How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat Wheels?

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by Heather Robbins
Powder coating your wheels can help protect them and extend their life so that they last for years to come. It is an expensive project, however, and it costs an average of $105 per wheel but varies based on wheel size. Follow along as we explore how factors such as wheel size and whether or not you do it yourself affect the cost of powder coating wheels.

If you want to protect a metal surface and enjoy a high-quality, long-lasting finish, powder coating may be an excellent alternative to painting. Any metal can be coated: steel, aluminum, scandium, manganese, and titanium are all suitable. This is why the powder coating is used in thousands of products, including wheels, but how much is it?

The average cost to powder coat wheels is $105 per wheel, or $420 total. It costs $65 per wheel to powder coat 13” wheels, $70 per wheel for 14” wheels, $110 for 22” wheels, and $130 to powder coat 26” wheels. You can powder coat your wheels at home for $40 per wheel if you apply it yourself.

In this guide, we’ll include pricing charts so you know what to expect when powder coating your wheels, or another part of your vehicle. We also compare the costs of powder coating and traditional painting, as well as the pros and cons of powder coating your wheels.

How Much Does Powder Coating Wheels Cost?

Cost To Powder Coat Wheels (Per Wheel)







The cost of powder coating your wheels will significantly vary depending on the size and number of wheels you get done. When people talk about powder coating their ‘wheels,’ they’re usually talking about the rim of the wheel.

On average, most people will spend about $105 per wheel, but this price can be as low as $65 or around $130 on the high end. However, some individuals will pay up to $180 per wheel, depending on the shop.

Wheel Powder Coating Cost Per Vehicle

Powder Coating Cost Per Vehicle

Wheel Size

1 wheel

2 wheels

3 wheels

4 wheels







































































Powder Coating Maintenance Cost For Your Wheels

It will cost you around $40 per year to maintain your powder coated wheels. If the coating was done by someone who knows what they’re doing, you might not even need maintenance. However, if you decide you’d still rather keep on top of it, that’s okay too.

There are a few things that you can do to take care of the coating on your wheels:

  • General Cleaning: Use a mild phosphate-free soap with hot water to wash your wheels
  • Deep Cleaning: Use an orange-based cleaner and dilute it per instructions to clean your rims
  • Daily Protection: Spray your rims with WD-40 or another emollient, to keep it free from dirt and grime in between cleanings.
  • Lasting Finish: Use a spray-on sealer that’s car-friendly to keep the coating waterproof

Vehicle vs. Motorcycle Wheel Powder Coating Cost

Car vs. Motorcycle Powder Coating Wheel Cost

Price for all tires



Harley Davidson



$200 – $300

Motorcycle rims cost less to powder coat than the rims for a standard-size car. Plus, with a motorcycle, you only have two wheels to coat as opposed to four. Motorcycle rims cost about $50 per wheel to have powder-coated instead of $105 per wheel for a vehicle.

Although the price really depends on the grade of powder. If you opt for a high-grade powder, you can expect the cost to increase by 35%.

Powder Coating Harley Davidson Wheels

To powder coat Harley Davidson wheels, you can expect to pay between $200 and $300 for both. The price is higher because Harley Davidson uses the highest grade of powder. If you have a Harley, you should take it to a nearby Harley shop for powder coating. Using a lower quality of powder can ruin your wheels.

Powder Coating Your Vehicle: Price Chart By Part

Powder Coating Vehicle Cost By Part

Car Part




Oil Cap


Coil Bracket

$5 – $10


$10 – $15

Dust Cover






Timing Chain Cover


Valve Covers Small Block


Bell Housings


Valve Covers Big Block


Exhaust Headers

$125 – $275 (set)

$110 (set)

Read End Housing



Vehicle Frame


Tube Chassis


Powder Coating Your Motorcycle: Price Chart By Part

Powder Coating Motorcycle Price By Part



Motorcycle Rims


Brake Calipers

$50 – $75 each

Rocker Covers

$120 – $210

Transmission Case


Motorcycle Frame For Street Bike


Motorcycle Frame For Dirt Bike


Harley Davidson Frame

$275 – $325

Powder Coating vs. Painting Cost

Powder coating is an excellent alternative to painting, especially when you want to color a metallic surface. The good news is that it’s not all that much more expensive than painting. Comparing the average prices for both powder coating costs only $100 more. It may be better to pay the extra $100 for that durable, protective finish.

