Does A Garden Increase Home Value?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Countless homeowners take pride in their gardens up until the day they sell their houses and beyond. A nice landscape and garden are something to be proud of as a homeowner. So, does a garden increase home value?

A garden does increase home value, and you can get a 77% return on investment or more. Real estate experts suggest that gardens and nice landscaping increase curb appeal, which is an essential part of selling a home for as much as possible. In fact, you can decrease your home’s value if you have an unkempt garden or dying trees that are near your house.

Your garden can increase your home’s value by as much as possible if you add landscape lighting, outdoor art, and a gazebo or pergola. Buyers can request that you remove plants before the deal is finalized, but you aren’t obligated to do so unless you sign a contract. Follow along as we explore whether a garden increases home value.

Does A Garden Increase Property Value?

A nice garden and great landscaping can increase property value. With that said, there is no iron-clad rule to govern how much a garden increases home value. The best way to increase home value with a garden is to make it as visually appealing as possible.

A vibrant, colorful garden is more likely to appeal to potential buyers than a strictly green vegetable garden. You will also get the best results if you add flourishes of color in the front and back yards. Many homeowners neglect flower beds in the front yard, but that’s just as important as a lively backyard.

For example, you get more curb appeal out of your backyard than your front yard. Post Office UK suggests that you can get a 77% return on investment when you sell a home with an impressive garden.

Can A Garden Scare Buyers?

A garden can scare buyers if it is too involved and complicated. This is a common fear for many homeowners trying to sell their homes. The common thought is that homeowners will be discouraged from buying a home with a nice garden because they will have to keep up with the work.

With that said, there has been a drastic interest in gardening since 2020. Because of that, it stands to reason that many more potential buyers seek homes with nice lawns and gardens. Gardens and lush lawns add curb appeal, which is one of the most important parts of selling a house.

Poor landscaping and bumpy lawns can decrease home value. That is because it can cost thousands of dollars to redo your landscaping in many cases, depending on the size of the lawn. You are less likely to scare buyers with a nice lawn and garden than one that is yellow and bumpy.

Does Curb Appeal Matter?

Curb appeal is important and can help you sell a home quickly. Depending on the market, curb appeal can increase your home value by as much as 5%. A prospective buyer’s first impression of a home is how it looks from the street in most cases.

Homes with great curb appeal do better both in person and online. Ideally, you should do whatever you can to ensure that your home photographs well. If it photographs well, then it will likely look great in person when potential buyers walk or drive by.

What Increases Curb Appeal?


Lighting is an important part of curb appeal. Few potential buyers will jump at the chance to buy a home that is encased in darkness at night. Lamp posts, flood lights, and landscape spotlights all increase visibility at night and make your home look better.

Landscape lights in particular can help outline your home and highlight its structure. This especially comes in handy if you have a nice lawn and garden.

Exterior Art

While it won’t typically come with the house when you sell it, exterior art can increase curb appeal. This is the same concept as dressing a home’s interior when it’s on sale. Exterior art can help potential buyers picture themselves in the house.

Less is more when it comes to exterior art in most cases. A house that is too busy with exterior art can take away from the structure itself, and this can be off-putting.

A Nice Driveway

A cracked driveway that is covered in debris will decrease your home’s curb appeal. Reseal your driveway before you put your house on the market. Not only will your home look better, but this can also slightly increase its value or at least give you a nice return on investment for the driveway.

Add A Gazebo

Adding a gazebo is a great way to increase the curb appeal and value of your home. A gazebo typically has a minimum 30% return on investment, but it can be much higher than that in many cases. This works whether you put the gazebo in the front or backyard.

You can increase the value even more if you plant a nice garden and add lighting around your gazebo. The same applies to pergolas, which are just as appealing as gazebos to many buyers.

Light Paint Colors

Light exterior paint is known for making homes look bigger. Not only does this increase curb appeal, but it makes buyers want to see what is inside. Sage green, ivory, and light grey are all known to increase curb appeal and make your home look bigger from the outside.

Do Trees Increase Home Value?

Trees can increase your home value if they are in great shape. However, trees that are unhealthy and leaning one way or the other can decrease home value. This is especially true if the tree is close to your home and could potentially fall.

Fallen trees can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage depending on the severity of the fall. However, healthy trees can increase your home’s value by as much as 19%. Factors such as color, height, leaves, and proximity to the home affect how much it can increase the value and curb appeal.

Can You Ask A Seller To Remove Plants?

You can ask a seller to remove plants before you buy the house, but they aren’t obligated to unless they agree to it in the contract. In-ground plants are typically considered part of the property in most housing markets. It is between the buyer and seller to reach an agreement if the buyer wants the plants taken out before they move in.

Sellers can remove certain plants as part of an exclusionary part of a contract when selling a home. This is typically uncommon, but it’s possible as long as both parties agree and stick to the contract.

Summing It Up

A garden can increase home value as long as it is in good shape. Nice gardens and impressive landscaping increase curb appeal, which can help sell a house quickly. Some potential buyers are discouraged by elaborate gardens because of the upkeep.

Plant vibrant flowers and make your garden as diverse as possible to increase value. Add landscape lighting and exterior art to make the garden pop to increase its value as much as you can.

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