Are Copper Grill Mats Safe? (Find Out Before Your Next Barbeque!)

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Copper grill mats are becoming more popular by the day, especially when it is the season to fire up the pit. When items are hot on the market and make people’s lives easier, they jump to the markets. Copper grill mats are made for all grill grates and can withstand up to 500 degrees.

The best-noted features are they are dishwasher safe, easy to clean, non-stick, and durable. However, with every new hot item, people begin to wonder. Are copper grill mats safe?

Copper grill mats are safe, 100 percent non-toxic, and scientific studies and research proved the finalized Teflon product contains no harmful chemicals. There are no signs or complaints of anyone getting cancer or becoming ill from using copper grill mats. Studies show cooking off the grill grates can cause more damage by tiny fibers of metal slipping into the food.

Reasons to Invest In a Copper Grill Mat

There are three excellent reasons to invest in a copper grill mat. Non-stick technology has been observed since the 1930s and has grown from the stoves to the grills. The newest technology puts copper grill mats at the top of the list for bar-be-ques everywhere.

Grill masters and homeowners love the technology because it means more fun cooking and less work in cleaning up. These are some of the favorite reasons to invest in a copper grill mat.

1. Effective Cooking is Guaranteed

The heat is distributed throughout the mat with the copper grill mats, unlike the hot and cold spots on a grill. There is also more food you can put on the mat that you cannot on a grill. The reason is you will not lose the food in the grates, and everything is non-stick.

The non-stick allows you to cook fish, cheese, and meats that will stick and fall apart on the grill. With a flat surface covering the grill, you can cook small vegetables, shrimp, and others without losing food in flames. It is easier to maneuver things like asparagus, bacon, and other slender food items.

2. Grilling That Is Made Reliable

Once the pit is lit, you can guarantee the crowd you are cooking for will enjoy a timely meal. Whether gas or charcoal grill, the copper grill mat will cook everything quick and hassle-free. There is nothing off-limits with the non-stick mat because no food is left behind on the grill.

You can use the dish as an art form. The food will remain whole from the grill to the plate as you place it to perfection. For food that is heavy enough, it will make the grill marks everyone loves and brown the food perfectly.

3. Cleaning is Made Easy

The pleasure of non-stick not only goes with the cooking, but it also goes with the cleaning. Unless you use the grill grates for anything in particular while cooking, you don’t even have to clean the grill. The copper grill mat can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

The copper grill mat can get cleaned like a flat-top grill. Everything from the grease to the leftover cooked food slides right off the mat.

If you choose to wash the mat by hand, you will find how easy it is to wipe everything off with the dish detergent and water. When putting in the dishwasher, wipe off any chunks of food and wash it with the rest of the dishes. This style of cleaning gives more time to enjoy with the company you keep.

A Purchasing Guide To the Best Copper Grill Mats

It can be a bit tricky when you go to buy your first copper grill mat. There are some essential factors to be aware of before purchasing one. Having your research on what is needed will help along with these critical factors.

1. The Thickness Desired

When buying a thick grill mat, know what makes them better than the thinner ones. Thick mats will offer long-term durability and are overly non-stick. The quality of the mat is measured by how thick it is, so stay away from thin mats altogether.

2. The Size of the Mat Makes a Difference

The larger the copper grill mat, the better it is. A significant plus is you can cut them to fit, so it may leave extras if the grill is small. Ensure the mat is the correct size to leave vents but can still apply the quantity of food needed.

3. The Material Makes a Difference

Copper grill mats are manufactured with either PTFE or fiberglass. The wise choice is to choose the mat made with PTFE as they are superior in non-stick. Professional grill masters choose PTFE over fiberglass.

How Does the Copper Grill Mat Work?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that most people love to barbecue. The only time it is not enjoyable is when it is time to clean the grill. Putting a copper grill mat over the grates eliminates over 90 percent of cleaning the pit.

The mats are copper-infused and sit directly over the grill grates. Everything about the grill mat is non-stick. It will not stick to the grill, and food never sticks while cooking.

The food never touches the grill grates, so there is no burnt meat and BBQ sauce to scrape off. If you have a charcoal grill, all you will have to clean out is the charcoals. The grill plate will be clean.

For gas grills, there is little to no trouble in cleaning up. The burner underneath will last longer since all the grease and food will not get caked up in it. People love so many more advantages about the “As seen on TV” copper grill mats.

Everyone loves the grill marks on burgers, ribeyes, and other grilling foods. The grill marks will show even with the mat for a quarter-pound to a pound or two of meat. Vegetables even have their browning factors that guests love.

Why Copper?

Copper is the most efficient heat conductor and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees. Copper stands alone in producing an adequate amount of heat throughout the surface. Once the copper is purified in making the non-stick mats and other cookware, nothing is safer.

What Does Science Say?

Scientific evidence backs up the claims that copper grill mats are 100 percent safe to use. Some studies show it would be better to use the copper mat every time you grill. There are more choices, the clean-up is easier, and there are no fragments from the cleaning brush left behind.

When grills are cleaned, there have been reports the steel from the wire brushes leave broken fragments. These fragments stick to the food and have been consumed, causing severe damage to the digestive tract in some cases. So the copper grill mats are not only safe; they can save a person from disaster. The benefits are much better with the mat than without, but it is still up to the griller.

Five of the Top Choices Of Copper Grill Mats

Every penny invested into a copper grill mat is money well spent. All the five listed have the same basic features. They all are reusable, reversible, dishwasher safe, put in the oven or grill, and withstand up to 500 degrees.

All are made with real copper, non-stick, and come in different sizes and shapes. The only cons to all of them are the greasier foods may cause flare-ups. These are the top five picks from grill masters that were noted.

The way these get determined is through several factors.

  • 30 different models considered
  • 22 hours of research
  • Two Experts are interviewed
  • 167 Consumers were consulted.

When you feel you are ready to purchase a copper grill mat, always look for the real deal. It will say on the box if it is or related to the copper cookware brands. Every item can claim they are the best, but the consumer and the professionals make the final answer.

Now that people are enjoying the products more, there are different items in cookware that are becoming popular. There are pots, pans, grill mats, frying pans, baking pans, skillets, and even copper grills like the Gotham Steel Grill. Now that you have learned more about grill mats, you may want to check out 12+ Different Types of Grills

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