What Are The Top 6 French Glassware Brands?

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There are glasses and glassware. Then there is French glassware. And yes, there is a difference. It also seems almost fitting that a country defined by style, elegance, and propriety is recognized for its glassware. This is also why so many people look for the top and most popular French glassware brands. From everyday use glasses to glassware made for fine dining, the difference in glassware is both real and visible.

The most popular French glassware brands are O-I Manufacturing, VOA Glass, Cristal d’Arques Paris, Duralex, La Rochere, and St Louis. This list of French glassware brands is in no particular order or preference. These glassware brands are all recognized and respected companies in their industry and offer quality, style, and aesthetic appeal.

Everyone everywhere uses glassware. From cups and dishes to serving ware and other types of dining ware, glass has always been a popular option. In addition to the practical advantages of glass, such as ease of cleaning and its sanitary benefits, glass can also add class and refinement to any dining ware set.

Finding the most popular French glassware brands is one way to ensure that you are using, serving, and having the most reliable, attractive, and well-made glassware possible. So, without further delay, the most popular French glassware brands.

1. O-I (Owens-Illinois) Manufacturing France SAS

This is not only one of the most popular French glassware brands, but technically speaking, O-I Manufacturing France SAS is an American company. It just so happens that this subsidiary is located and was incorporated no place other than France, of course. So yes, this is technically a French glassware brand, but it is no ordinary glassware brand.

When it comes to French glassware brands, O-I (Owens-Illinois) Manufacturing France SAS is as about as good as it gets. And they have the merits and recognition to prove it. O-I Manufacturing is reported to be the first French glass manufacturer to earn the Cradle Certified Gold rating. As one of the most popular French glassware brands, O-I Manufacturing glassware serves a range of companies in the food & beverage industry.

Some folks might remember or know I-O Manufacturing under its former ownership and name BSN. Today, I-O Manufacturing France SAS glassware can be found from North America to Europe and Asia. And today, everyone also knows I-O Manufacturing as one of the most popular French glassware brands on the market.

2. VOA Glass Bottles

One of the top French glassware brands, VOA Glass Bottles, is recognized primarily as a glass bottle manufacturer. This popular French glassware brand, in fact, produces approximately 1 million bottles per day. And this popular French glassware brand is no stranger to the glassware industry either, with a history dating back over 100 years.

In addition to its considerable production scale, VOA Glass Bottles is one of the most respected French glassware brands in the area of innovation too. And from customizations to colorization (e.g., fluorescent glass), VOA Glass Bottles is a name that deserves attention in the glassware industry.

VOA Glass Bottles has earned a reputation as a leader in the glassware production world. That leadership is apparent in the aspects of the company, such as operations and its R&D department. That leadership and those accomplishments and its long history also make VOA Glass Bottles one of the most popular French glassware brands too.

3. Cristal d’Arques Paris

Among all the most popular French glassware brands, few exhibit the level of elegance and embody the Parisian lifestyle quite like Cristal d’Arques. That is in one part by design as this top French glassware brand has defined its image by displaying extraordinary elegance in its glassware sets. The other part of that equation is the actual crystal glass used by this popular glassware brand.

Like many of the other leading French glassware brands, Cristal d’Arques has a long history in the glassware industry. It is also that history and that experience that allows this popular French glassware brand to deliver such exceptional quality. For Cristal d’Arques Paris and their customers, that quality looks like brilliance, strength, and crystal clear transparency.

Customers of Cristal d’Arques Paris will likely recognize an Art déco influence in this iconic brand’s glassware. Cristal d’Arques has also made some efforts to modernize its glassware by incorporating more of a modern Parisian lifestyle feel to its glassware. It is also that fashion sense and the Cristal d’Arques quality that makes this one of the most popular of all French glassware brands.

4. Duralex

Duralex is not only one of the most popular French glassware brands, it is also one of the more familiar names in glassware. Also, like most of the other popular French glassware brands, Duralex has been around for a while. And with more than 80 years of experience manufacturing glassware, Duralex has also become a proven and trusted glassware brand. It was 1945 when Duralex was founded, and when they created the glass tempering process. Since then, Duralex has been a standard-bearer for tough and durable glassware.

Duralex is also distinguished by being the only one of the French glassware brands that manufacturers 100% of its glassware in France. Another notable fact that helps to separate Duralex as one of the top French glassware brands is its signature Picardie glassware. These are more commonly known in the States as French tumblers, and they offer chip resistance and durability.

From function and style to durability, few French glassware brands can compete with Duralex. With a reputation for being a leader in glassware and a brand name recognized around the globe, Duralex looks to continue its role as one of the most popular French glassware brands. Stackable, dishwasher safe, attractive, and glassware for every occasion Duralex is a name in glassware that should be on everyone’s shortlist.

5. La Rochere

While most popular French glassware brands aren’t new to the world of glass manufacturing, few have done it as long as La Rochere. As a matter of fact, La Rochere can tout being the oldest running glass factory on the continent of Europe. And if you are wondering, that La Rochere brand can be traced back more than 500 years. That is also a long time to be producing glassware, and few have done it so well, and none have done it for so long.

The La Rochere brand, however, is less noted for its longevity and more for its high-quality modern French-style glassware. And for the folks at La Rochere and their customers, that is just fine. That is because the La Rochere brand quality and its fashionable designs are what make it one of the most popular French glassware brands. No, that experience and history don’t hurt, but people are sold on the style, the quality, and the La Rochere glassware they can get today.

That means that La Rochere brand customers get not only some of the top glassware options available but also glassware inspired by years of classic patterns combined with contemporary charm. Those traits can be found in the La Rochere glassware sets like its top-selling Napoleon Bee collection among others. And regardless of what type of glassware you get for La Rochere, you can feel good knowing it comes from one of the most popular French glassware brands.

6. St Louis

The St Louis glassware brand is one of the most popular French glassware brands for many reasons, both present, and past. That past looks like nearly 200 years of expertise in glass manufacturing. This also leads to the refined and proven glassware practices used to produce today’s version of St Louis glassware. In 1995 St Louis glassware received a facelift, finding new and innovative ways to use crystal to embellish and enhance the aesthetics of its glassware.

Fast-forward to the present, and the St Louis glassware brand is not only one of the most popular French glassware brands in France but in the world. Those designs and glassware styles today draw from the influence of Art Deco and Art Nuevo. The result is St Louis producing some of the most beautiful glassware sets available and becoming one of the most popular French glassware brands. The St Louis glassware brand is also often recognized for its continued innovation in its glass manufacturing processes.

Producing popular and high-quality glassware isn’t anything new for this leading French glassware brand. That tradition is also going strong and that means that St Louis customers can continue to rely on St Louis to deliver some of the most durable, stylish, and quality glassware sets on the market. Just like they have done for years. Being one of the most popular French glassware brands is a testament to quality and for companies like St Louis, it is a testament to continued quality over time. No, all those years of glass manufacturing don’t necessarily help St Louis to be one of the most popular French glassware brands, but it sure doesn’t hurt either.

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