How To Frost Shower Glass

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

There’s nothing like a hot shower until someone barges in to use the bathroom, or your toddler rushes in to ask a question. Suddenly, your beautiful glass-door shower seems a little too…revealing.

Instead of replacing the door or blocking panels (and light) with a shower curtain, frost the glass to provide much-needed privacy.

You can use removable window film or frosted glass spray paint to frost shower glass doors at home. For smaller areas, an etching cream is an option.

For any glass-frosting method, clean the glass thoroughly first and let it dry. Wear the proper protective gear if using spray paint or etching cream.

You don’t have to let limited privacy cramp your shower style or rely on steam to keep you covered. Frosting your shower glass is an easy, affordable DIY project that keeps things bright but leaves something to the imagination.

Three Ways To Frost Shower Glass At Home

You have three primary methods to frost shower glass doors or panels at home the DIY way. You can use a removable window film, frosted glass spray paint, or etching cream. No matter which method you choose, always clean the glass and let it dry thoroughly before applying anything to the glass.

1. Window Film Is A Quick Way To Add Privacy To Your Shower

A removable window film is the easiest way to create a frosted glass look on your shower door or panels. You can purchase it at home improvement stores or online.

Make sure you find a film that holds up well to lots of moisture and heat. You want it to stand up to the humid and steamy conditions you find in most showers.

To apply, peel off the backing, apply the film to the glass, and make sure to keep it smooth to avoid air bubbles. Go slowly to ensure a nice smooth surface.

This window film is usually removable. Therefore, if you ever decide you no longer want the frosted glass look, you can remove it.

2. Apply Frosted Glass Spray Paint

Getting a new frosted glass shower is as easy as making a trip to the paint aisle. You can choose from various types, but they all follow the same basic premise. They’ll provide a frosted appearance to the glass to add privacy but still allow light through.

Before applying the paint, make sure to protect surrounding surfaces with drop cloths and painter’s tape. Also, wear protective gear, like gloves, a mask, and goggles. Open any windows and if you have one, turn on the exhaust fan for ventilation.

Spray the frosted glass paint lightly according to the directions on the label. It’s best to apply it in several light coats until you achieve the desired opacity. Wait for one coat to dry before applying the next for the best coverage and to ensure it’s the level of coating you want.

3. Etching Cream Is Good For Frosted Glass Patterns

If you have a smaller section of shower glass to frost or want to create a pattern, etching cream provides a permanent solution. Wear protective clothing, taking extra care to safeguard your skin. Before you begin, test out the cream on an inconspicuous piece of glass.

If all goes well, apply the cream in a thick, even layer to the areas you want to frost. You can use a brush or a popsicle stick to apply the cream. Follow the instructions on the product.

Typically, the cream needs to sit on the glass for five minutes. During the waiting period, use a brush to gently move around the cream to help prevent air bubbles. You don’t need to stir the cream the whole time, just twice during the five-minute period should suffice.

After waiting the proper amount of time, rinse off the cream with water and dry the glass.

How Much Does A Frosted Glass Shower Door Cost?

If you don’t want to frost the shower glass yourself, you can always buy a frosted glass shower door. Depending on the size, quality, and manufacturer, a frosted glass door can cost anywhere from $250 to over $1,000.

The installation will cost about $70 an hour, or you can do the installation yourself if you’re reasonably handy. However, if the door is large, find a pair of helping hands to prevent tipping or falls and breaking glass.

Final Look At Frosting Shower Glass

Transparent glass in the shower isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re the modest type. Frosting shower glass is an excellent way to achieve sophisticated privacy in your shower without sacrificing light or a sense of openness.

But if it’s not in your budget to purchase a new shower door, you can frost the glass yourself.

DIY methods for frosting glass include using a removable window film, frosted glass spray paint, or etching cream. Window film is a good temporary solution; spray paint is easy but make sure to go one coat at a time.

Etching cream is a permanent solution but works best for smaller areas and stencils.

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