How Much Does Marble Flooring Cost?

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What kind of flooring do you want to install inside your home? It can be tough to pinpoint a standout candidate given the sheer number of options available. While browsing your options, you cannot forget to take a closer look at marble flooring because it presents some terrific qualities.

Marble flooring is lauded for its natural beauty. Streaks of color flow across the surface of the marble to create unique and gorgeous patterns. You can also polish marble to keep it smooth and doing so will also revitalize its appearance. Practically speaking, you should also consider installing marble flooring to boost your radiant heating and increase home value.

The average cost of marble flooring is $21 per square foot. Onyx is the most expensive marble flooring option available at $33 per square foot. The cheapest option is white marble flooring and that’s priced at $10 per square foot. On average, the price of installing marble flooring is $6 per square foot. Cost factors including desired patterns, the condition of your subfloor, and required floor removal will change the price of the project.

The addition of marble flooring can greatly enhance your home. It could be the gorgeous and durable flooring addition to your home that you’ve always wanted. Find out how much you’ll have to pay for new marble flooring by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost of Marble Flooring by Square Foot

Estimate TypeCost Per Square Foot
Low-End Estimate$10
Mid-Range Estimate$21
High-End Estimate$33

If you’ve ever been interested in installing marble flooring before, then you likely know about the main drawback of that material. Simply put, marble flooring is expensive. You can expect to pay $21 per square foot if you want marble flooring added to your home.

The high-end cost of marble flooring can be downright dizzying for some homeowners. Some types of marble flooring cost as much as $33 per square foot.

Even the price floor for marble floor is still pretty steep. The low-end options for marble flooring still cost $10 per square foot.

Is marble flooring worth that kind of money? That’s a question you have to answer yourself. Still, there are reasons why investing that kind of money in flooring makes sense.

Marble flooring offers a kind of wow factor that you cannot receive from other materials. Those patterns and colors in the marble interact with each other in a way that results in something truly beautiful.

Homeowners can also bank on marble flooring remaining in good condition for a long time. They can last for up to 25 years as long as they are maintained properly.

Cost of Marble Flooring by Type

Type of Marble FlooringCost Per Square Foot
Limestone Marble$20
True Marble$13
White Marble$10

The specific type of marble flooring you want to install is a major cost factor. The gaps in pricing are also quite significant. You may have to pay thrice as much for certain types of marble flooring.

Marble floor types vary mostly in terms of how they look. However, there are specific variants that also introduce some other qualities to the mix.

Detailed in the section below are the different types of marble flooring. We’ve also highlighted how much they cost so you can determine if they fit within your budget.


We’re kicking off this list detailing marble flooring types with breccia. Breccia is priced at $20 per square foot.

The breccia type of marble flooring is characterized by splotches of dark colors. The colors in question often include brown, gold, green, and red.

Overall, breccia is also on the darker side compared to other types of marble. That kind of color comes in handy if you want to highlight other elements of your home décor. The darker color of breccia won’t draw that much attention.

Breccia is pretty durable too. It can handle a good amount of wear and tear so it works well for flooring.

Limestone Marble

Homeowners can also use limestone marble for their flooring. If you intend to install limestone marble flooring inside your home, you can expect to pay $20 per square foot.

Limestone marble has a very rustic appearance. You should consider using it if you want to feature more natural beauty inside your home.

As for color, limestone marble is a touch on the dark side. Shades of gray and green do add contrast to the appearance of limestone marble.

You have to be careful when choosing a type of limestone marble for your home. Not all types of limestone marble are suitable for flooring so you must avoid that kind of mistake.


Onyx is the most expensive of the materials you can use for marble flooring. You’re paying $33 per square foot if you wish to use onyx.

Intricate patterns define the appearance of onyx marble. You can see the clear difference when you position it next to the other available options.

This type of marble is also known for its color variety. Look at a piece of onyx and you’ll see different colors swirling inside of it. Homeowners can transform their flooring into a focal point of their décor by installing onyx marble.


Next up, we have quartzite. Quartzite is a pretty popular choice for flooring even though it’s pretty expensive. You’ll have to pay $25 per square foot for quartzite.

Quartzite has a faded look that is noticeably different from other types of marble. It doesn’t feature a ton of color variety, but the elaborate patterns are there.

The main selling point of quartzite is its durability. Quartzite is more resistant to scratches compared to the other marble options. It’s a fantastic choice for flooring in that regard.

True Marble

True marble is another option worth considering for your home’s flooring. This is one of the cheaper options available. True marble is priced at $13 per square foot.

Although the idea of using true marble for your flooring sounds good, the reality is quite different. True marble is not very durable. It scratches easily and is also susceptible to staining.

Carefully consider your other options before you settle for true marble. Other marble variants also look better than true marble. You should only choose true marble because you want something affordable with an understated appearance.

White Marble

Last up, we have white marble. White marble is the cheapest option you can get as it only costs $10 per square foot.

White marble suffers from the same problem as true marble in the sense that it is very susceptible to damage. It is not a great choice for flooring. Reserve white marble for surfaces that don’t receive a lot of traffic.

The clean appearance of white marble does redeem it to some degree. If you want to feature simple décor in some parts of your home, white marble will help you achieve your goal.

Labor Cost to Install Marble Flooring

Estimate TypeCost Per Square Foot
Low-End Estimate$3
Mid-Range Estimate$6
High-End Estimate$9

Professional installation is recommended for marble flooring. Installers charge an average of $6 per square foot for that service.

Marble is a durable material, but mishandling it can lead to chips, cracks, and scratches. Attempting to install the marble yourself could lead to some of the materials going to waste. You’ll be better off paying for professional installation right from the start.

Additional cost factors can hike up the price of professional installation. For example, you can ask the installers to follow certain patterns while they’re laying down your marble flooring. They will do that for you, but they will also charge extra.

Installers will ask for more money if you want complex patterns. Remember that when deciding how you want the installation to be carried out.

Another important consideration is the current condition of your subfloor. Is your subfloor damaged? If so, the workers will have to repair your subfloor before they can begin installing the marble flooring.

The workers can also handle floor removal if you need that kind of service. Of course, they will also charge extra for that service.

Also, you should move the furniture out of your home before the workers start installing your marble floor. They can move the furniture for you, but that will cost you extra.

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Yes, marble flooring is indeed expensive. With a price tag of $21 per square foot, marble flooring is easily one of the most expensive options available today.Labor costs related to marble flooring are also on the high side. Installation does not come cheap because workers have to be extra careful when working with marble.

Is Marble Flooring More Expensive Than Tiles?

Homeowners do have to pay more for marble flooring compared to tiles. That’s because mining marble is a more labor-intensive process than tile creation. You have to pay extra for the more precious material.

What Is the Cost of Marble Flooring for a 250-Square-Foot Room?

The average cost of marble flooring for a 250-square foot room is $6,750. $5,250 of that total will go toward purchasing the required marble flooring. The remaining $1,500 will be used to pay labor expenses.

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