Are Toilet Contour Rugs Out Of Style? (Find Out Now!)

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

Creating the right bathroom aesthetic depends on a lot on your own personal tastes. There are certain guidelines out there for what is “in style” but those can be somewhat arbitrary. That said, there are a few things that fall under the universal “out of style” tag.

Toilet contour rugs have become something of a contentious topic in recent years. When it comes to being in style, it is almost universally accepted that toilet contour rugs are now out of style. There was once a time where nearly everyone had one, but that time is long gone and so should your toilet contour rug. They do not fit in with modern bathroom designs and even find themselves out of place in more traditional designs today.

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What is a Toilet Contour Rug?

To illustrate how out of date these things can be, there are probably more than a few people out there who don’t know what a toilet contour rug is in the first place. The simplest explanation is that it has a rounded edge that fits around the base of the toilet.

The idea behind a toilet contour rug is two-fold. For one, it is meant to add a stylistic touch to the bathroom. With the right colors, you could tie into the rest of the design motif to create a more complete look even around the area of the toilet.

There is also the practical use of toilet contour rugs. They are meant to act as a catcher for loose “debris” around the toilet. Any slashing that occurs during use could, in theory, be caught by the rug.

Toilet Contour Rugs are Definitely No Longer Popular

Prior to perhaps the 1980s, toilet contour rugs were quite popular. You would be hard-pressed to find a home that didn’t have them in at least one bathroom. But times and styles have changed and the toilet contour rug did not come along.

As time has progressed, this style of rug has become a taboo item. Sure, there is a love of nostalgia these days but not for everything. The toilet contour rug is one of those things that many wish had been left in the past.

The simplest explanation is that stylistic choices have changed exponentially. There was once a time where putting together a bathroom design couldn’t really be done without a toilet contour rug. The same cannot be said today. If anything, their use has become the anomaly now.

Why Toilet Contour Rugs Are No Longer in Style

There are a couple of reasons in particular why toilet contour rugs are no longer in style. Again, it all comes down to personal preference and style choices, but this is one of those things where people almost universally agree that they are out of style.

The Material

One of the biggest reasons that toilet contour rugs have gone out of style is the material. Most of the materials that you see in toilet contour rugs are that fluffy, frilly material that has gone out of style in general. If anything, that material harkens back to a long time ago.

Materials are one of the most crucial parts of choosing a bathroom aesthetic. Simply put those big, puffy materials from the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s do not mesh well with most modern designs. When you think about the rugs you see displayed at the store, you are unlikely to find the material that was primarily used for toilet contour rugs.

The Colors

The material is bad enough as it is but the color of toilet contour rugs is perhaps just as big an issue. Most toilet contour rugs have colors that look, well, old. Modern bathroom rugs have bright, vibrant colors that lend themselves to the overall design of the room.

But toilet contour rugs tend to have colors that are somewhat muted, which gives the appearance of being old and faded. You might have better luck with a brightly colored toilet contour rug, but even those are falling out of popularity to the point of being obscure these days.

The color of our decorations play perhaps the most important role in the design we choose. Those colors can play on the size of the room, lending itself to look bigger or making it feel more cramped than it may already be. Faded-looking colors do nothing but detract from the overall appeal of the room.

They’re Unsanitary

The real reason that toilet contour rugs are becoming less popular is that they are actually pretty gross. We covered their intended uses above and one of them is basically to act as a pee-catcher of sorts around the toilet.

If they don’t get cleaned regularly – which can be a hassle – all you have to do is stop to think about what may be trapped in that rug. With enough use and no cleaning, it can be really disgusting to think about what you may be standing on.

Going with no rug and just wiping up any spills is the best course of action from a sanitary standpoint. Even if you manage to find a toilet contour rug made of quality, stylish materials in a favorable color, it has this point working against it.

Toilet Contour Rugs are Not Completely Gone

While they are becoming more and more rare in terms of bathroom design, they do still exist. The materials have changed a bit, too. They aren’t the same old fluffy rugs that make it seem like you’re standing in some weird color grass.

Modern toilet contour rugs are made much thinner and of more compact materials. Moreover, they are not made in many bright colors. You will find more muted colors that don’t necessarily look faded but also do not stand apart as well.

Keep in Mind That Styles Come and Go

It is always important to remember that styles come and go. What was once popular may become the total opposite before long. The same can be said of things that are considered to be universally “out of style” as well.

While it isn’t likely the toilet contour rugs become overwhelmingly popular anytime in the near future, never say never. But if you want a modern design aesthetic for your bathroom, the best bet is to stay far away from toilet contour rugs.

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Final Thoughts on Toilet Contour Rugs

It goes without saying that everyone is free to make their own stylistic bathroom decoration decisions. There is no universal rule that says you should not use a toilet contour rug. That said, toilet contour rugs are about as far out of style as it gets right now.

They have changed a bit from the old school fluffy, furry, dimly colored rugs that may have made up decades past. But that does not mean that they are “in style” by any stretch of the imagination. And it looks to stay that way for some time to come.

That is not even factoring in the fact that they basically collect dirt, debris, and even urine. There are better stylistic choices to make when it comes to your bathroom. For right now – and probably the immediate future – staying far away from toilet contour rugs is the best choice.

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