How Much Does Furnace Cleaning or Repair Cost?

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The furnace is an essential part of just about any home as it provides much-needed warmth during the winter months. A prolonged stay at home without a working furnace can get uncomfortable very quickly. Unfortunately, you could find yourself staring at that exact situation if you fail to maintain your furnace.

Cleaning your furnace regularly is crucial to keeping it in good condition and saving money. The components of your furnace will likely break down if you do not maintain them properly. At that point, administering repairs will be needed or else comfort may prove elusive inside your household.

The average cost of cleaning a furnace is $200 and that already includes an inspection. You can also get your furnace inspected, cleaned, and tuned up, but that will increase your bill to $380. The average cost of repairing your home’s furnace is tougher to pin down. It will ultimately depend on which components need to be repaired.

Taking good care of your furnace is a must if you want to maintain your home’s comfort level. Find out how much cleaning it regularly will cost by reading on. You can also learn more about the cost of different furnace-related repair expenses in this article.

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Cost of Furnace Cleaning

Service(s) ProvidedCost
Furnace Inspection Only$80
Furnace Inspection and Cleaning$200
Furnace Inspection, Cleaning, and Tuning$380

Has your furnace been running into problems lately? Has its performance dipped noticeably over the last few days and weeks?

The emergence of those issues should not come as a surprise. They likely sprung up because your furnace has not been maintained properly.

Allow those issues to persist and your furnace may end up sustaining lasting damage. Some of its components may even start to break down due to neglect. Inspecting and cleaning your furnace will be necessary if you want it to continue serving your home without fail.

Furnace Inspection Only

Issues might arise not long after you just had your furnace cleaned. In that scenario, you can just pay $80 to get your furnace inspected.

The inspection should alert you to any issues plaguing the furnace. Once those issues have been identified, you can take further action and administer repairs if needed.

Furnace Inspection and Cleaning

Furnace maintenance should include both an inspection and thorough cleaning. Most HVAC companies already offer that service bundle. The average cost of getting your furnace inspected and cleaned is $200.

The inspection will detect any potential issues with your furnace while the cleaning will maintain its performance. Keep up that maintenance routine and your furnace should be good to go for the foreseeable future.

Furnace Inspection, Cleaning, and Tuning

Apart from inspecting and cleaning, HVAC companies can also tune up your furnace if needed. Of course, you’ll need to pay extra for that. The bundle of services that includes furnace inspection, cleaning, and tuning costs $380.

Tuning up is necessary if you’ve noticed that your furnace’s performance has dipped recently. The tune-up should allow it to work like normal again.

Cost of Furnace Repair by Part

Furnace ComponentCost
Blower Motor$950
Circuit Board$400
Draft Inducer Motor$850
Flame Sensor$160
Flue Pipe$600
Gas Valve$600
Heat Exchanger$150
Oil Combustion Chamber$400
Relay Switch$220

Numerous components of your furnace may break down and require repairs. How much you’ll have to spend on repairs will depend on which part is proving problematic.

The range of your potential expenses can be quite wide. Some parts only cost a bit over $100 to repair while fixing others may cost you hundreds of dollars. Learn more about what you can expect in terms of your repair bills by checking out the details included below.

Blower Motor

Let’s start by discussing the furnace’s blower motor. You can expect to spend $950 if you’re paying someone to repair that part of your furnace.

The blower motor has an important job to do inside your furnace. Without it, the warm air you need will not reach your home. The blower motor is the part responsible for forcing the warm air through the ducts and keeping you comfortable.

Circuit Board

The circuit board of your furnace may also experience some issues. HVAC technicians usually charge $400 to repair a furnace’s circuit board.

The circuit board is a crucial part because it allows you to control the different components of your furnace. Adjusting your furnace will not be possible if there’s something wrong with its circuit board.

Faulty circuit boards can be difficult to repair. For that reason, many HVAC technicians simply replace old circuit boards instead of trying to repair them.


Look inside your HVAC system and you will likely see condenser and evaporator coils in there. Repairing them will not come cheap. The average cost of repairing those coils is $1,300.

Those coils are more important to your air conditioner than your furnace. However, you still need them working properly because of where they’re located. Fix them as soon as possible if you want to continue using your furnace.

Draft Inducer Motor

The draft inducer motor inside your furnace may also malfunction at some point. Repairing it will cost you $850.

You should avoid using your furnace if it has a faulty draft inducer motor. That aforementioned component is responsible for preventing carbon monoxide buildup inside your home. Using a furnace with a bad draft inducer motor is simply unsafe and must be avoided.

Flame Sensor

The furnace inside your flame sensor may have to be repaired at some point. Fixing that flame sensor will likely cost you $160.

A faulty flame sensor can shut your furnace down unexpectedly. Even if it isn’t broken, the flame sensor still needs to be cleaned regularly so it can do its job.

Flue Pipe

Another component of your furnace that may require repairs is the flue pipe. Flue pipe repairs can be costly. You’ll probably have to spend $600 on that.

Similar to the draft inducer motor, the flue pipe’s importance can be tied to carbon monoxide management. You need that flue pipe to be in good condition because it’s supposed to carry carbon monoxide out of your home. Using a furnace with a busted flue pipe could endanger your health.

Gas Valve

Next up, let’s talk about your furnace’s gas valve. Fixing the gas valve attached to your furnace will likely cost $600.

The gas valve is in charge of allowing fuel to flow into the furnace. A busted gas valve may allow too much fuel to enter that aforementioned appliance. You can imagine just how dangerous that would be.

Heat Exchangers

A furnace cannot provide any warm air without functional heat exchangers. You need to fix those heat exchangers immediately if they start to present problems. The average cost of fixing a heat exchanger is $150.

Heat exchangers are tasked with warming up the air that will enter your home. Broken heat exchangers will prevent you from getting comfortable inside your home.


The ignitor starts your furnace by lighting the burner. If your furnace’s ignitor is acting up, you must get it fixed right away. HVAC technicians charge $230 on average to repair furnace ignitors.

Unfortunately, the ignitor acting up is a pretty common occurrence. This is one particular repair you may have to pay for more than a few times.

Oil Combustion Chamber

Depending on the type of furnace you’re using, you may also have to worry about the oil combustion chamber potentially breaking down. You’ll have to spend $400 if you need that oil combustion chamber repaired.

The oil combustion chamber is divided into two parts. The first is the oil chamber and the other is the combustion chamber.

Oil will remain in the oil chamber until it’s time for it to be heated. When that time for heating comes, the oil will be transferred to the combustion chamber.

Relay Switch

When a relay switch breaks, it is typically replaced instead of repaired. Replacing the relay switch will cost $220. Notably, that amount already includes the cost of labor and the replacement relay switch.

The relay switch inside the furnace facilitates the movement of electricity throughout that appliance. It directs the electricity to where it needs to go.


The thermostat gives you control over how the furnace will distribute the heat inside your home. It will be tough to get comfortable if there’s an issue affecting the thermostat. Correct that issue by calling for professional assistance. HVAC technicians normally charge $350 for thermostat repair.


Lastly, the transformer paired with your furnace may also suffer from some problems. You can get your furnace’s transformer repaired for $140.

The transformer is another furnace component that must be replaced if it breaks down. Thankfully, the cost of replacing a furnace transformer is very affordable.

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