleaned up promptly.

Frequently Clean The Patio

Any filth buildup makes the wood susceptible to all sorts of problems. Also, if your patio is dirty, or has seeds, leaves, or food crumbs all over it, this will only attract more birds. Always make sure the poop is removed quickly and your patio floors are regularly cleaned.

Remember To Refinish And Seal Your Patio On A Schedule

Keeping your patio fresh and sealed also helps prevent birds and other creatures from making a home on them. Freshly sealed patios are less inviting than old weathered wood, which more resembles raw wood and nature. Even concrete patios need refreshing from time to time.
Make sure you maintain a refinishing schedule on your outdoor patio. It will increase its lifespan, and also help keep the birds away. Remember that birds don’t like shiny and reflective surfaces, so a nice gloss and sheen on the wood might help.

Finishing Up How To Keep Birds From Pooping On A Patio

If birds are pooping on your patio, it is important to address the problem right away. Otherwise, the problem might get worse, and damage can occur. Try installing wind chimes or purchasing a plastic predator figure of an owl or other animal. Consider hanging items that are reflective or metallic, as they are likely to scare away any birds. Remember to illuminate any nesting locations, and consider adding bird-deterrent spikes anywhere above your patio where you have noticed birds in the past.

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