What Color Paint Goes With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

What Color Paint Goes With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

Painting a bedroom is a big ordeal. You have to think carefully about the aesthetics of your home. Plus, you have to coordinate the paint color with all your furniture. But if you have cherry wood furniture, that can be a problem.

The best paint colors to compliment cherry wood are neutral and earthy. These colors bring out the natural beauty in the wood’s finish. They’re also ideal for updating the look of your outdated furniture. 

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How to Decorate Bedrooms with Cherry Wood Furniture

Firstly, always try to tie every element in your bedroom’s ambiance. There should be no waste nor unwanted items because clutter can create chaos in your mind. A clean and organized space is always the best place to start.

If it’s hard to keep your room clean, find some creative storage options. Then, pay attention to their colors and patterns. Do your best to pick out containers and shelves that coordinate with your existing décor. Remember, everything doesn’t have to match perfectly to look great together.

Next, get ready to pick your paint. Keep in mind that you can choose more than one color for your walls. Also, you might consider refinishing a few of your cherry wood pieces with the paint you select. It’s an easy way to update cherry wood and coordinate your space.

Is Cherry Wood Outdated?

In many cases, cherry furniture can make your room look outdated. That’s especially true if the piece is varnished or stained. Those two options give the space a cheap, thrown-together appearance that’s never in style.

Authentic cherry wood, on the other hand, can look amazing with the right décor. Paired with great colors and accent pieces, it creates a sophisticated aesthetic. So, the modernity of cherry wood often depends heavily on what colors are sitting next to it.

Your paint color is essential, and it has to accentuate both the cherry wood and your decorative items. So, this is where it can get tricky. And while the cherry wood finish may be somewhat outdated, you can still make it look great with the right paint hues.

Outdated Cherry Wood Furniture? Paint With These Colors

You could refinish all of your furniture to keep the current color of your bedroom. Doing that would help update the look of your bedroom suite. Or you could just repaint the walls. And since that’s probably easier, cheaper, and faster, we’ll need some great options to consider.

If you’re thinking about painting in a room that has cherry wood furniture, choose one of these complementary colors:

#1. Sepia (Brown)


The hex value for this one is #6A4016, and that’s easy to forget. But the impression that this color leaves when it’s mixed with cherry wood is unforgettable. It creates a rustic aesthetic that looks great with light neutrals, rugged textures, and soft accents.

#2. Gem (Emerald Green)

Also called “jewel,” this color’s hex value is #166B2E. Gem also looks terrific with mid-tone cherry wood finishes. However, this color combo should be kept light and sporadic, so it doesn’t make the room appear too dark or dingy. Try using it on accent pieces to pull the space together.

#3. Lotus (Burgandy)

This heavenly purple color (hex #844343) peps up a depressing bedroom. Mixed with cherry wood furniture, it creates a whimsical aesthetic that’s ideal for all ages. And when you pair this combo with the right accessories, it’s incredibly cozy.

#4. Fern (Army Green)

Fern is one of those colors that performs best when it’s mixed in with others. With the hex value #6B6A21, it falls right in between several other earthen tones. So, combine it with something vivid for maximum appeal. Perhaps try the next color on this list.

#5. Cerulean (Blue)


Many people call this color Eastern Blue, but cerulean is a global all-star. Its hex value is #1D7CB8, which complements fern when paired with stark whites, grays, and other neutrals. Plus, this fun combo can create a nautical aesthetic with just a few simple accents.

Choosing the right color paint for a bedroom with cherry wood furniture can be a tough decision. You may need to bring home a few paint samples to compare. Put the samples next to your furniture in natural and interior lighting to get the best view.

TIP: Use self-leveling paint to help hide any mistakes you make, and remember that paint can dry darker or lighter than expected. 

Does Cherry Wood Furniture Look Good with Gray Walls?

Cherry wood usually has a dark, reddish finish. That means it can be challenging to determine the best wall paint colors to go with it. If the paint has too much of a red undertone, your space could end up looking terrible. So, many people choose flat gray to cover their walls.

The combination of gray and cherry wood can look good, but you have to be careful. Grays that are too dark may create a gothic aesthetic. But hues that are too light may break the decorative flow. That means you have to choose your paint colors based on the natural tone of the wood finish.

For the best results, use one of these alternatives if gray doesn’t create the look you want:

  • Taupe
  • Khaki
  • Pale Yellow
  • Beige
  • Pastel Blue

To add more depth to your bedroom, choose one or two shades of each complementary paint color. Then, paint adjacent walls with different hues to catch the light and deepen your décor.

What Colors Contrast with Cherry Wood?

Cherry wood is beautiful, but it doesn’t look good with everything. It has too much depth for specific colors and not enough for others. So, it needs to stand out against darker hues and stand back against intense colors.  You must mix royal blue, hunter green, and mustard yellow with caution.

The depth of natural cherry wood is unmistakable. It’s warm and rich, so the contrasting colors should be cool and airy. Bright reds and luxurious golds can look great against the finish if paired with the right accents. But then again, so do different blues, greens, and grays.

TIP: If you’re still unsure what color to paint a bedroom that has cherry wood, choose light neutrals. 

Related Questions

How Do You Downplay a Cherry Wood?

Tone down the warm, red hues of cherry wood by using complementary colors. Shades such as blue, green, and yellow typically downplay cherry wood nicely. Meanwhile, make sure the complementary colors aren’t too dark, or it will change the aesthetic.

How Do You Lighten Cherry Wood Furniture?

To lighten or refinish cherry wood, you must first remove the lacquer. Removing lacquer involves sanding and washing the surface. Then, you must cover the wood with a lighter stain based on the product’s instructions. Let it dry before deciding whether or not to keep going.

If cherry wood is outdated, why is it so expensive?

Cherry wood is one of the more expensive materials for cabinets and furniture. That’s because it’s tough and durable, making it difficult to manipulate. And since you can finish it in several ways, the most common reddish finish isn’t your only option.

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Warm It Up or Cool It Down, That Is the Question

With cherry wood furniture in your bedroom, you’ve got plenty of paint options. It all depends on the aesthetic you’re trying to create. From rustic and rugged to nautical and nice, the color of your walls plays a significant role. However, so do the accent pieces you place in the room.

Make sure everything coordinates and complements to create the ambiance you prefer. If all else fails, hire a professional decorator to determine the best color choices. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here because it’s your house. Paint it the way you want it.

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