Are Toilet Lid Covers Out of Style? (Find Out Now!)

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

With the right touch and style in mind, one could decorate any part of the home. Bathroom decorations are largely just like any other room in the house. Lights, hardware, sinks, and shelving get the majority of the attention when coming up with a stylistic direction.

But what about the toilet? Most people view a toilet as a toilet with little to do. Some people like to use toilet seat covers to add a little pop of color or flair to their toilets. The bad part is that they are largely seen as out of style. Moreover, finding a toilet lid cover is something that you could expect to see at an elderly family member’s house. You definitely won’t see them in chic, modern bathrooms.

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What is a Toilet Lid Cover?

Before we get started, it probably helps to know what a toilet lid cover is to begin with. They are typically referring to a fabric covering that goes over the lid of the toilet bowl. That is not to be confused with the toilet seat. The lid look similar to the seat but does not have the opening that the seat does.

The lid serves multiple uses. It can be effective at keeping unpleasant smells trapped in the bowl until they can be carried away. It is also a slightly more pleasing aesthetic than looking right into the bowl itself.

What is the Purpose of a Toilet Lid Cover?

The toilet lid cover is meant to provide style and color to an otherwise boring lid. Depending on the color and overall style of the bathroom, a cover can be used to aesthetically tie the toilet into the rest of the design. They can be in fuzzy materials but don’t necessarily have to be, either.

It has also been used as a way to reduce noise from the lid or noise coming from the bowl. When the lid falls, it can make quite the loud noise. But with the soft cover over it, you wouldn’t have to worry about the loud noise of a falling lid.

There is also the matter of cleaning. Your toilet needs to be cleaned time and again. Instead of grime getting on the exterior of the lid, you can simply take the cover off and throw it in the wash. Makes cleaning the toilet a little less of a hassle.

Are Toilet Lid Covers Out of Style?

The near universal answer is that, yes, toilet lid covers are out of style. They are becoming less and less common these days and for really good reason. But let’s get a little further into it to find out why they are such an unpopular option.

They’re Ugly

Let’s face facts: toilet seat covers are ugly and shabby. Traditionally, they are made of a shaggy material that looks like something out of a bad movie from 40 years ago. They come in a lot of different colors but the ones chosen always seem to be the worst color, like salmon.

They’re Outdated

Depending on your sense of style, current trends may or may not matter to you. If they do, there may not be a worse component to the stylistic direction of your bathroom than having a toilet lid cover. The shaggy style and unnatural colors should have been enough of a red flag.

The biggest issue with these toilet lid covers is that they feel like they are from a time long gone. If you are looking to harken to the 1960s and 1970s, then a toilet lid cover will work just fine. But if you want a bathroom that doesn’t look like it fell out of a time machine, ditch the toilet lid cover.

They’re Unsanitary

While the look should be enough to get someone to toss it out with the quickness, the aesthetic may not even be the grossest part. No, perhaps the worst part about a toilet lid cover is all of the things that it collects.

When you use the bathroom, stuff can get everywhere. The last place you want it to collect is on your toilet lid cover. Think about how many times you touch it and then consider everything that you have likely just touched. It is more than enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.

What is the Alternative to a Lid Cover?

If you have a toilet lid cover, you may be wondering what to do about it. Even if you don’t plan to upgrade your bathroom to modern designs, the toilet lid cover is going to have to go no matter what. But what is the alternative?

The alternative to the toilet lid cover is having no cover at all. It is a toilet, after all. You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. The same rule applies when it comes to toilets. The cover doesn’t really help it, looks shabby in its own right, and collects who knows what. Go without a cover.

Do You Need to Install or Repair a Toilet?

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What are Some Other Mistakes to Avoid in Bathroom Design?

Toilet lid covers are easily one of the biggest faux pas for bathrooms for some many reasons. Even if you ignore all of the gross stuff that collects in the fabric, there is still the aesthetic value (or lack thereof). It instantly dates your bathroom by at least 30 years, too.

Unfortunately, the toilet lid cover is not the only major slip up that you can make when it comes to your bathroom aesthetic.

Clutter/Lack of Storage

A good rule of thumb around your house should be that you don’t want to see clutter anywhere. In a smaller space like the bathroom, that clutter only becomes more evident and stands out like a sore thumb.

The key is to have ample storage. Cabinets are a great way to hide your toiletries from guests, but shelving can be just as effective. With shelving options, you can use decorative baskets to keep hidden all the toiletries that you want out of site.

When there is a lack of storage, everything tends to either get shoved into a medicine cabinet or sits out on the countertop. With proper storage, you can keep your bathroom looking chic and clutter free.

Improper Lighting

Given that the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, it is important to maximize the look and feel of the space. The more cluttered it is, the less room that you can see. That means the smaller it not only looks but the smaller that it is.

The key to making a room feel bigger is all in the lighting. One of the most common mistakes made is that there is either not enough lighting or the wrong kind of lighting. Layered lighting can give your bathroom an improved look and even make it look a lot bigger than it actually is.

Layered lighting means having multiple sources. Generally, the main source of light comes from one of two locations: the ceiling or above the mirror. But those should not be the only sources of light in the room. There should be other lights both to serve for other tasks and to provide a certain ambiance to the room as well.

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