Why Doesn’t Paramount Plus Work On Firestick?

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Amazon’s Firestick has made it easy to turn any TV into a smart TV with a small investment. It is usually reliable, but you can still run into trouble with the most popular apps. So, why doesn’t Paramount Plus work on Firestick?

Paramount Plus won’t work on Firestick if the system’s firmware is outdated. You must also update the app itself if you disabled automatic updates. It’s also a great idea to clear the app’s cache every once in a while to remove corrupted data. Reinstall the app if nothing else works but your other apps still work.

Unplug your Wi-Fi router for 30 seconds if your connection goes out. Otherwise, you may have to wait for your provider to restore the connection if there is a service outage. Follow along as we explore why Paramount Plus doesn’t work on your Firestick and see how to fix it.

Paramount Plus Won’t Play On Fire TV

Paramount Plus won’t play on your Fire TV or Firestick if the app is outdated. That said, many common errors can cause this frustrating problem, but they’re all easy to fix.

Update Your Firestick

Amazon releases Fire TV updates throughout the year. Apps like Paramount Plus don’t work properly when the Firestick is outdated. Sometimes, you must manually install updates, even if that can be quite frustrating at times.

Open the settings menu on your Fire TV’s home screen. Scroll down and select “My Fire TV” near the bottom of the screen. Scroll down until you find the “Updates” icon and install the update if one is available. You can tell something else is wrong if the app doesn’t work even after you update your Firestick.

Restart The Firestick

You can easily restart a Firestick with two methods. The first method is to click the settings icon on the far right of the home screen. Next, scroll down until you see the “My Fire TV” icon close to the bottom.

Scroll down and select “Restart”, then click the prompt that confirms your decision. Be careful, however, as the “Restart” icon is close to the factory reset icon. You don’t want to factory reset your Firestick unless a slew of serious problems occur.

The other way to restart a Fire TV is to press the “play” and “select” buttons for 5 seconds. Now, your Firestick will shut off and restart automatically.

Install The App Update

Paramount Plus won’t work if the app is outdated. Updates typically install automatically, but that’s not always the case. You can update your app if you visit the library page and highlight Paramount Plus.

Highlight the app, press the button with three horizontal lines, and scroll down to “Update”. You can instantly install the update if one is available. Next, visit the settings menu to enable automatic updates, so you don’t have to worry about it again.

Scroll down to “Applications” and select “Appstore”. Click on “Automatic Updates” so they will install without your help. Now, all your apps will automatically update.

Clear The Cache

Any app on your Firestick can experience problems if the data becomes corrupted. Data accumulates within an app over time, and some of it can become corrupted. Corrupted data can cause apps to run slowly, crash, and stop working altogether.

You can quickly clear the app’s cache from the settings menu on your Fire TV. Open the list of apps from the settings menu. From there, click on “Manage Installed Applications” and scroll until you find Paramount Plus. Click on the icon and scroll down to “Clear Cache”.

This will remove the corrupted data from Paramount Plus. Keep your password handy as you will have to sign back in after you clear the cache. However, this won’t affect your watch list or “continue watching” folder because that’s associated with your account.

Reset Your Router

Are you experiencing Wi-Fi problems? If so, that can indicate that nothing is wrong with your Firestick at all. Instead, the problem may lie within your router, and you must reset it to enjoy Paramount Plus.

Turn your TV off, find your Wi-Fi router, and unplug it. Leave the router unplugged for 30 seconds before you plug it back in. Turn your Fire TV back on and see if you restored the connection.

If not, that could point to a local service outage. Call your Wi-Fi provider to see if there is a widespread outage. In that case, you must wait until they fix the outage before Paramount Plus will work.

Reinstall The App

In some cases, you may simply need to delete and reinstall Paramount Plus to make it work. Open the settings menu from the home screen and click on “Applications”. Scroll down until you find Paramount Plus, click on it, and select “Delete”.

Now, go back to the open screen and open the app store. Search for Paramount Plus, download it, and sign back in. Now, Paramount Plus should work unless something is wrong with your Fire TV.

Renew Your Subscription

If Paramount Plus won’t work on Firestick, it may be because of a subscription problem. This is a common problem if you forget to update your payment information when you get a new card. In that case, Paramount will charge your expired debit card and it won’t work.

Paramount will cease your service if the charge doesn’t go through, and the app won’t work. In that case, you must visit the Paramount Plus website on a computer or smartphone. Sign into your account on the site, and it should notify you that the payment failed.

If not, visit the settings menu and select the “payment methods” option. Simply click the method, select update, and add your new payment information. Sign back into Paramount Plus on your Firestick and it should work.

Get A New Firestick

In a perfect world, your Firestick should last forever. Unfortunately, Firesticks typically go bad in 5 years or less. The lifespan of a Firestick or Fire TV ultimately depends on usage and how old it was when you bought it.

For example, a used, factory-reset Firestick won’t last nearly as long as a new one. We have had a Firestick last 4 years, but it performed horribly toward the end. Apps like Paramount Plus, Max, and Netflix would run slowly.

Clearing caches and installing updates ultimately doesn’t do much if your Firestick is too old. A new Firestick starts at $25, and there is no subscription fee. That said, you must pay subscription fees for many of the available apps, like Paramount Plus and Hulu.

Is Firestick Better Than Roku?

There is almost no difference in quality between a Firestick and Roku. They are quite effective, and the same apps are available on each of them. You can even install the Amazon Prime streaming app on your Roku.

They are also similar in that you can plug each of them into any TV. Both Amazon and Roku also sell TVs with their services built into them. That said, Rokus and Firestick are prone to the same problems, such as corrupted data and app crashes.

The cost is virtually the same, and the Roku starts at $20 for the stick and remote. Neither device comes with monthly fees besides the subscription fees for each app you use. Both Rokus and Firesticks also have free apps like Freevee and Tubi that have premium add-ons.

Summing It Up

Update your Firestick or update the Paramount Plus app if it won’t work on Firestick. You may also have to clear the app’s cache or delete and reinstall it entirely. Otherwise, you may have to reset your Wi-Fi router or wait for a service outage to get repaired. Replace your Firestick if it’s 5 years old and Paramount Plus or your other apps don’t work.

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