Can You Wear An Apple Watch In The Shower?

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Apple watches are proof that Apple has no plans to slow down its roll out of impressive devices. The watch offers as many helpful, practical, and immersive features as an iPhone and iPad, but in a smaller practice. While they are quite small, Apple watches are also known to be durable. So, can you wear an Apple watch in the shower?

You should not wear an Apple watch in the shower because it is not waterproof. Apple watches are water-resistant, which means that they can withstand exposure to water, but they are not impervious to it. Activate the water-lock feature if you plan to shower or be outside in the rain to protect your Apple watch, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

It’s not worthwhile to wear an Apple watch in the shower even if you activate the water-lock mode. You can try to reduce water damage if you put your Apple watch in a container of rice or silica gel. Follow along as we explore whether or not you can wear an Apple watch in the shower.

Are Apple Watch Series 7 Waterproof?

Series 7 Apple watches aren’t waterproof, but they are water-resistant. Waterproof implies that water cannot penetrate or damage an item or device. Water-resistant simply means that a particular device can withstand some level of moisture and exposure to water over time.

Devices like AirPods and Apple watches can hold up to sweat, humidity, and even rain in some cases. However, prolonged water exposure can easily break either device. Swimming and showering are the worst activities for electronic devices, whether they are water-resistant or not.

Do I Need To Water Lock My Apple Watch Before Showering?

You should utilize the water-lock feature before showering with an Apple watch. However, there is no way to guarantee that the water lock on the Apple watch will adequately protect the device in the shower. Water lock is a feature that helps keep water out of an Apple watch.

While it is useful on a rainy day, the prolonged water exposure of a shower can prove to be too much. The average person showers for at least 8 minutes. That is more than enough time to cause irreversible water damage to an electronic device like an Apple watch. If you insist on showering with an Apple watch, then you should at least use the water lock feature to minimize damage.

Does Sweat Affect An Apple Watch?

Sweat typically doesn’t affect Apple watches. Apple watches are designed to withstand sweat exposure, and the sweat shouldn’t make its way into the important components. However, it’s worthwhile to take precautions to minimize sweat exposure if you are worried about it.

For example, you can turn on the water-lock mode before a particularly strenuous activity if you sweat a lot. Otherwise, you could wear a sweatband under or above your Apple Watch to minimize sweat exposure. This isn’t necessary for most people, but it’s worth a try if you are more prone to sweating than others.

How Much Water Can An Apple Watch Take?

There is no iron-clad answer as to how much water an Apple watch can take. However, Apple watches are rated to handle water exposure for up to 30 minutes under the right conditions. It depends on factors such as depth, water pressure, the watch’s condition, and which model you have.

You will quickly reduce how much water your Apple watch can take if you submerge it in water. For example, an Apple watch can withstand heavy rain better than it could handle diving underwater. Submersion almost entirely ensures that water will get into the components that are necessary for your Apple watch to operate properly.

What To Do If Your Apple Watch Gets Wet

Dry your Apple watch with a lint-free cloth right away if it gets wet. This will help stop water from damaging the sensors and electrical components. A regular cloth can make the problem worse because you may clog the watch with lint and dust.

However, a cloth won’t help you if it’s too late and the water has already soaked into the watch. In that case, you will have more luck if you put your Apple watch in a container of rice or silica gel. Rice and silica gel are both highly absorbent.

If it’s not too late, the rice or silica gel can pull the moisture out of the Apple watch to protect the important components. With that said, this option only typically works if you put the Apple watch in the desiccant material right away.

Summing It Up

Try not to wear an Apple watch in the shower. While they are water-resistant, Apple watches are not waterproof. That means that they can withstand sweat and light rain, but they are likely to break if you submerge them in water.

Activate the water-lock mode to protect your Apple watch from water as much as possible. However, the water-lock mode isn’t a magic cure-all and there is a good chance that your watch will still break. Quickly place your Apple watch in a container of silica gel or rice if it gets wet to help absorb the water.

Apple watches can handle rain and moisture in many cases but submerging them in water will break them. Don’t fret if you have to quickly walk through some light rain while wearing an Apple watch. However, you should limit water exposure as much as possible when you wear your Apple watch.

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