How to Clear the Schedule on Your Honeywell Thermostat (Fast & Easy)

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As awesome as having a schedule on your thermostat is, plans can change, and this may lead to you wanting to clear all your previously set settings. All that you need to do is enter the user settings on your display, and it only takes a moment. Follow along as we show you how to clear the schedule on your Honeywell thermostat.

Setting a schedule on your Honeywell thermostat is indeed an effective way to avoid the extra hassle of setting its temperature every time. You can have your thermostat automatically switch modes at intervals without having to do any extra work. However, there are times when you might want to reset the schedule setting or even get rid of it.

Press the “HOLD” button on your Honeywell thermostat to clear the schedule. You can always clear the schedule through the menu press “Schedule” and select “Schedule Off”. Wi-fi Honeywell thermostats require that you press “Preferences” and “Restore Factory Defaults” to cancel the set schedule.

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Temporarily Clear a Set Schedule on Honeywell Thermostat

There are some days when you do not wish the regular set schedule on your Honeywell thermostat to operate as usual. Whatever setting your temperature is on, you can temporarily override a set schedule on your thermostat to modify the temperature settings.

If you set a sleep temperature at 65 degrees, for instance, and you want to sleep in a warmer room, you can. You can override the schedule by adjusting the thermostat to whatever degree you want. Once the room meets the requested temperature, the set schedule will reactivate.

This is a temporary method that only lasts until the next temperature schedule. However, if you want to lock the temperature in for longer, you can do a permanent override. This will allow you to create a new set schedule. If the thermostat is locked, follow these steps to unlock it.

How Do I Permanently Override a Set Schedule on My Honeywell Thermostat?

To override the program schedule on your Honeywell Thermostat, press the “Hold” button. This will override the set temperature for all schedule periods. When depressing the Hold button down, the set schedule is cleared, and you will be prompted to enter a new temperature setting for the thermostat.

In this way, you can set your thermostat to whatever temperature you need. Whatever temperature you set will run through the day. If you would like to go back to the original set schedule, simply press the cancel button and the original schedule will activate once again.

Depending on the Honeywell thermostat model you are dealing with, there can be a couple of different ways to go about clearing a program schedule. Therefore, you should consult your manual for further instructions.

Clear Set Schedule on Honeywell T6 Thermostat

As it is with most Honeywell thermostats, you can override a schedule on your Honeywell T6 thermostat by using the “Hold” method. However, this model comes with a function that lets you turn off the device’s schedule function.

Turning off your Honeywell T6 thermostat schedule will have the thermostat ignore every schedule setting and run at the newly set temperature. Follow these steps to cancel a set schedule and turn off the schedule function:

  • Open the menu: Press the menu button. You will find the button at the bottom of the main screen, right at the center.
  • Open the schedule menu: Using the left and right arrow keys, find the schedule option. Then, press the select button to open the schedule menu. You will find the “Select” button right in the middle of the bottom of the screen.
  • Cancel the schedule: Having opened the schedule menu, the message “Sched. On/Off” should appear in the lower-right corner of your screen. Click on it. You will know the schedule has been canceled if the message “Schedule Off” pops up on the screen.
  • Exit the menu: Now that the set schedule for your thermostat has been canceled, press the “Back” button on the lower-left side of the screen twice. This will take you back to the home screen.

Turning off the schedule for your T6 thermostat will keep the previously set up schedule setting safe in memory. So, whenever you want to re-enable the schedule, you can simply go back to the schedule menu and click the “Sched. On/Off” button.

If your Honeywell thermostat is not clearing, try performing a reset. Other issues include the thermostat reading the wrong temperature or the thermostat not responding. Rarely, the display goes totally blank, in which case you’ll have to troubleshoot it with this guide.

Cancel Set Schedule on Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat

To cancel the schedule on your RTH9580WF Wi-Fi thermostat, do the following:

  • Open the menu and find “Preferences.”: You will find a button that says “Menu” on the right side of the home page. Click on it and scroll down until you reach the “Preferences” menu.
  • Click on the “Preferences” button: to take you to the Preferences page. Then, scroll down till you get to the “Restore Factory Defaults” option.
  • Select the “Restore Factory Defaults” option: A message will appear on your screen – an explanation of your selected option. Then, tap on the “Select Default Schedule” at the bottom-right of your screen.

At this point, the device will ask you if you are sure you want to clear your current thermostat schedule. To go ahead with it, press the green button that says “Yes” on your right. Your screen will display an indication that the software is making the necessary changes to the set schedule.

After this, your device will redirect you to the “Preferences” screen. Your thermostat should now be restored to the default schedule set. Having connection problems: this guide will help you reconnect so you can cancel your set schedule.

Clear Default Honeywell Thermostat Scheduled Setting

By default, your Honeywell thermostat comes programmed with a set time and temperature. The program is set to the most commonly used set schedule periods – wake time, leave time, return time, and sleep time. The first thing to do when you get your thermostat is to reset your time and date. Then, you can set the temperature you want. If you want it to go down, adjust the temperature by using the down arrow key.

You can change the set temperature by locking the time in for a particular schedule period. Then, you set the temperature, depending on your preference for both sides. If you want to turn it down, click the “Down” button. If you want to turn it up, click the “Up” button.

Adjust until the temperature gets to your preferred temperature. And when you have everything all set, click on “Run” to lock in your changes. The default schedule on your Honeywell thermostat is all cleared.

Is It Possible to Have Just One Set Schedule Period on My Thermostat?

If you do not wish to have multiple schedules programmed into your thermostat, you can limit the schedule that it runs on. You can always have only one or two scheduled periods set on your Honeywell Thermostat.

What you must do to use fewer set schedules is to cancel out whichever schedules do not suit your needs. If the only schedule you want to keep is the sleep time, for example, cancel out the wake, leave, and return program schedules. Similarly, if you are going to save only the wake time, cancel out the leave, return, and sleep schedules.

To do this, find the various schedules on the display on your thermostat. Press the set button to get past the time and day. When you get to a scheduled time you want to cancel, press the hold button for about 5 seconds. Once the numbers on your screen changes to zero, press “Set” to lock in the changes.

Restart this process for each of the schedules that you would like to cancel. When you get to a scheduled time you want to retain, simply press “Reset” till it jumps to another scheduled time. Once you get all your preferred schedules programmed, lock in the whole settings by pressing “Run.”

Do All My Customized Settings Get Cleared When I Clear My Thermostat Schedule?

The customized settings on your thermostat could get cleared alongside your schedule if you reset the entire thermostat to remove the schedule. When you reset your thermostat, every customized setting, like screen color customization and lock screen passwords, get cleared.

The reset option is not one you should try if you have settings you do not want to lose. If you are going to clear your thermostat schedule and retain other settings, try the “Hold” option. Otherwise, you can check your user manual for specific instructions on how to go about it.

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Related Questions

Why Is My Honeywell Thermostat Not Following Schedule?

It could be that the Schedule hold feature of your thermostat is activated. Go to your thermostat’s home page and find the schedule hold button at the bottom-middle of your screen. The hold button display may indicate that it is on permanent or temporary hold.Either way, tap the hold button and click on “Cancel Hold” at the screen’s bottom-left corner. Your thermostat should then reduce to its regular schedule.

How Do I Get My Honeywell Thermostat Out of Recovery Mode?

To get your Honeywell thermostat out of recovery mode, go to your settings. Click on the “Preferences” option – you will see an option to disable the recovery mode. Turn this off. If you want to put the mode on hold, adjust your schedule to launch recovery mode later.

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