Bathroom & Laundry Room Combo Floor Plans

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Combination bathroom and laundry rooms are more and more common because they save space and are simply efficient. Floor plans vary based on personal taste, but stackable washer and dryer combos can make the most of the space. Whether it be tucking appliances in a closet or placing them side by side, let’s take a look at the best bathroom and laundry room combo floor plans.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or single-family home, there’s a good chance you have a laundry area. Laundry areas come in many forms, including a utility room, laundry closet, or a shared laundry area. For example, many people have their laundry set up in a garage or a bathroom.

Bathroom and laundry room combos can be an efficient way to incorporate laundry into your home. Plus, you can set up your layout in a variety of ways, including side-by-side or stackable units. Additionally, you might keep your laundry appliances within a closet in the bathroom or have them out in the open.

If you’re considering creating a laundry and bathroom combination in your home, assess your lifestyle first. For some, having both spaces combined makes a lot of sense, while for others, it might not work so well. However, even if it makes sense for you, it only works as well as the layout, so know your options.

Possible Bathroom-Laundry Room Combo Floor Plans

Depending on the available space in your bathroom, you can utilize several different configurations for your laundry. A big question to ask yourself is if you want the laundry area to remain hidden or not. Of course, if you’re limited in space, you might not have a choice.

However, for some, purposefully leaving everything out in the open makes it easier to do the laundry. So, decide what your ideal is, then see if you have the space to make it work. Budget is another critical factor that determines how much or how little you can do with the area.

Therefore, start with your absolute musts, then add in the things you’d like to have a step at a time. And, naturally, always be prepared to approach things with a flexible attitude when it comes to home improvement.

The Semi-Private Bathroom Laundry Combo

In this layout, the washer and dryer are in the open when it comes to the shower and the sink. However, the toilet remains separate, making that part of the bathroom usable when someone is working in the laundry area.

If your home has limited bathrooms, this layout can offer a good solution. Therefore, you’re not taking up the only bathroom when you need to wash clothes. Plus, while a door is ideal for creating absolute privacy for the toilet, it’s not mandatory.

As long as there are walls, you could hang a curtain in a pinch. The same concept goes for the shower area; using a curtain could enable someone to check on the laundry, even when someone is showering.

Source: The Brick House

All-In-One Laundry and Bathroom Combination

If privacy isn’t an issue, then an all-in-one setup could work well for you. It’s certainly convenient, keeping your laundry area as large as possible instead of trying to squish it into a closet. It’s an especially workable solution in a large master bathroom or a home with multiple bathrooms.

If you wanted to add a touch of privacy, you could always install a shower curtain across the tub. At least you can still enjoy a somewhat relaxing soak, even with your partner sorting clothes a few feet away.

However, in this particular layout, it’s worth pointing out the positioning of the washer and dryer. If the bathroom door stayed open, you couldn’t access the laundry area, so it forces you to do laundry in a closed bathroom.

That might not be a dealbreaker for you, but for some, it could get a little claustrophobic feeling. But that’s another example of personal preference.

Source: Pinterest

A Split Laundry Bathroom Combo

This small bathroom places all of the bathroom essentials on one side and the laundry on the other. The advantage of this setup is even though everything is together in one room, you can still divide them. You could hang a curtain midway and separate the spaces by simply pulling the curtain closed as needed.

For a more substantial feeling of separation, you could even install a room divider. Other options are a standing screen or at least building a half wall, or pony wall, next to the toilet.

Source: My Cozy Little Farmhouse

A Bathroom and Laundry Combo That Stays Separate

This bathroom includes a place to do laundry but makes it more of an accessory than part of the entire space. A small closet provides just enough room to fit a stackable washer and dryer unit and a few storage shelves. There’s no door, but you could always add a bi-fold one or even a curtain to hide the laundry area.

Although the laundry is hidden, you still lack privacy somewhat. While you can close the door or curtain, it puts you in a tiny space to complete the wash. This might not be the most comfortable, so you’d likely wait for an empty bathroom before carrying out the task.

Source: Pinterest

A Small Laundry and Bathroom Combination

Even a smaller bathroom can serve as a place to do laundry. In fact, in some small living situations, it might be your only option to fit a washer and dryer into your home. You simply may not have the necessary space to have a full laundry room.

This bathroom makes the most of its space by using a stackable unit and a shower instead of a tub. This way, you get everything you need and still have some room for a storage unit. A pedestal sink also keeps things from becoming overwhelming in the small area.

Source: Pinterest

Bathroom Laundry Design Ideas

The Pros and Cons of a Bathroom-Laundry Room Combination

Everything has advantages and drawbacks, and a bathroom laundry combo is no exception. Before you plan to put your laundry area in your bathroom, weigh the pros and cons. While it works out well for some households, it might not be your cup of tea.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about creating a bathroom laundry combo in your home.

The Advantages of Having a Laundry Area in the Bathroom

Here are a few pros for having your laundry area in your bathroom:

  • It’s a budget-friendly way to add a laundry room since there’s already plumbing in the space.
  • It can be convenient to do laundry in an area where you often get ready.
  • If you use a downstairs bathroom, then it keeps your laundry close to where most things happen in the home.
  • It enables you to have a laundry area even if you don’t have space for a separate laundry room or closet. 

The Drawbacks of Having Your Laundry Area in the Bathroom

On the flip side, here are a few disadvantages to keep in mind regarding a laundry bathroom combo:

  • If you have limited bathrooms, it can be a struggle to figure out when to get the laundry done. 
  • Privacy can become a real issue, especially in all-in-one setups.
  • Because of the privacy issue, it could take you longer to finish the laundry. 
  • Bathrooms get wet and full of moisture, so you probably don’t want to keep dry clothes in there for long. 
  • You’ll likely need an additional space outside of the bathroom for more time-consuming tasks like folding and sorting the laundry
  • If you’re trying to relax in the tub, you might not like hearing laundry banging around in the washer. 
  • Some people just don’t like the concept of cleaning clothes next to a toilet.
  • If you dream of a spa-like bathroom, sharing it with a pile of dirty laundry can crush that dream. 

Related Questions

How much does it cost to install washer and dryer hookups?

If you want to add a laundry area to your existing bathroom, then you’ll need hookups to do it. To have a professional install washer and dryer hookups will cost roughly $350 to $600. This is an average price for hookups near existing plumbing, which you would have in a bathroom. However, if you plan to add a washer and dryer to an area of your home, it’s a different story.  If placing the appliances somewhere far away from any plumbing, you could pay as much as $2,000. This is especially the case if you’re creating your laundry space in an awkward area.Not to mention there are other costs to consider. You might also need drain pipes installed, additional venting, etc. Also, depending on where you live and what you’re doing, you might need to pay for specific permits or inspections.

How much does it cost to install a washer and dryer?

If you already have hookups and the necessary vents, etc., the cost to install the appliances isn’t typically too bad. To install only the appliances might cost you about $200. Some places include installation with the purchase of the machines. If you want the installers to haul away any old appliances, there might be an additional charge. 

What are some other possible places to set up a laundry area?

If you’re unable to create a dedicated laundry room, you have several options. Of course, a lot depends on your available space and the layout of your home, as well as your personal preferences. But, here are a few options as to where you can place your washer and dryer. You can set them up in a hall closet or even a bedroom closet. A mudroom is another popular place to create a laundry area. Some people even put their washer and dryer in the kitchen, while others have them in the garage. Still, there are homes today that keep their laundry outside in a separate space. It all comes down to what works best for you and your lifestyle, as well as the logistics.

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