The 8 Best Places To Retire In Puerto Rico

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As people get increasingly tired of the American cost of life, moving outside of the mainland is starting to become increasingly attractive. At the same time, people don’t want to have to give up their citizenship. As a result, more people than ever before are moving to Puerto Rico to retire. It’s one of the newest retirement hotspots due to its amazing tax rates and warm, sunny beaches. But, where should you retire?

Puerto Rico boasts a slew of amazing places to retire. However, these below are frequently rated as the best places for retirees to live:

  • San Juan
  • Dorado
  • Ponce
  • Bucana Barrio
  • Monacillo Barrio
  • Mayaguez
  • Culebra & Vieques
  • Cayey

If you love the idea of enjoying low tax rates, excellent price points, and the ability to bask in sunny beaches, then Puerto Rico might be the best place to “offshore” your retirement. Let’s talk about the top cities in this area.

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Where Are The Best Places To Retire In Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico offers oh, so much for the new retiree. It has an amazing array of attractions, a low cost of living, as well as world-class beaches. The best part is, you don’t need a visa to live there. It’s a United States territory. But, which are the best places to live?

1. San Juan

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San Juan has a lot of good to offer retirees. This is the largest city in Puerto Rico, not to mention the capital. For newcomers, this means that you get ample amenities and a strong infrastructure that’s geared towards being tourist-friendly. This makes it an easy transition for people who are used to the United States mainland.

In San Juan, you can get by without fully knowing Spanish. This cannot be said in other parts of the country. With that said, people love San Juan is a gorgeous place that’s fairly hurricane-proof. (This is one of the less-hit cities during Hurricane Maria.) Around 300,000 people call this place home. Fans of urban settings with amazing food will love this place.

2. Dorado

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San Juan’s pointedly urban setting can be a bit much for people, especially if you are a fan of rural areas. One of the nicer places for people in search of a rural place will find this petite coastal town to be a good choice. It’s got plenty of beautiful homes as well as tons of sun n’ sand to soak up.

The good news about life in Dorado is that you will be able to get to the city whenever you want. It’s just 25 miles away and the traffic is never too bad. The bad news is that you might have a hard time with the language barrier, depending on who you talk to.

3. Ponce

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Ponce is one of the most tourist-friendly coastal cities in Puerto Rico, and it’s easy to see why. The city has tons of amazing views as well as close beachside access. The cost of living is low, the food is fantastic, and there is always some kind of festivity happening. Did we mention that the locals are super friendly, too? They are. It’s great.

The reason why Ponce is so popular among retirees is manifold. Most retirees find the festivals to be nice, but the big draw here is that Ponce has some of the best healthcare in the country. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that doctors will always be here to help you.

4. Bucana Barrio

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Bucana Barrio is one of the many suburbs of Ponce, so to a point, it’s kind of a given that we added this to our list. But, it’s so remarkably popular with expats and retirees that we just have to mention it. Bucana Barrio is impeccable when it comes to both the sights and sounds. Unlike the main city of Ponce, it’s not a city area. It’s a nice suburb instead.

The cool thing about Bucana Barrio is that you don’t have to worry about crime or lacking stuff for your grandkids to do. It’s both extra affordable and family-friendly. There is also a huge influx of Americans there, so you might also feel just a little more at home while lounging in the tropics.

5. Monacillo Barrio

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This gorgeous little barrio is a great place to be, regardless of your age. With a population of around 9,000, it’s a town that has a slightly more urban edge than many other tiny towns in the region. Monacillo Barrio is a suburb of San Juan, and happens to have an even split between retirees and young professionals. So, it’s far from a typical “retirement” location.

Most people prefer this area because it has a particularly strong expat influence, which means that grabbing classic American fare won’t be hard here. The cost of living here is also more affordable than San Juan proper, and getting into the heart of the city is a cinch. It’s a win-win, especially when you factor in low crime rates.

6. Mayaguez

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This is one of the largest municipalities in all of Puerto Rico, and it’s amazing for people who want to soak in the culture. There are museums, gardens, and tons of attractions here. (Oh, and great restaurants, but that’s par for the course in Puerto Rico.) The area is extremely expat-friendly and tourist-friendly, which means that you can ease yourself into Puerto Rican life without too much of a culture shock.

People tend to love this area because it’s a cosmopolitan region that has plenty of walkable streets. Going for a stroll here is great, and while celebrations are a way of life here, you can also find your own quiet nook if you so choose. It’s an area that also has ample doctors, which is a major perk in old age.

The affordable housing is one of the pros of living in Puerto Rico.

7. Culebra & Vieques

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As someone who’s a hermit, I totally understand the need to seclude yourself. If you love the idea of communing with nature and living alone, you will love these two islands—with Culebra being the easier one to retire in. These small islands are right off the coast of the mainland, and have small levels of accommodations to offer.

Rural and tropical to the point that it might be intimidating for some, both islands are still popular tourist attractions. So, you’ll still find plenty of people from America passing through. One reason why you will really, truly love this area are the beached. More specifically, you’ll love Vieques’s beaches. They are the most bioluminescent in the world.

8. Cayey

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We have gone so deep into the world of beaches and cities that Puerto Rico offers that we forgot about the mountains. That’s where the municipality of Cayey comes into place. The area has a beautiful town spread that has both urban and suburban vibes. Low crime rates, a low cost of living, and gorgeous views await.

Retirees who want to keep active via hiking will be particularly happy living in Cayey. The mountain views here are amazing, as are the nature trails. In some parts of the mountains, you can see fields upon fields of flowers blooming there. It’s surreal, and one of the most breathtaking things you’ll see. We all go “YAY!” for Cayey.

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Related Questions

Does Puerto Rico tax retirement income?

Puerto Rico is becoming increasingly popular among retirees because they do not tax retirement income at all. Moreover, the country’s tax structure makes for an amazing escape away from high tax rates that plague many other parts of America. If you were worried about being taxed out of retirement, we can assure you that you won’t have that happen in Puerto Rico.Even if the taxes were there, the big perk everyone loves about this area is that the cost of living is low, low, low. So, you can also expect your dollar to stretch more here.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Puerto Rico?

The spectacularly low cost of living makes this place a dream for people who don’t have much to their name and want to retire nonetheless. You can easily live comfortably with an income of $2,000 a month in this territory-country. If you have extra cash, your retirement lifestyle will be nothing short of luxurious. Talk about getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?

Despite the fact that Puerto Rico acts as its own country in a lot of ways (and is casually even called a country), the truth is that it’s not a country. It’s a United States territory that’s jockeying for statehood as of late. This means that all United States citizens can visit Puerto Rico without having to go through the hurdles of getting a visa or updating their passport.With that said, it’s important to remember that you will be required to get TrueID by 2023 in order to be able to travel by air in America.

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