How Much Do Pool Repairs Cost? [By Type & Material]

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by Gary Evans

Adding a swimming pool to your home can be beneficial in a variety of ways. For instance, having a swimming pool is just a lot of fun because you can take a dip whenever. You can even use the swimming pool to stay in shape and it also increases your home’s resale value.

A new swimming pool can certainly be an asset to just about any property, but there are still downsides to owning one. Chief among those downsides is the fact that swimming pools require a good amount of maintenance. Fail to take proper care of your pool and you’ll quickly find yourself on the hook for necessary repairs.

On average, repairing an above-ground pool will cost you $600. To repair an in-ground swimming pool, you will have to spend an average of $1,500. The cost of repairing your pool can also change based on which specific parts require repairs. Repairing parts such as the pool drain and pool pump cost $550 and $1,000 respectively.

Your swimming pool will sustain damage over time and it’s up to you to address the issues as they emerge. By doing so, you can ensure that your swimming pool will remain an asset for your property moving forward. Find out how much fixing the issues affecting your swimming pool will cost by reading on.

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Cost to Repair Pool by Type

Swimming Pool TypeCost
Above-Ground Swimming Pool$600
In-Ground Swimming Pool$1,500

The cost of repairing your swimming pool will change based on several factors. One of the most impactful factors in that regard is the type of swimming pool you have.

Generally speaking, most people have either above-ground or in-ground swimming pools. They may offer the same kind of enjoyment, but maintenance costs for them vary significantly. Check out how much repairing above-ground and in-ground swimming pools will cost in the section below.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

The average cost of repairing an above-ground swimming pool is $600. That is significantly cheaper than the cost of fixing an in-ground swimming pool.

So, why is repairing an above-ground swimming pool more affordable? To put it simply, that job is easier.

Every step of the repair process is easier with above-ground pools compared to in-ground pools. Identifying the issue is easier because most parts of the swimming pool are highly accessible. Draining the water in the pool to discover the issue may not even be necessary.

Damage to the perimeter of an above-ground pool can also be repaired without much difficulty. You cannot say the same thing about in-ground pools.

In-Ground Swimming Pool

Homeowners can expect to pay an average of $1,500 to repair an in-ground swimming pool. It’s a steep price, but it also makes sense once you consider all the work involved.

We talked about accessibility earlier and that matters here as well. Getting to the problematic part can be an ordeal unto itself due to how in-ground pools are designed. The workers also have to be extra careful because any damage to the pool walls could compromise the entire structure.

Also, you should know that the $1,500 price tag only accounts for labor and materials. You will have to pay extra to drain the water from the pool if that is deemed necessary.

Cost to Repair Pool by Material

Material UsedCost

Another factor that will inevitably come into play if you’re looking to repair your swimming pool is the structure’s material makeup. Your repair costs may rise or fall based on the materials that were used to make your pool.

Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl are three materials that are commonly used to build swimming pools. Let’s take a closer look at how those materials will impact your final repair bill.

Concrete Swimming Pools

You can expect to pay $650 if you’re asking professionals to fix your concrete swimming pool. It’s best to leave the task of repairing a concrete pool up to the professionals because of how tricky it can be.

With a concrete swimming pool, a small crack can prove problematic. Patch up the crack incorrectly and it may grow larger and deeper. The previously minor crack could develop and seriously threaten the stability of your pool.

Entrusting concrete pool repair to professionals is also recommended because the job can be very time-consuming. Attempting the repairs yourself may take up your entire weekend. The professionals can finish the job significantly faster.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

The average cost of repairing a fiberglass swimming pool is $550. That means fiberglass pools are the cheapest ones to repair.

A common issue with fiberglass swimming pools is scratching. Over time, the fiberglass surface will get scratched up and those marks will be highly visible.

Applying a gel coat to the fiberglass surface of your swimming pool can eliminate those scratches. Most pool repair companies offer that service so you should have no trouble finding people to hire. You may even be able to shop around for a cheaper price.

