How To Change The Battery In A Garage Door Opener Keypad

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

The garage door opener keypad is one of the most underappreciated devices we use regularly. That’s mainly because we only realize how important it is when it starts to malfunction. Getting out of the car to open up the garage door is an inconvenience for many of us. Thankfully, you won’t have to go through any kind of complicated process to get your garage door opener keypad working again.

Replacing its batteries is a pretty straightforward task. Start with opening the keypad by either removing the cover or splitting its housing open. Once open, look inside the keypad and identify the batteries used. You can then place the appropriate replacement batteries inside the keypad and reprogram it.

Malfunctioning garage door opener keypads can be annoying and inconvenient. Deal with them quickly and correctly by following the tips featured in this article.

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The Process of Changing the Battery in Your Garage Door Opener Keypad

Changing the battery in your garage door opener keypad is very easy. It’s way less of a chore than other necessary repairs such as adjusting the garage door’s cables. See how easy it is to complete this task by checking out the steps below.

Step 1: Open Up the Garage Door Opener Keypad

The first thing you need to do is open up your garage door opener keypad. The process of opening the keypad depends on what kind of model you have.

Look at the back of the remote control and check if there’s a cover there. If a cover is indeed present, that’s the part you will need to open up. The back cover can typically be opened in one of two ways. It either has to be slid open or unlocked using a screwdriver. Any screwdriver you have available at home should be good enough for opening the keypad.

The keypads that need to be split open are a bit trickier to work with. The design of the remote control should tell you how it opens, but you could still make a mistake. Refer to the manual if you still have it to ensure the keypad isn’t damaged.

Step 2: Find a Replacement Battery

Next up, you need to go into the battery compartment and see what’s inside. You can find keypads that use AA or AAA batteries. However, those are quite rare these days.

It’s more likely that the battery you’ll find inside the keypad is an item that closely resembles a coin. The battery may also not be something you’re familiar with. Don’t worry because you should be able to find a suitable replacement for that battery in no time.

Take the battery out of the keypad and take it with you to your local auto repair or hardware store. Show the battery to the clerk at the store and they should be able to supply you with a suitable replacement.

Step 3: Place the New Battery inside the Keypad

Finish up by placing the new battery inside the garage door opener keypad. Test the keypad now to see if it’s working. If it isn’t working, that means you have more work to do.

Reprogramming Your Garage Door Opener Keypad

There’s a chance that your garage door opener keypad won’t work right away after replacing the battery. Don’t panic because that probably just means that it needs to be reprogrammed or paired with the garage door opener again.

We’d love to give you more specific steps detailing how to reprogram the keypad, but a one-size-fits-all approach is not available. The best thing you can do here is search for your garage door opener’s manual and check how the keypad is programmed there.

Now, it’s possible that you’ve already lost the manual. In that case, look at the garage door opener and check its brand and model number. Use that information to search online for the right manual.

Other Issues That May Affect the Garage Door Opener Keypad

Replacing the battery in your garage door opener keypad and subsequently reprogramming it should restore its functionality. There’s still a chance that the garage door opener keypad won’t work again immediately due to a separate issue. In this section, we’ll highlight some of the other issues that could prevent your garage door opener remote control from working.

The Garage Door Opener Keypad Needs to Be Cleaned

The garage door opener keypad usually doesn’t get that much attention. Because of that, you may fail to notice that it’s gotten clogged up with dirt and debris. You may only take notice of the problem after the keypad stops working.

To clean up the garage door opener keypad, get a rag and soak that with a cleaning agent. Wring the rag dry so it doesn’t spread moisture all over the keypad. Use the rag to wipe the keypad clean. You should also consider opening up the keypad so you can clean it more thoroughly. There may be clumps of dirt and debris you cannot wipe away just by working on the surface.

Some homeowners may also be tempted to use compressed air to clean the keypad, but hold off on that. The compressed air may be too much for the keypad and there’s a chance you’ll just damage the remote control. Stick to using the cleaning agent and the rag for this job.

The Garage Door Opener Keypad Is Damaged

The garage door opener remote control is probably not something you’re always careful with. After closing your garage, you may sometimes mindlessly toss it away or leave it wherever. At some point, wear and tear will become an issue for the keypad if you don’t take care of it.

Wear and tear could cause some of the wires inside the garage door opener keypad to fray. If you’re handy with electronics, you can probably still repair those wires.

In other cases though, the damage may come in the form of broken sensors. The broken sensors will be harder to repair. You’re better off finding a replacement for the keypad in that scenario.

The Problems Are Related to the Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener keypad not working could have nothing to do with the remote control itself. Instead, the problem could be related to the garage door opener. A problem with your garage door opener may be preventing it from pairing with the keypad.

What you want to do at that point is to reset the garage door opener. Unplug the garage door opener and then wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in. Once the garage door opener is back online, program it again and see if it will pair with your keypad.

Hopefully, resetting the garage door opener will get it working again. If that still doesn’t happen, you may have to consult with a technician. There may be a more serious issue affecting the garage door opener and you must address that.

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