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Wrinkles can turn a chic garment into a frumpy disaster. A wrinkle-free and well-pressed garment, on the other hand, can look like a million bucks even if you only paid a few dollars. This is why irons are so handy and helpful. But in life, there are many times when an iron isn’t available. If you don’t have access to an iron, or simply can’t stand the act of ironing, you probably want to know how you can keep your clothes wrinkle-free without having to pick up an iron.

To get rid of wrinkles without an iron, invest in a steamer. You can hang your clothes in the bathroom when you shower, or spray them with a wrinkle-release spray or water. Take your clothing out of the dryer right away, and smooth out any wrinkles by hand immediately. Properly hang your clothes, and remember you can throw them back in the dryer for a few minutes as well.

The iron is a household appliance that has existed for centuries, and it doesn’t look like it will go out of style any time soon. Still, not everyone has the space or patience for an iron, and it is always good to have alternatives. Keep reading to uncover the top tips and best ways to keep your clothing free of wrinkles without ever having to pick up an iron.

11 Tips To Help Keep Your Clothing Wrinkle-Free Without An Iron

1. Use A Wrinkle Release Spray

One easy and hassle-free way to get rid of pesky wrinkles without using an iron is to use a wrinkle-release spray on them. You can find all sorts of different wrinkle-release sprays. Some have fragrance, while others are intended for specific materials.

Make sure you follow the instructions properly to safely remove wrinkles from clothes without damaging them. Keep in mind that you need to apply this spray well in advance, as it will make your clothes slightly damp. Therefore it is best to apply the spray in the morning to wear in the evening, or even the night before.

2. Hang Clothes Properly

Perhaps the best way to prevent your clothes from ever having wrinkles in the first place is to hang them properly. Remember that if you sloppily hang your clothes, or allow them to press against other garments and bunch up, then wrinkles will form. This first step involves choosing the best type of hanger for your different types of garments, so no creases form.

Make sure the collars are properly aligned, and button up your shirts so the material does not fold. Allow plenty of room between garments so they don’t bunch up and crease.

3. Don’t Let Clothes Sit In Dryer

One reason clothes often get wrinkled in the first place is because they are left in the dryer or a laundry basket later on. If clothes are left bunched up and sitting underneath a mound of other garments, then the odds are they will be heavily wrinkled.

Make sure you remove clothing promptly from the dryer. This will prevent any wrinkles from forming in the first place. If you can get your clothing hung properly before any wrinkles have formed, then you should be able to keep almost all of your garments wrinkle-free with relative ease.

4. Make A Wrinkle Remover Spray Yourself

If you love to DIY, then consider creating a wrinkle remover. You can buy all sorts of different sprays to remove the wrinkles from your clothes, but you can also create your own using materials you might already have in your pantry.

You can combine one cup of distilled water with your favorite fabric softener for an easy yet effective wrinkle release. You can also use equal parts water and distilled vinegar, as well as your favorite essential oil (like lavender, or citrus). Either way, this is a cheap and easy DIY hack to make a wrinkle release when you don’t want to use an iron.

5. Hang Your Clothes Next To The Shower

Another popular way to help release wrinkles is to hang your clothing next to the shower. Steam is one of the best ways to relax fabric and eliminate wrinkles, and there is nowhere with more steam in your home than in the shower.

For best results hang your clothes on a hanger as close to the shower as possible. For particularly wrinkled clothes, you might want to leave them in the shower area for more than 24 hours. This works well with normal wrinkles, but stubborn wrinkles might need extra moisture and attention.

6. Invest In A Steamer

If you just hate ironing but want wrinkle-free clothes, then it might be time to invest in a steamer. Steamers come in all shapes and sizes. You can get giant professional ones if you are known to wear gowns, need to get wrinkles out of curtains, or even a small portable one if you travel for business.

A steamer does not give the same creases that irons do, but they are highly effective at removing even the toughest wrinkles from clothing. Best of all, the steam works almost instantly and dries fairly rapidly. This is a great option for a person who’s on the go and needs crisp clothes every morning.

7. Smooth Out Wrinkles By Hand Before Hanging Clothes

Another trick to keeping wrinkles out of your clothing for good is to give each garment a quick inspection before putting them away in the closet. If you notice any wrinkles at all, quickly smooth them out using one hand and a firm surface. Usually, if you do this when the clothes are still warm from the dryer, the wrinkles will release or at least relax. This, combined with proper hanging, will ensure your clothes are free of wrinkles without ever needing an iron.

8. Spray Them With A Mister

If you don’t have space for an ironing board, or are in a bind and need a quick method to relax stubborn wrinkles, grab your water mister. If you have a mister for an orchid plant or household needs, then you can use it on any wrinkled clothing.

Make sure you spray only the areas that are wrinkled and smooth the area out with your hand once it is damp, You should notice the wrinkles start to release. Hang it somewhere dry, or in the sun, and then enjoy your wrinkle-free garment.

9. Use A Blow Dryer Or Flat Iron

Sometimes you need to apply heat to either dry off clothes or remove some abnormally stubborn wrinkles. This is normally the job of an iron, but remember, you might have alternative heat sources in your bathroom. You can use a blow dryer and a hand to target and smooth out wrinkles. You can even use a flat iron on some clothes, but be aware that some materials are heat-sensitive and some flat irons can get quite hot.

10. Put Wrinkled Clothes Back In Dryer

One quick trick for those who are in a rush but need their wrinkles removed fast is to toss clothes back into the dryer. This will likely return your clothes to the wrinkle-free state they were in before they got wrinkled. For best results, it’s good to first mist or otherwise moisten the area that is wrinkled, so the area creates steam and releases wrinkles better.

11. Consider The Materials Before Buying Clothing

Lastly, remember that some materials are more wrinkle-prone than others. Silk, linen, and rayon are all notorious for causing stubborn wrinkles. Remember that while linen breathes well and silk is soft to the touch, these are not the best materials for business outfits, especially if you don’t want to use an iron.

Summing Up Keeping Clothes Free Of Wrinkles Without An Iron

Using an iron is the most popular way to get wrinkles out of clothing, but it certainly isn’t the only way. Hanging clothes immediately, and smoothing out wrinkles as soon as your clothing is taken from the dryer helps reduce the risk of wrinkles. You can use wrinkle-remover spray, create your own, or even invest in a steamer. You can also hang your clothes next to the shower or throw them back in the dryer for a few minutes if you are in a rush and don’t have an iron.

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