Many homeowners also opt to repaint their fiberglass pool after applying the gel coat. You can sign up for that as well, but doing so will significantly increase your repair bill.

Vinyl Swimming Pools

Vinyl swimming pools are the most expensive ones to repair. Don’t be surprised if you get a bill of $900 from the workers after they’re done administering the necessary repairs.

The vinyl liner often used for swimming pools is not an easy material to work with. It’s more delicate than other pool materials so it must be handled carefully.

Workers often have to take more time applying the needed fixes. That causes repair costs to rise.

You also have to worry about the bead holding the vinyl liner. If that bead is damaged or loses its grip, you can expect more expenses to get tacked on to your bill.

Cost to Repair a Pool by Part

Swimming Pool PartCost
Pool Bond Beam$4,000
Pool Drain$550
Pool Frame$1,500
Pool Heater$450
Pool Lights$110
Pool Pump$1,000
Pool Skimmer$180

Multiple components are required to keep your swimming pool clean and comfortable. Unfortunately, they are not impervious to wear and tear and other forms of damage. After some time, they will inevitably start to break down and you’ll have to do something about them.

We’re using this section of the article to highlight the parts of your swimming pool that may require extra attention. Learn how much repairing specific components will cost so you can prepare adequately.


Pipes are responsible for moving water to and from your swimming pool. Any leaks along those pipes can lead to plenty of wasted water and higher monthly bills. You can hire professionals to fix those leaks in exchange for $400.

The cost of patching up the leak in the plumbing is very affordable, but you’ll likely have to spend more than that. Unless the leak happens to be in an obvious spot, the workers will probably have to spend time finding it first. We’ll get to how much leak detection can potentially cost you later in this article.

Pool Bond Beam

The bond beam is that thick layer of concrete that is installed along the top edge of the swimming pool. If that part of your swimming pool sustains damage, you could be looking at a hefty repair bill. Repairing that part of your pool will likely cost $4,000.

Bond beam repair is expensive because it often requires materials such as concrete and rebar. On top of that, resurfacing is often necessary when the bond beam sustains significant damage. The labor-intensive nature of the task makes it pricey to complete.

Pool Drain

Is the drain the part of your swimming pool that is exhibiting problems? If so, your repair bill will likely cost $550.

The pool drain is among the hardest working components of your swimming pool. It will only be a matter of time before it requires repairs of some kind.

Before you pay for repairs, you should take a moment to consider how old the drain is. Older drains will frequently be plagued with issues so repairing them all the time will also be necessary. Replacing your old pool drain instead of constantly repairing it will save you more money in the long run.

Pool Frame

Keeping all the water in one place is the job of the pool frame. Once you see that pool frame start to leak water, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Of course, that’s easier said than done since pool frame repairs cost an average of $1,500.

Swimming in a pool with a damaged frame is dangerous. The damage to the frame may get worse as the sloshing water continually hammers it. If that frame collapses, someone could wind up badly hurt.

You’ll notice a sizable gap in frame repair costs for above-ground and in-ground pools. Repairing the frame of an in-ground pool is going to make a bigger dent in your bank account.

Pool Heater

Taking a dip in your pool’s hot tub is the perfect way to cap a long work week. Hopefully, your pool’s heater is working just fine so you can just relax. If your pool’s heater is busted, you can get it repaired for $450.

Different issues can affect your heater’s performance. The issue could have something to do with the elements hammering the heater and corroding it. The electrical connections to the heater may also be damaged.

Addressing those matters is easy enough for a pool service company. Things get more complicated if your heater’s level of performance has changed. Your heater may simply be too worn-down.

Worn-down pool heaters have to be replaced. That will cost way more than the aforementioned repairs.

Pool Lights

Pool lights make swimming at night a more enjoyable experience. You can also use them to decorate your pool if you’re planning a poolside party. Don’t let malfunctioning pool lights spoil your party by paying $110 to get them repaired.

