Are 6 Panel Doors Out Of Style? (Find Out Now!)

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

The interior doors in a home play an important role in the overall aesthetic of the home. Depending on the style of your home, the doors that you choose may fit well or look a bit out of place. It helps to know what style to go with as there are so many to choose from

For many home construction projects, 6 panel doors have become quite common. As for 6 panel doors, it is not necessarily that they are out of style, it is more that they are of a more traditional styling. For a more modern look, going with a door that has fewer panels would be the more pertinent choice. The vertical panels also speak to a more traditional look as well.

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What are 6 Panel Doors?

If you are unfamiliar with the styling of interior doors, they are typically judged by their paneling. Sure, not every door has paneling, but the vast majority of them do in some way, shape, or form. The pattern, size, and number of panels help to dictate its style.

For 6 panel doors, it just means that there are 6 vertical panels on the door. Typically, it is a set of square panels at the top with four rectangular panels matched up in pairs going down the rest of the door.

The panels are meant to provide a stylistic quality to the door. There are plenty of plain doors but they are just that. With these panels, it is a chance to show quality woodworking in the style of your interior doors. The greater level of detail can really lend itself to the overall craftsmanship of the doors, which enhances the visual aesthetic.

Are 6 Panel Doors Out of Style?

The vast majority of modern homes have a more modern style to them. While 6 panel doors aren’t necessarily “out of style”, they do not meet the modern criteria that many homeowners currently have.

In terms of stylistic pairing, 6 panel doors are generally a better fit for colonial homes. That said, it would more than fit for any home that is a more traditional style. You are more than free to use whatever style paneling that you want but it may not necessarily tie in with the rest of the aesthetic.

What are the Differences Between Modern and Traditional Interior Doors?

Now that we know that 6 panel doors fall under the traditional column, how do we tell modern and traditional doors apart? After all, we would want a more modern door if we were trying to achieve a modern aesthetic.

Traditional doors have a fixation on panels. There are generally more of them, all of which are vertical. And though it isn’t a universal rule, these panels will more often than not be raised to some degree. The panels are a more pronounced part of the door.

Modern doors have fewer panels, generally speaking. You may only see a handful of panels at the most on a modern door, for example. Those panels will also be horizontal instead of vertical and will be flat instead of raised. These can all be somewhat subtle differences that you may not have previously noticed before, but they make a difference.

Different Interior Door Styles

To get a better sense of where the 6 panel fits into the greater hierarchy, it helps to know what the different style types are. There are raised and flat panels, so we will take a look at each of them and how they differ.

Raised Panels

Raised panels tend to fall under the more traditional aesthetic compared to the flat panel counterparts. There are also four simple panel patterns: 6 panel, 4 panel, 3 panel, and two panel. These are the most common options; anything different would have to be custom.

Raised Panel Numbers

As stated above, the 6 panel is really common for colonial style homes. Because of its traditional look, it is quite common in more traditional-style homes. It suits the colonial style home a bit better but will work for any traditional-style home.

The 4 panel door is probably the most versatile of these raised panel options. Like the 6 panel door, it is very traditional. That said, the 4 panel can come in flat panels as well to give it a more versatile appearance.

Where we start to see a shift to a more modern style is with raised 3 panel doors. These doors are versatile enough that they can work in traditional homes that make it a point to call out the detail of these doors.

Finally, there is the 2 panel door. Of the raised panel doors, the 2 panel is the most versatile. It has a more modern feel than the others which allows it to work in a traditional-style home while also blending into a more rustic or even French-style home. You can even get creative on the material choices when going for a 2 panel option.

Flat Panels

When a door starts to go from the raised panel to a flat one, that is when it makes the shift from traditional to modern. Flat panel doors work fine for transitional homes but can even fit into a mid-century modern without batting an eyelash.

The most common flat panel style is a 3 panel door, also known as a craftsman style door. This is the best option for an arts and crafts or craftsman style architecture and has great versatility compared to the raised panel options.

What is the Standard Size for a 6 Panel Door?

Any 6 panel door that you see has a quite distinctive look. Generally speaking, most 6 panel doors will measure 32 inches by 80 inches. The top panels will measure at around 8 inches by 10 inches with each of the larger panels being 10-by-24.

Your average 6 panel door will also have solid rails, generally 4-inches vertically, on both sides centered at the top and between them. The design can vary a little depending on where you get it but they all follow the same 6 panel format.

What Does a 6 Panel Door Cost?

The caveat here is that it depends on the materials used, where you get it from, and who does the installation. A no-frills 6 panel door can be found for under $100 for a cheaper, composite option. Something a bit heavier, sturdier, and made of wood can get fairly expensive, though.

The installation is another cost involved. Depending on who does the installation, it can cost $50-$75 on the low end to well over $300. The all-in cost for a 6 panel door can range anywhere from $100 or less to well over a thousand. It all comes down to the material, style, and how ornate the decorations are.

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How Do I Know if a 6 Panel Door is the Right Choice?

The simple fact of the matter is that we have our own stylistic choices. While there may be guides out there suggesting this style or that, it all comes down to what you want your interior doors to look like.

A good rule of thumb is that, if a door has more panels, it is generally better suited for a more traditional home. That’s not to say that they could not work for a modern home, however. Go with what you feel looks best.

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