Are Priscilla Curtains Out Of Style? (Find Out Now!)

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

Curtains can sometimes be the forgotten sibling among all of the important stylistic aspects of a room. But when looking at the overall décor of a room, the curtains can bring the entire design aesthetic together into a cohesive look.

Priscilla curtains, for example, have a unique look about them. It is worth asking whether or not Priscilla curtains are still in style. As far as modern appeals, Priscilla curtains are out of style. They offer a rustic, traditional look. If anything, they are more favorable in country-style home décor. They may not be definitively out of style but it definitely requires a certain stylistic preference to enjoy them.

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What are Priscilla Curtains?

A good many people may not even know what Priscilla curtains are to begin with. After all, how many people have a depth of knowledge when it comes to curtains? So, let’s start with a better understanding as to what they are.

Priscilla curtains typically are extra wide and have a frilly aesthetic. They overlap towards the top of the window and are often tied off at the sides in what looks like an almost pigtail-like fashion. They tend to be a bit puffy and have ruffling that runs not only at the bottom of the curtain but along the inner edges as well.

Priscilla curtains are hung using a double rod. The reason being is to create the overlap at the top of the window that gives it the distinctive look. The overlaps are bound using curtain tiebacks in order to give it something of a flounced silhouette look.

Are Priscilla Curtains Out of Style?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because Priscilla curtains definitely have their place. The simple answer is that, to modern design qualities, Priscilla curtains feel old and out of style. They have a certain rustic quality to them that would not mesh with modern design qualities.

Having said that, Priscilla curtains definitely have their place. In country-style homes, where rustic is the idea, they definitely fit in quite well. They add a sense of elegance in the way that they are hung, not to mention the frills and ruffling.

If you tend to favor a more traditional stylistic viewpoint, there may yet be a use for Priscilla curtains for you. But if you find yourself with an eye towards the modern, they are likely going to be the last thing that you consider.

Measuring Priscilla Curtains

For those that are interested in implementing Priscilla curtains into their design aesthetic, there are a few things to consider. First of all, you have to know how to properly measure them before hanging them.

In order to get Priscilla curtains to hang properly, take a few measurements. Start with the window frame width; each of the panels of curtain has to be twice the width of the window in order to achieve that billowy look that Priscilla curtains have become known for.

One tip for Priscilla curtains is to make sure that they are a little too wide. You definitely do not want them to be not wide enough. Not only that, but your set of measurements will give you a better idea of how wide your pair of curtain rods (or double curtain rod) needs to be in order to accommodate.

Finally, measure the length of the window. Priscilla curtains should generally hang just past the bottom part of the windowsill. That said, they can brush the floor but you definitely don’t want them pooling on the floor. It takes away from the elegant look that they offer and can make them dirty very quickly.

What Do Priscilla Curtains Cost?

Like anything else, it depends on where you buy them from, the quality of the material, and the measurements. A good estimated range is anywhere from $20 on the low end to $100 for more premium Priscilla curtains.

The curtains are not the only cost that needs to be factored in, either. Don’t forget that you either need two curtain rods or a double curtain rod to accommodate the added weight of the curtains. Those will also depend on price but $20 to $50 for curtain rods is certainly not out of the question.

Where to Implement Priscilla Curtains

As touched on above, the question of being “in style” really depends on what kind of style you’re looking to achieve. Priscilla curtains are definitely not meant to be used in a universal capacity. But in the right setting, they provide a level of elegance that can’t be beat.

Priscilla curtains are best used in rustic, country-style homes. This style goes away from the modern aesthetic and puts a focus on more “natural” touches. The elegance of the Priscilla curtains plays off of the rustic style well, giving it a more traditional look and appeal versus modern options.

Hanging Priscilla Curtains

If you have decided that you want to implement this style of curtain into your overall design aesthetic, you need to know how to hang them. Start by measuring them properly; they can be finicky to properly hang if they are not the right measurements.

Curtain rods go in first. You can install two separate curtain rods or go with a specially-made double curtain rod. It all depends on your preference. Just make sure that if you go with two separate rods that one is bigger than the other. They should be installed side-by-side to ensure that the curtains can hang properly next to one another.

Then comes the tiebacks. Generally speaking, you want the tiebacks to be around the halfway point of the window height. With the rods and tiebacks ready to go, it is time to hang. Start with one on each rod and then adjust them so that the one hangs directly in front of the other. The magic is gathering each side and tying the tiebacks into place. When you are done, you can play with the looseness of the curtain to give it a more precise look.

You Can Make Your Own Priscilla Curtains

The cool thing about Priscilla curtains is that you can actually make your own set. Sure, you can buy them from home good stores, but what better way to get exactly what you want than to do it yourself? The process is relatively simple, though you need the right tools first.

With fabric or lace, scissors, an iron, a sewing machine and a little bit of skill, you can create the Priscilla curtains that fit your own personal tastes best. No having to search out something that fits your design motif when you can just make it yourself.

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Staying in Style

Just like any other trend or style out there, there is always going to be a place for it somewhere. Even if it doesn’t stay among the hottest and most “in style” trends, there will always be a place for Priscilla curtains.

They lend themselves to a more traditional, rustic aesthetic. Their elegance can fit in with that type of style seamlessly, providing a unique aesthetic that other styles can’t really provide. If you want to add an old-school type of flair to your design, Priscilla curtains would be a great way to achieve that.

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