The repairs we’re talking about here are related to the light fixtures. Replacing the pool lights is even more affordable. You only have to pay $60 to get replacement lights for your swimming pool.

Pool Pump

The pump is a major component of your swimming pool. Fixing a faulty pool pump will not come cheap. You can expect to pay $1,000 if you need repairs for your pool pump.

The aforementioned pump plays a crucial role in keeping your swimming pool clean. Without it, the water in your swimming pool will turn into an icky mess. Going into a pool without a working pump is simply not something anyone should do.

Remember that the cost of pool pump repair will depend on what you have installed. More sophisticated models cost more money to fix.

Pool Skimmer

Last up, we have the pool skimmer. Resolving the issue with your pool skimmer will not cost a lot of money. Expect to pay $180 if you need your pool’s skimmer repaired.

The skimmer’s job is to remove floating debris from the water in the swimming pool. It will suck in water and grab any pieces of debris that are present. Leaves, twigs, and other types of debris will no longer clog your pool thanks to the skimmer.

Conventional skimmers are mainly paired with in-ground pools. Folks with above-ground pools will have to use floating skimmers.

Cost of Pool Leak Detection

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$100
Mid-Range Estimate$300
High-End Estimate$500

Leaking is probably the most common issue that affects swimming pools. It’s an issue you must take seriously since it can damage your pool, various pool components, and even your property. Tackle that issue head-on by first paying $300 for leak detection.

You need to pay for leak detection if you want to get to the heart of the problem. That’s the only way the professionals can pinpoint the source of the problem and apply the required fix.

How will you know if it’s time for you to pay for leak detection? Keeping an eye out for the telltale signs of a leaking pool will help. One thing to monitor if you suspect your pool has sprung a leak is its water level.

Mark the side of your pool to note where the level is at the start of the day. Go back to it later and check the water level again. You’ll know there’s a leak if the water level has dropped by a significant amount.

You should also check the area around your pool. Wet spots and loose tiles indicate that excess water is spilling into your yard. Take that as a sign that you have a leaking pool.

The sign of a leaking pool may also show up in your water bill. A higher water bill than normal is also a potential indicator of a leak.

Cost to Drain, Refill, and Treat the Pool

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$580
Mid-Range Estimate$1,300
High-End Estimate$2,030

Pool maintenance goes beyond patching up leaks and fixing faulty components. You also have to worry about supplemental expenses such as draining, refilling, and treating the swimming pool. The average combined cost of draining, refilling, and treating a swimming pool is $1,300.

Does that number seem high? Let’s break it down further so you have a better idea of what you are paying for.

First off, $200 of that $1,300 will go toward the cost of getting your pool drained. Draining the pool could very well be needed if the damaged areas are not immediately visible.

Next up is the cost of refilling the swimming pool with water. The cost range for refilling a pool can be quite wide since they come in different sizes. However, you can expect that number to stay close to $650 if you have an average-sized pool.

Don’t forget to treat the water in your swimming pool before you start using it again. The same pool company that handled the repairs can handle the task of treating the water. The average cost of treating pool water is $450.

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Related Questions

Why Am I Losing Water in My Pool?

There are two likely explanations for why the water level in your pool has dropped. In all likelihood, you’re either dealing with a leak or rapid evaporation.Repairs will probably be needed if you’re dealing with a leak. Combating rapid evaporation caused by strong winds, high humidity, and hot temperatures is easier. Installing a cover over your pool should stop that rapid evaporation.

How Often Should You Refill Your Pool?

As long as you have the proper pieces of equipment in place, refilling your pool yearly is not necessary. Draining and refilling your swimming pool once every two years should be good enough. You only have to deviate from that routine if your pool needs repairs.

Where Do Most Pool Leaks Occur?

Leaks can spring throughout your pool, but the skimmer is most susceptible to them. Cold temperatures and frequent movement can damage the skimmer and the area close to it.Check on the skimmer and the area surrounding it regularly. Do that to make sure that there are no leaks present.

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