Glass Or Plastic Tupperware: Which Is Better For Weekly Meal Prep?

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For anyone working an in-0ffice job, lunch is always a looming consideration. Some prefer to eat in an employee cafeteria, while others order out. But these habits can become expensive and even unhealthy. These are a couple of reasons why the concept of meal-prepping has grown more popular.

If you prepare lunches in advance for your workweek, you can guarantee healthy and nutritious meals without breaking the bank. But you must choose the right container to store these work lunches. When it comes to your meal prep, is plastic or glass Tupperware better?

Glass Tupperware is usually the ideal material for meal prep storage containers. It is non-porous, which makes it easy to clean and less likely to harbor harmful bacteria. Plastic Tupperware is cheaper, and less likely to break, but can’t withstand the heated glass can. Some plastics also contain toxins that can leak into food over time. Plastic also tends to stain and hold on to smells, whereas glass does not.

If you have decided to start meal-prepping, or are looking to upgrade your food storage containers, then this article is for you. There are thousands of container options out there. There are entire stores dedicated to storage containers. While the shapes, sizes, and quality of these containers may vary significantly, the vast majority of meal preparation containers are either glass or plastic. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of both, and which material is ideal for your needs.

Which Tupperware Is Best For Meal Prep: Glass Or Plastic?

In the end, it is often personal preference that dictates whether someone prefers glass or plastic meal prep Tupperware. But in general, glass tends to be the ideal material for meal prep Tupperware. It is easier to clean, looks great, and tends to be long-lasting.

Plastic food storage containers can be well-made, and it usually has a very appealing price. But plastic Tupperware can sometimes stain easily. It also tends to hold on to smells and flavors, which can affect the taste of future meals.

To understand which type is best for you, it is best to first understand what you need to look for in an ideal meal prep container.

Six Things To Look For In Your Meal Prep Tupperware

1. Easy To Clean

Meal prepping is meant to make your workweek easier, and food preparation less time-consuming. You should get Tupperware that reflects this time-saving spirit. Opt for a storage container that is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and heat-friendly.

2. Long-Lasting

You want durable Tupperware. Meal prep containers are used constantly in rotation, so durability is key. While you might be attracted to a cheap price tag, make sure you read the reviews and confirm whatever meal prep Tupperware you purchase is built to last.

3. Non-Toxic And Bacteria Resistant

Food safety should also be at the top of your list of priorities. Purchase Tupperware that is unlikely to harbor bacteria. Make sure whatever containers you purchase won’t leak out harmful chemicals when microwaved.

4. Containers That Maintain Freshness

Many people food prep at the beginning of the week for the entire work week. This means you need to get meal prep Tupperware that will lock in freshness for several days. Select Tupperware that seals tight and does not leak. This will also prevent the food from leaking into your bag on the way to work.

5. Odor And Stain Resistance

Some Tupperware can stain easily, especially when you store things like pasta sauce or curry. Make sure you choose Tupperware that is resistant to stains and is unlikely to hold on to these strong flavors. Otherwise, you may taint your next week’s meal.

6. Shape, Size, And Design

The shape, size, and even design details of your Tupperware are also important to think about. Are you someone who likes separate compartments for your food? Do you like a deep container? If space is limited in your cabinets, you also have to consider Tupperware that is easy to stack and store.

Pros And Cons Of Glass Meal Prep Tupperware

Why Glass Tupperware Is Ideal For Meal Prep

Sustainable, And No Toxic Chemicals

Glass is a natural substance, whereas plastic is man-made. With glass, you know that you are buying a material that is sustainable, recyclable, and not filled with toxins. With plastic, you might not be sure exactly what you are storing your food in.

More Sanitary For Longer Storage

Another key aspect of glass worth noting is that it is non-porous. This means it has no holes or areas for bacteria to hide. This makes glass ideal for storing items like your weekly meal prep, as glass containers are less likely to hold and spread bacteria and mold.

Food Odors Don’t Stick To Glass

One of the most irritating things about frequently-used plastic Tupperware is that it can start to stink. With glass, you never have to worry about these smells. Things like tomato sauce don’t stink up your glass Tupperware. Instead, they wash right out, and your Tupperware smells clean and new each time.

Easy To Clean With No Risk Of Stains

Just like the pesky odors, glass is also easy to clean. There is no risk of staining your meal prep Tupperware that you have to worry about with plastic. You can also heat glass easily, making it easy to clean and sanitize the Tupperware with boiling water.

Reasons To Not Consider Glass Tupperware For Meal Prep

It Is Expensive

If you are looking for meal prep containers on a budget, then glass is likely not for you. Glass is usually the most expensive type of Tupperware on the market. You are going to pay a premium unless you are lucky with a sale.

It’s Heavier And Harder To Store

Glass is also significantly heavier than plastic Tupperware. This can be a nuisance for anyone who has to carry their meal prep around on public transit. It is also usually hard to stack, which is not ideal for those with limited cabinet space.

It Is Easier To Break

Glass also breaks much easier than plastic. If your meal prep containers are at risk of falling or hitting anything hard, then plastic might be a better option.

Pros And Cons Of Plastic Meal Prep Tupperware

Why Plastic Tupperware Is Ideal For Meal Prep

It Is Lightweight

Plastic is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it a great option for those who like to prepare salads or a light meal and just stick it into a backpack and purse.

Plastic Tupperware Is Often Stackable

If you live somewhere with limited kitchen space, plastic is great. It is easy to find brands that have plastic meal prep containers that stack well. This saves a lot of cabinet space compared to bulky glass.

Comes In More Shapes And Sizes

Plastic containers also come in more varieties. If you like having meal prep containers with lots of little compartments for various items, then plastic is your best bet. They come in every size, shape, and design imaginable.

Plastic Is Cheaper Than Glass

Price is arguably plastic meal prep Tupperware’s biggest draw. Plastic containers, even some high-quality ones, are significantly cheaper than glass containers. If you are looking for quality meal prep Tupperware but don’t want to spend a fortune, plastic is a good alternative.

Reasons To Not Consider Plastic Tupperware For Meal Prep

Food Odors Can Linger In Plastic Containers

One big downside to plastic is that odors from previous meals can stick around for a long time. Plastic absorbs strong flavors, like spicy foods and tomato sauces. It can be difficult and even impossible to get these smells out.

Plastic Can Stain

In addition to hard-to-remove odors, plastic can also stain. While stains might not seem like a big deal, eating a green salad out of a tomato-sauce-stained Tupperware container is not an enjoyable experience.

Chemicals Can Leak Into Your Food

It is no secret that plastics are man-made using all sorts of chemicals. While most of these chemicals are proven harmless, some that are not good for your body can leak into your food over time.

Some Plastic Can’t Withstand High Heat

Cheaper plastics are also not great in high-temperature situations. This means if you plan to frequently microwave plastic containers, consider glass, or at least higher-quality plastic.

Concluding Notes On Glass Vs. Plastic Tupperware for Meal Prep

Making weekly meal prep is a great way to save some money and even stay healthy and fit. But in addition to choosing the right meals to bring to work, you also need to choose the perfect containers to store these meals. Generally, glass is better than plastic when it comes to meal prep Tupperware. It is non-porous and natural, which means it does not stain, no odors linger, it is less likely to harbor bacteria, and it is free of dangerous chemicals. Plastic, on the other hand, comes in a variety of shapes, stacks easily, and is much cheaper, so some people may still prefer plastic over glass Tupperware.

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