How To Remove The Covers On RV Light Fixtures (Do This!)

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Have you noticed the lights inside your RV flickering? When going on long trips, you would probably prefer not to have the lights on your home away from home malfunctioning.

Unfortunately, some of those RV lights don’t last for a long time and they will require replacement at some point. Before you can work on replacing them though, you’ll have to start with removal.

The first step of RV light removal is always switching off the power inside the vehicle. Once the lights have cooled down, you can now use a stepladder to access them better. Evaluate what type of RV lights you have installed because the method of removal varies from one to the next.

Removing the lights will likely become a necessity at some point if you an RV. Find out how to do that properly and also pick up other important information related to RV lights by reading on.

Why Knowing How to Remove RV Lights Is Important

RVs often act as a kind of home on the road for many owners. They are great for family camping trips if you would prefer not to use tents. You can even set up your RV in your backyard and enjoy a staycation!

If you have kids, they’ll likely be spending plenty of time playing inside your RV. That can be risky though because one badly thrown ball can lead to a broken light fixture. At that point, removing the light cover and administering repairs is a must.

You may also be thinking about upgrading the lights in your RV. Before you can move forward with that, you will have to replace the existing fixtures. Once again, that will require removing the light covers first.

How to Remove the RV Light Covers

Let’s now get to the process of removing the RV light covers. Before you get started on this job, make sure no one else is inside the RV. The chances of an accident taking place are minimal, but it never hurts to be extra cautious.

Step 1: Prepare the Necessary Tools

The items you’ll need for this job include a flathead screwdriver, a stepladder, and electrical gloves. This job is safe, but we’re just being extra cautious by wearing some electrical gloves.

Step 2: Turn Off the Power inside Your RV

You absolutely must not forget about this step when removing RV light covers. Even if you’re wearing electrical gloves, the shock from the current may still affect you. Err on the side of caution and just turn off the power in your RV before you start working.

Step 3: Wait for the RV Lights to Cool Down

Touching the RV lights when you just turned them off is a big no-no. You could singe your fingers doing that.

After turning off the power, just hang out for a bit. Give the lights enough time to cool down so you can work safely and comfortably.

Optional Step: Position the Stepladder Close to the RV Lights

Depending on which light fixture you want to work on, using a stepladder may be necessary. When setting up the stepladder, make sure to position it over level ground. It’s also a good idea to ask someone to support the ladder as you climb.

Step 4: Take Out the Screws if They Are Present

Not all RV lights are installed the same way. Some are protected just by snug plastic covers while others are secured in place with a cover and screws too.

Inspect the light fixture you’re working on and see if there are screws present on brackets. Remove any screws with your screwdriver before going to the next step.

Step 5A: Remove the Light Cover with Your Hands

It’s now time for you to work on removing the RV light cover. In order to do that, you’ll have to go by what kind of fixture you have.

Some light covers are attached via latches and grooves. Those can be removed by hand.

When you’re dealing with latches, simply slide the panels of the cover to the center. You should then be able to pull the cover away. For grooves, apply some pressure to the center and the sides of the cover to remove it.

Step 5B: Remove the Screws on the Light Cover

The big light in the middle of your RV is typically protected with a screwed-in cover. Look for all of the screws used and remove them one by one. Place them in a container to keep them from going missing.

Once the screws have been removed, you should be able to pull the cover away. Tug on it a bit to remove it from its current position.

Step 5C: Pry the Light Cover Loose

You may notice that some RV light covers don’t have grooves, latches, or screws. So, how do you remove those? In all likelihood, they need to be pried off.

Grab your flathead screwdriver and use it to squeeze inside the cover. You can then work the cover off slowly by moving the screwdriver back and forth. Be careful with how you move the screwdriver to prevent the cover from getting damaged.

How to Replace the Lights in Your RV

Replacing a light bulb inside your RV is pretty similar to changing a light bulb in your home. For this section, let’s assume that you’ve already removed the light cover and proceed to the steps after that.

Step 1: Remove the Light Bulb

If this is the first time you’re changing the RV light, then you probably don’t know what type it is. Some light bulbs are screwed in, others are secured by metal clips or pins, and some are pushed in. Check out how the light bulb is secured so you can remove it properly.

With the light bulb in hand, you can now find a replacement. Take the light bulb to the store with you if you want to avoid purchasing the wrong replacement.

Step 2: Choose the Replacement Light Bulb

It’s time to choose a new light bulb for your RV. You can obviously go with the same exact bulb or perhaps look for something with more or less wattage.

If you want something that can bring more light inside your RV, pick out a replacement with higher wattage. Just make sure that the wattage of the light bulb can be accommodated by the fixture in your RV.

Step 3: Install the New Light Bulb

Installation is the same as removal in that you have to go by how the fixture works. Things can get a bit trickier this time though since some of the light bulbs have to be pushed in place. You’ll have to be cautious and thorough with installation to prevent the bulb from falling.

Step 4: Call for Professional Assistance

Most of the time, replacing RV lights is a job you can handle yourself. However, that task will not be quite as easy if there’s something wrong with the fixture itself.

In some cases, the wiring of the light fixture may need to be repaired. Handling that kind of job on your own can be risky. Call in the professionals and ask for their assistance.

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Should You Install LED Lights inside Your RV?

Different kinds of light fixtures are used inside RVs. If the one you have is pretty old, it likely uses some of the more conventional light bulbs. If your RV is on the newer side, it may be using LED lights. Going from LED lights to the older light bulbs is probably not something you’re considering. However, should you consider making the switch to LEDs if your RV currently uses the older bulbs?The case for making the switch to LED lights is pretty compelling. There are three main points of it that are worth highlighting. First off, LED lights last longer. If you don’t want to fiddle around with light covers regularly, making the switch to LEDs is the smart move.LED lights are also safer inside RVs, especially if you typically travel with kids. Unlike the older light bulbs, LEDs don’t get very hot even if they’ve been in use for a while. Your child won’t be hurt even if he/she accidentally touches one.One more reason why you should upgrade to LEDs is that they are more energy-efficient. Using energy-efficient fixtures is always recommended so that’s another plus for LEDs.

What Are the Light Fixtures You Can Add to Your RV?

RV owners have a wide selection of options to choose from when it comes to light fixtures. Dome lights are staples in most RVs, but you don’t have to stick to them. Instead of dome lights, you can have recessed ceiling lights installed. Those recessed ceiling lights are good options to consider if you want an uncluttered RV interior.Dinette lights are great to install over tables. They offer a good amount of light and don’t take up a lot of space. You can also look into installing under-cabinet and pin-up lights to illuminate more parts of your RV. Light bars are also available. Those light bars are useful for illuminating larger areas.As you can see, you can choose to illuminate the inside of your RV in all kinds of ways. Choose the light fixtures you like most and truly personalize your RV.

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