Roku Remote Blinking Green Light? Do This!

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

Roku is easily one of the most popular streaming platforms currently on the market. Users swear by Roku’s easy-to-use features and a wide variety of free movies, TV shows, music, and more. But it can be frustrating when it stops working — like when you notice your Roku remote blinking a green light.

One sign that your Roku is experiencing a technical issue is your remote blinking a green light. Your Roku remote might be attempting to pair to your TV but is having difficulty doing so. Often, you can fix this issue by removing and reinserting the remote’s batteries. It could also indicate a low battery or energy level.

When you purchase a Roku device, you will receive a Roku Streaming Stick and remote. The Roku remote is an easy and accessible tool that you can use to control and navigate Roku on your TV. But, if it’s not working properly, it’s time to troubleshoot the problem with your Roku remote.

Reasons for Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

A blinking green light on a Roku remote is a general indicator that it’s not working correctly. The issue might be with the batteries, the remote itself, or the device’s connectivity. By determining the source of the remote’s malfunction, you can fix whatever glitches occur.

There are several reasons for a Roku remote to blink a green light. A blinking green light often indicates that your Roku is struggling in its attempt to pair your device. If this is the case, you can’t use your Roku remote until it is properly paired to your television.

Another reason that Roku remotes blink a green light is because the batteries are low or not appropriately charged. Alternatively, the blinking green light may indicate that the remote is about to run out of energy. Or it can signal that it has run out of energy entirely.

The most common reason for a Roku remote to blink green is a pairing issue. It’s unable to pair your device to the television. The solution to this issue is often to simply remove and reinsert the batteries from the Roku remote.

What If my Roku Remote Won’t Pair?

A blinking green light on your Roku remote often indicates that your Roku device is attempting but struggling to pair. As mentioned above, a quick fix for this issue is to remove and reinsert the batteries in your Roku remote.

If this does not resolve the problem, try unplugging the TV, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. Most Roku users find that they can fix a pairing issue by restarting the device via one of these methods.

7 Fixes for Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

Below, you can explore the common fixes for Roku remote malfunctions indicated by a blinking green light.

1. Change the Batteries in Your Roku Remote

This is one of the simplest ways to fix a Roku remote blinking a green light. It can remedy many of Roku’s common problems, such as pairing and connectivity difficulties, low remote energy, and more.

An easy way to ensure that this problem doesn’t arise again is to recharge or replace your remote’s batteries regularly.

2. Confirm That Your Roku Remote Is Set Up Correctly

A Roku remote that has not been properly set up can be the cause of a variety of glitches with the device. You might see a blinking green light on the remote that signals this issue.

There are several steps that you can take to ensure that your remote is set up correctly:

  • Ensure that your controller is connected to the internet.
  • Configure the display type on your screen to access “Remote Settings.”
  • Confirm the manufacturer of your television by pressing “Yes.”
  • If the system cannot correctly detect the manufacturer of your TV, you can enter the information manually.
  • Confirm your pick by pressing “Yes,” and clicking “OK” to exit Remote Settings. 

3. Remove Any Interference with Your Roku Device

Nearby wireless devices, such as microwaves, speakers, or wireless headsets, may cause interference with your Roku device. To determine if this is the cause of the problem, move your Roku device to another location.

If this remedied the situation, it ensured that interference was causing the issue. To avoid the problem again in the future, continue to keep your Roku device away from nearby wireless devices.

4. Re-pair Your Roku Remote

Often, re-pairing your Roku remote to your streaming device will get rid of a blinking green light. This also ensures that your device is connected properly.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug your Roku device and open the battery casing.
  • Remove the batteries and reinsert them after a few seconds.
  • Plug your Roku device back in and press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds.
  • As the system boots up, you will see a pairing notice on the screen.
  • Continue following the prompts to re-pair your device.

5. Turn Your Wi-Fi Off

Many Roku users have found that turning off their Wi-Fi when pairing their devices will solve their pairing difficulties. This is because the Roku remote uses Wi-Fi frequencies, and it is sometimes susceptible to interference.

Alternatively, you can try to reboot your Wi-Fi to rectify any possible interference glitches. You can do this by unplugging your router or modem, waiting approximately 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.

6. Try Pairing Through The Mobile App

If a pairing difficulty causes your Roku remote’s blinking green light, you can attempt to pair through Roku’s mobile app instead.

To do this, download the Roku mobile app on your phone. Go to the “Remote” section under the app’s Settings page and select “Pair Remote.” Follow the instructions listed on this page to pair your Roku device through the mobile app.

7. Hard Reset Your Roku Device

What if none of the previous methods were able to fix the blinking green light on your Roku remote? Then, you can opt for a hard reset. Note that conducting a hard reset will reset the settings of your Roku device and will have to be manually reset.

To hard reset your Roku device, perform the following steps:

  • Open the battery compartment of your Roku device.
  • Remove the batteries, as well as the power cable.
  • Wait for approximately 55 minutes, and then reconnect the power cable (the Roku home screen will then display).
  • Reinsert the batteries and wait for your remote to reconnect to your streaming device.

Why Is There a Blinking Blue Light on Roku Remote?

A blinking blue light on a Roku remote most likely indicates that your remote is experiencing difficulty connecting to your television. A likely reason for Roku connectivity problems is that you have a faulty USB connector cord. Replacing this part should clear up any connection problems that you are experiencing.

The blue light may also indicate an internet connection issue. If this is the case, try rebooting your wireless network to resolve the issue.

Why Is There a Blinking White Light on Roku Remote?

A blinking white light on your Roku remote can be caused by a couple of different issues. A blinking white light often indicates a problem with the batteries. You simply need to replace them.

Alternatively, a blinking white light may indicate a problem with the HDMI cable. If so, try to insert the Roku stick directly into the HDMI port rather than using an extension cable.

Wrapping Up Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

A blinking light on the Roku remote indicates that some aspect of the device is not working properly. The malfunction can stem from an array of issues. The color of the blinking light on your Roku remote will help you determine the source of the problem.

A blinking green light on your Roku remote mostly frequently indicates a problem with the device’s ability to pair. You can easily solve this problem by replacing the batteries or unplugging your television and plugging it back in.

Other reasons that your Roku remote may be blinking a green light are issues with the batteries or the device’s connectivity. There are several simple methods to fix these problems, including re-pairing the remote, removing the interference, and rebooting your Wi-Fi connection.

In rare instances, you may have to perform a hard reset on your Roku device. However, you can fix most issues with a simple method, and you can get back to streaming your favorite content.

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