How Much Does Dryer Repair Cost? [Average Rates by Part]

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

We don’t talk enough about how important the dryer is to the typical household. Can you imagine working your way through your laundry pile without the help of a dryer? A job that typically takes less than an hour to finish may suddenly take up a big chunk of your day.

You probably don’t want to dedicate large segments of your day solely to the task of drying clothes. Unfortunately, you may have no choice but to do that if your dryer suddenly breaks down. Get your dryer repaired as soon as possible so you can avoid that troublesome predicament.

The average cost of dryer repair is $250. You may have to pay more or less than that depending on which component of your dryer is malfunctioning. The type of dryer you have will also affect your repair expenses. Repairing a gas dryer typically costs $280 while electric dryer repairs will cost you an average of $230.

The dryer being out of commission can be a huge nuisance for your household. It’s an issue that must be addressed promptly and professionals can help with that. Learn more about how much various dryer-related repairs will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost to Repair Dryer by Part

Dryer ComponentCost
Dryer Belt$170
Heating Element$240

The cost of repairing your dryer will depend on the type you have. Repairing an electric dryer usually costs $230. Meanwhile, you’re probably looking at a bill of $280 if you need a gas dryer repaired.

Of course, the type of dryer you have is just one part of the equation. To get a clearer sense of how much dryer repair will cost in your case, you have to consider the problematic part. Detailed below are the average repair costs associated with different dryer components.


Let’s start by talking about the bearing inside your dryer. If you need that bearing repaired, you will have to spend $110.

The bearing’s job is to keep the drum moving. As the bearing moves, it also takes the drum along for the ride. The continuous movement of the bearing helps dry your clothes faster.


The dryer door is a frequent source of frustration for homeowners. Resolving that issue with the dryer door will cost you $90.

Dryer doors will wear down eventually. The latch, in particular, is prone to sustaining damage and it may stop working properly after many years of usage. The door and the latch must be fixed so your clothes can remain inside the dryer.

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The dryer drum is where you place your clothes before starting a cycle. It’s a part of the dryer that often gets damaged because we aren’t always careful about the items we put in there. Coins that were in the pockets of your clothes could drop out and fly around the drum during the drying cycle.

Be mindful of what you place inside the dryer’s drum because repairing it will be costly. The average cost of dryer drum repair is $380.

Dryer Belt

The component known as the dryer belt helps keep the drum spinning as intended. A damaged or detached dryer belt will have to be fixed. Doing that is going to cost you an average of $170.

Dryer belt repair can be costly if the part has to be completely replaced. If it just has to be realigned, you may be able to save some money.


Don’t forget to check the filters if you notice something wrong with your dryer. On average, repairing a dryer’s filter will cost $60 so it’s pretty cheap.

Issues with the filter are often related to that component being clogged. You can clean the filter yourself and save on repair expenses. Spending money only becomes necessary if you have to replace your dryer’s filter.

Heating Element

Count on dryer repair being expensive if the issue you’re dealing with is related to the heating element. Homeowners spend an average of $240 to fix the issues affecting that dryer component.

Why is fixing the dryer’s heating element so expensive? That’s because the heating element is a complex component that comes in different designs.

An approach that works for one heating element may not work for another. It’s up to the technician to figure out which repair method works for your dryer’s specific heating element.


The knob allows you to start and set your dryer. The knob is not the most important component of your dryer, but using that appliance without one would be difficult. Thankfully, repairing the dryer knob will only cost you $65.

Repairing or replacing the dryer knob can also be done quickly. You won’t have to postpone laundry day just because there’s something wrong with the dryer knob.


Do you have to hold down the start button for a few seconds just to kick your dryer into gear? Do you hear a loud humming sound whenever you attempt to start your dryer? If you answered yes to both questions, that means your dryer’s motor has burned out.

Replacing a busted dryer motor will not come cheap. Between purchasing the replacement motor and installing it in the dryer, you can expect to spend $260.


Failing to repair certain components of your dryer can lead to your clothes getting damaged. One such component is the thermostat. Pay the $180 needed to repair the thermostat because you don’t want your clothes getting torched during the drying cycle.

You should ask the technician to inspect all of your dryer’s thermostats. More than one can malfunction at any given time so it’s best to err on the side of caution.


Like the thermostat, a faulty timer can be bad news for your clothes. Because the timer did not stop the dryer at the right time, your clothes will remain in the cycle for too long. You’re going to get damaged clothes back as a result.

Fix the busted timer for $230. That’s a high price to pay, but it’s preferable to your clothes sustaining damage whenever you run them through the dryer.


Let’s wrap things up by discussing the dryer vent. The average repair bill for a dryer vent is $120.

You can avoid paying for dryer vent repair by cleaning it regularly. Regularly removing lint from the dryer vent will allow it to do its job without fail.

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