Can Glass Shower Doors Be Replaced If They Are Broken?

Heather Robbins
by Heather Robbins

Having glass shower doors is great, but it can be a pain too. Sometimes, that glass is accidentally broken, not only causing a huge mess but also a problem. You are going to have to replace that glass. But, is this even possible?

Glass shower doors can easily be replaced if they get broken. If it is part of a matched set of doors or a shower cubicle, you may be in for a difficult situation. To keep your existing glass shower layout and installation, the best course of action is to quickly repair the damaged door or glass.

You might be unsure if this is feasible given the difficulty in obtaining shower door spare parts. Here, we address some often asked queries regarding the replacement of glass shower doors, when it may be beneficial, and other alternatives.

What Should You Do If Your Shower Door Breaks?

The first thing you should do is create safety if one of the shower doors fractures. If the untempered glass is present in the bathroom for some reason, cleaning it up will be highly challenging and dangerous.

Tempered glass shower doors split into blunt fragments that don’t cause damage. It could be preferable in this situation to contact your neighborhood glass company for professional help with glass cleanup.

The next step is to determine the cause of the breakage. If your shower door is an older installation, it’s possible that older, loose, or damaged parts had a factor in the breakdown.

However, if your shower door installation is more recent, there might have been problems with the design or the materials that caused early failure. To help identify the source, speak with the shower door’s creator or installer or call a nearby glass professional.

What Are The Options To Replace Your Glass Doors?

If you wish to repair only one glass panel or another element of your shower door, you might want to get in touch with the company that made the door to see if finding replacement components is an option. Replacement shower door parts, however, are not always simple to locate.

If you are unable to locate a replacement component, your best option is to get in touch with a local glass firm for a custom glass solution that will exactly match the style, size, and pattern of your old door. This is one of the finest solutions if you want to keep your current shower door or shower enclosure setup.

Can You Replace Your Shower Glass Door Yourself?

You can replace the glass in your shower door on your own, but you might not be able to keep the same framing. You need specialized tools to be able to open and compress the frame.

Therefore, it’s best that you just buy a new shower door setup all together. This is also the cheaper option, as you won’t have to hire a professional. You’ll save hundreds of dollars by getting the shower door and installing it yourself. Just make sure you buy one that matches your shower. Otherwise, it will look a little funny.

How to Deal With Broken Shower Doors?

Consider ensuring safety first if your shower glass is damaged. Tempered glass shatters into glass bits that are completely safe when it breaks. They, therefore, do not cause as much harm as shattered float glass.

The glass could pose some safety risks, though, if it is not properly tempered. You could get a professional to look at the glass and identify the issue, as you can only move forward after you understand the underlying problem.

Sometimes the issue is just the frame rusting, and other times its misalignment. These issues typically happen if your shower is old, which means you should be replacing the framing and shower door anyway. So, you might be better off just planning to replace it on your own anyway.

What Are My Replacement Options For Glass Shower Doors?

Replacement is the only logical response to a cracked shower glass door. You could cope with the shower door if there is only a small scratch instead of looking into new glass possibilities. But if the glass door is shattered or fractured, getting new glass is the sensible course of action.

You would need new custom-cut glass doors if you already had a glass shower enclosure that was cut to size. However, a pre-made shower door could work for you if a regular glass door had already been fitted. You don’t need to replace the enclosure entirely if only one of the sides is damaged and the others are in good condition. However, if your shower enclosure is broken, you should completely replace it.

You might want to just get a new shower door for your bathroom if your old one was already old and worn. A tempered 3/8-inch glass shower door made to order by your neighborhood glazier will be both lightweight and attractive and sturdy enough to withstand repeated use.

You can choose your own custom-made semi-framed or frameless glass shower door or shower enclosure with this choice, which not only resolves the issue of your broken shower door but can also entirely renovate and modernize the atmosphere of your bathroom.

Nobody enjoys having to clean up glass debris. In addition to being messy, it is frequently highly dangerous. While this is true, there are some tricks you may use to clean up broken glass more quickly and safely.

Can I Use A Shower Curtain Instead of a Glass Shower Door?

Sometimes, people decide they don’t want a glass shower door anymore and they’d like to use a shower curtain instead. This is a great option if you don’t want to risk breaking the glass again. Or, even if you just prefer not to have the sliding shower door anymore.

How Do You Clean Up Broken Glass Safely?

Picking up the largest fragments first is the first stage in the cleanup procedure. Make sure to move cautiously and slowly. Put each of the fragments in a garbage can or other suitable container. The tiny fragments are the most difficult to remove. You can utilize a few workarounds to simplify this procedure.

Use Bread

Take a couple of slices of bread, and push them into the broken pieces of glass. The glass will become trapped inside it because of how moist and mushy it is.

Make sure you use two pieces of bread so that if any shards stick through to the other side, you have that extra padding. Toss the bread directly into the garbage bag so no one mistakes it as edible.

The Potato Trick

Half a potato that is raw (lengthwise is best to increase the surface area). After being cut, place the potato against the glass-shattered floor.

The potato’s flesh will be pressed by the shards, and the moisture will make even the smallest pieces adhere. Make sure to discard the potato after use, and you might need to clean the floor with a moist towel to remove any leftover potato starch.


Both masking tape and duct tape will work, but duct tape is frequently chosen since it is thicker and provides more protection. With the adhesive side facing out, wrap the tape around the gloved hand.

To gather all of the glass fragments, dab the tape on your palm in regions where it is dispersed. They need to adhere to the adhesive. When finished, be sure to carefully peel the tape from your palm and discard it.

A Damp Paper Towel

To add thickness, fold a paper towel multiple times. Press the wet paper towel into the glass fragments on the floor. Make sure your hand is protected! But as you’re pressing, wipe the glass into a pile, and then into a dust pan to remove.


Pick up as many shards of the glass as you can after it has cracked close or on the carpet. Any of the aforementioned techniques may also be used, however, they may not always be as successful on carpet. The last step is to use your vacuum cleaner to collect any pieces that are still on the floor.

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