Are China Cabinets Out Of Style? (Find Out Now!)

Hannah DeMoss
by Hannah DeMoss

The china cabinet is an elegant piece of furniture that has been around for a long time. It displays and holds various porcelain pieces, which hide behind a wall of solid glass. If you are thinking about investing in decor and have stumbled across this item, you might wonder-are china cabinets out of style?

China cabinets are a classic piece that will never go out of style. Though it has been replaced over the years, it will always be stylish in a home. This is because they look elegant in any space, can hold any item the owner desires, and they are easy to decorate in any style.

Keep reading to learn more about china cabinets and whether or not they are still in style today. China cabinets are lovely pieces of furniture that look great, whether in the past or the present.

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Are China Cabinets Out of Style?

If you have or are interested in a china cabinet, you might wonder if these unique pieces are out of style. After all, china cabinets have been around for a long time. Is it necessary to keep around a piece of furniture created to display intricate glass pieces?

Although they are not new, china cabinets are still very much in style. This reasoning is because:

  • They can be transformed into modern pieces
  • They can pull together any living space
  • They can display items other than china

These reasons conclude why china cabinets are not out of style.

If you feel like your cabinet is out of style, you can try sprucing it up with paint or a stick-on decoration. You can display alternative items inside the case, such as plants or your stuffed animal collection. There are a million different ways to use a china cabinet that prove it is still in style.

What Makes China Cabinets Stylish?

China cabinets are excellent pieces because they are versatile and beautiful in any space. Many factors prove the china cabinet is still stylish, adaptable to any circumstance or lifestyle. Just because it has been around for a long time does not mean it is useless.

Some of the factors that make china cabinets stylish include:

  • The way they display the objects inside, which can vary from china to plants and everything in between 
  • The ease it takes to decorate them, especially with painting or adding extra details on top
  • They look good in any room, particularly spaces where many people gather

These are a few of the items that make china cabinets stylish, still.

To many, the china cabinet is a timeless piece that will be around for a long time. The way it permits you to display belongings is a unique one that promotes the decorator to ponder and think about what they want their aesthetic to be.

China cabinets have been around for a long time, but that does not mean they are useless. If you have items you want to display, you know that the china cabinet is a stylish piece that can do just that.

What Features are Outdated?

Though the idea of storage itself is not outdated, many think that the style and purpose of the china cabinet do not need to exist anymore. Fewer and fewer people have quality porcelain pieces they need to display. The need for a cabinet specifically for that purpose has gone away.

Although few people have china to display, many modern-day users have other items that they might want to set inside a china cabinet. The original purpose may be outdated, but it is possible to take the features of the china cabinet and use them in a way that fits the modern world.

What Styles Have Replaced the China Cabinet?

There are a few styles that have gradually replaced the china cabinet in homes. These serve different uses than the china cabinet, though all serve as a critical piece in any home.

Some of the items that have replaced the china cabinet include:

  • The TV unit
  • The liquor cabinet

These have replaced the china cabinet’s popularity, though they have not wiped it out completely.

Read on to learn more about these styles that have replaced the china cabinet. Once you know about them, you can decide which piece of furniture will work best for you.

TV Unit

The TV unit is a storage system that displays a television on top. Rather than allowing china to be the centerpiece, the TV unit ensures that the source of entertainment falls upon visiting eyes.

A TV unit usually has a set structure. This device must:

  • Hide the wires that come with the electronics positioned on top
  • Display the television so all can see it
  • Serve as a central point of organization in a room

These are the duties of a TV unit, along with so much more.

As you can see, this piece serves a more modern purpose than the china cabinet. You cannot power electronics with a china cabinet. However, they can be used in tandem for different purposes while keeping a house sleek and updated.

Liquor Cabinet

The liquor cabinet is a lot like a china cabinet, except it hides the contents within rather than displaying them for all to see. Liquor cabinets often have intricate carvings that accentuate space and appeal to guests.

A liquor cabinet hides, and a china cabinet displays. Most modern styles prefer this method of storage rather than putting everything out on display. However, many people prefer to use the classic display method that comes with the china cabinet. It has a traditional charm that many love.

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Related Questions

What cabinets are in style?

Currently, four styles are popular among cabinets. This includes modern, traditional, shaker, and country. There are many minor styles within these categories.

How much are china cabinets worth?

If you have a nice china cabinet, it can be worth anything from $500 to $2,500. Ensure you check the value before giving yours away at a low price.

How do I decorate china cabinets?

If you want to style your china cabinet, there are many ways you can do so. You can decorate the piece by painting it, buying patterned dishes, and even adding a colorful background. The opportunities are endless.

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