On average, people will pay about $2,000 to powder coat their entire car. Except costs can range from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the grade of powder used. On the other hand, it costs around $1,900 to paint your car. The price of painting can range from $300 to $3,500.

Pros & Cons Of Powder Coating Your Wheels



Higher Resistance To Damage

Problems With Color Application

Better Durability

Thickness May Be A Problem

Better For The Environment

Rim Grinding For Solid Coating

More Coverage For Rims

Less Control Over Smooth Coating

Pros Of Powder Coating Your Wheels

Higher Resistance To Damage

Different seasons call for different issues with your rims, such as:

  • Flaking
  • Chipping
  • Corrosion
  • Road Grime

Over time, the debris and gravel on the road will eventually cause damage that needs to be repaired. Powder coating helps to create a non-porous surface. This will shield your wheel elements more than paint will.

Better For The Environment

The paint that is applied to rims contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds.) This product has been known to be harmful to your lungs and also for the ozone layer. When you choose powder coating, you eliminate the VOCs. If you have excess powder, you can easily recycle it. However, if you have extra paint, this isn’t as easy to dispose of.

Save More Money

Paint tends to chip off rather quickly. If you have a $600 paint job on your wheels, expect this to chip off within the first couple of years. This is cause for another paint job, in which you will dump another $600.

If you opt for powder coating, this will last you a lot longer. Plus, there are maintenance tactics you can provide to make the finish last even longer. You may not need to pay for more powder coating for 15 to 20 years with good upkeep.

Cons Of Powder Coating Your Wheels

Problems With Color Application

If you’re looking for precision color, then powder coating may not be the choice for you. Your rims are baked at 400 degrees in a large industrial style oven to set the powder coating. Sometimes, recycled particles can affect the color of your rims. Usually, this doesn’t happen, but it is a possibility.

Thickness May Be A Problem

The coating is typically 6mm thick. If you’re looking for something thinner, you will need an alternate process other than powder coating. There is no way to make the powder coating thinner.

Rim Grinding For Solid Coating

For the powder coating to stick, then grinding your rims is necessary. The grinding process helps to get rid of the previous paint that may be on your wheels. If you have powder coating, your rims will still need to be prepared. The only issue with this is increased labor fees, unless you do this yourself.

What Else Can I Powder Coat?

Powder coating is not just for vehicles; in fact, millions of people use it for other objects, such as:

  • Chairs
  • Barstools
  • Beds
  • Patio Tables
  • Cribs

Each of these prices depends on the style of furniture. For example, a side chair is $10 less than an armchair. Below is a chart reflecting the different prices for powder coating projects. So, if you fall in love with your powder coating wheel job, you’ll know the costs for any additional belongings you want to be coated!

Cost To Powder Coat Furniture

Furniture Piece


Side Chair


Arm Chair


Low Rocking Chair


High Back Rocking Chair


High Back Spin-Base Chair


Two-Person Love Seat Or Glider




Queen Bed


King Bed




Patio Table


DIY vs. Hire A Professional

Powder coating as a DIY project is virtually impossible if you don’t have the tools, especially when it comes to your rims. Your rims will need to be baked in an oven at 400 degrees. You should not use any oven that you cook food in as ingesting any of the powder is harmful. The startup costs for supplies will run about $5,000 to $25,000 depending.

Many professionals will give you a good discount if you bring in multiple objects at once. As far as the wheels of your car go, they may offer a discounted price when you powder coat all of your wheels at once. It’s a good idea to check around different shops before making your choice. Ask them if they have any discounted package deals.

Related Questions

What is the process of powder coating?

The process involves using electrostatically charged particles to apply on the surface of your object. Usually, a feeder unit will feed this into an electrostatic gun. The unit will also control the flow of the powder into the gun, which then will blast onto your object.

How long does powder coating last?

Powder coating will keep its finish for as long as 15 to 20 years with good upkeep. The lifespan of your powder coating job will depend on the pretreatment, as well as the type and grade of powder that is used.
Should you wax a powder-coated surface?
You can use wax on powder-coated metal, but only after removing any dirt and debris using a mild soap. Use a thin layer of wax. After the wax dries, wipe the excess off, and your powder-coated metal will look nice and shiny!
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