Paint That Goes With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

If you have cherry wood furniture in your bedroom, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, “What color paint goes with cherry wood?” Creating a cohesive color scheme with reddish-toned furniture can be challenging! Luckily, there are plenty of colors to choose from, including plenty of neutrals and some bolder tones.

Cherry wood looks amazing with contrasting green and blue shades, monochromatic red and purple hues, and neutrals like beige and taupe. Other color options include gold, gray, brown, black, and pale pink. Choosing warm colors like red, orange, and yellow creates an invigorating color scheme, while cool tones like blue, green and violet are more relaxing.

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How To Decorate Bedrooms With Cherry Wood Furniture

Firstly, always try to tie every element into your bedroom’s overall ambiance. There should be no waste nor unwanted items because clutter can create chaos in your mind. A clean and organized space is always the best place to start.

If it’s hard to keep your room clean, find some creative storage options. Then, pay attention to their colors and patterns. Do your best to pick out containers and shelves that coordinate with your existing décor. Remember, everything doesn’t have to match perfectly to look great together.

Next, get ready to pick your paint. Keep in mind that you can choose more than one color for your walls. Also, you might consider refinishing a few of your cherry wood pieces with the paint you select. It’s an easy way to update cherry wood and coordinate your space.

Is Cherry Wood Outdated?

In some cases, cherry furniture can make your room look outdated. That’s especially true if the piece is varnished or stained. Those two options give the space a cheap, thrown-together appearance that’s never in style.

Authentic cherry wood, on the other hand, can look amazing with the right décor. Paired with great colors and accent pieces, it creates a sophisticated aesthetic. The modernity of cherry wood often depends heavily on what colors are sitting next to it.

Your paint color is essential, and it has to accentuate both the cherry wood and your decorative items. So, this is where it can get tricky. And while the cherry wood finish may be somewhat outdated, you can still make it look great with the right paint hues.

Types Of Cherry Wood

Before we jump into the different paint colors that look amazing next to cherry wood, let’s talk about the various types of cherry wood and their characteristics. The two main types of cherry wood are American and European.

American Cherry Wood

American Cherry Wood comes from the tree Prunus serotina, which is native to North and South America. Within these continents, this tree is very widespread and its wood is extremely popular. American Cherry Wood is also frequently called Black Cherry Wood.

The Eastern United States mass-produces tons of American Cherry Wood. In this area of the US, Prunus serotina (the tree American Cherry Wood comes from) grows as high as 100 feet tall!

The wood produced by this tree is extremely hardy, durable, and dent-resistant. But what makes it so great is that it’s still soft enough to easily cut, sand, and nail as needed. Plus, it has a straight, smooth grain and is very resistant to decay.

The color of American Cherry Wood when first cut is typically brown with a pink hue. However, as the wood is exposed to light, the color deepens to a rich red-brown.

As it ages, American Cherry Wood continues to become even richer and darker in color. Most of the cherry wood furniture you see today is made from American Cherry Wood.

European Cherry Wood

European Cherry Wood comes from a different tree than American Cherry Wood: Prunus avium. It’s also called Sweet Cherry Wood, and it’s native to Europe and Asia. It grows in North America and Australia as well.

Prunus avium grows to 60 feet tall, and the wood it produces is well-known for its durability and impressive strength. It’s also one of the hardiest types of wood available, so it’s a great choice for projects that must withstand heavy use.

However, its hardiness, although advantageous at times, can also be a drawback. European Cherry Wood can be difficult to work with in comparison to American Cherry Wood. It’s challenging to cut it, sand it, and drive nails and screws into it.

As far as color goes, European Cherry Wood appears pinkish-brown when it is cut. As it matures, it shifts to a deeper golden tan shade.

European Cherry Wood is not as popular as American Cherry Wood. It’s more difficult to work with, and it’s only available in shorter lengths. In addition, it costs more to purchase European Cherry Wood. This is because it’s harder to source than the American variation.

26 Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood

One option is to refinish all of your furniture to keep the current color of your bedroom. Doing that would help update the look of your bedroom suite. Another possibility is to simply repaint the walls. And since that’s probably easier, cheaper, and faster, you’ll need some great options to consider.

Choosing the right color paint for a bedroom with cherry wood furniture can be a tough decision. You may need to bring home a few paint samples to compare. Put the samples next to your furniture in natural and interior lighting to get the best view.

TIP: Use self-leveling paint to help hide any mistakes you make, and remember that paint can dry darker or lighter than expected.

If you’re thinking about painting in a room that has cherry wood furniture, the colors below all make excellent choices. Ultimately, it’s up to you and the overall aesthetic you want in your bedroom.

1. Sepia Brown

The hex value for this one is #6A4016, and that’s easy to forget. But the impression that this color leaves when it’s mixed with cherry wood is unforgettable. It creates a rustic aesthetic that looks great with light neutrals, rugged textures, and soft accents.

2. Emerald Green

Also called “jewel,” this color’s hex value is #166B2E. Emerald green also looks terrific with mid-tone cherry wood finishes. However, this color combo should be kept light and sporadic, so it doesn’t make the room appear too dark or dingy. Try using it on accent pieces to pull the space together.

3. Burgundy

This heavenly purple color (hex #844343) peps up a depressing bedroom. Mixed with cherry wood furniture, it creates a whimsical aesthetic that’s ideal for all ages. And when you pair this combo with the right accessories, it’s incredibly cozy.

4. Army Green

Army green is one of those colors that performs best when it’s mixed in with others. With the hex value #6B6A21, it falls right in between several other earthen tones. So, combine it with something vivid for maximum appeal. Perhaps try the next color on this list.

5. Cerulean

Many people call this color Eastern Blue, but cerulean is a global all-star. Its hex value is #1D7CB8, which complements army green when paired with stark whites, grays, and other neutrals. Plus, this fun combo can create a nautical aesthetic with just a few simple accents.

6. Beige

You really can’t go wrong with beige paint. Beige has a neutral, luxe feel that makes it a great fit for nearly every color scheme. Since it’s not too bright or eye-catching, it really allows your cherry wood furniture to be the star of your bedroom decor.

7. Gold

If you want a warm, expensive-looking room, gold is a wonderful complement to the rich red of your cherry furniture. For an incredibly impactful room, paint all of the walls gold. For a more subtle touch of elegance, use gold as an accent shade and paint the walls a more neutral hue.

8. Black

For a paint color that adds depth, black is the ultimate choice. However, be advised that although it meshes well with cherry wood furniture, black can make your bedroom look very dark. But considering that’s where you sleep, you might not mind such a bold, deep shade!

9. Gray

Gray is another excellent neutral tone that lets the color of the cherry furniture truly shine. It provides a nice contrast with the color of the cherry wood and isn’t too overwhelming or bright.

10. White

Another classic choice that never goes out of style is white. If you’re doubtful that any other shade will look right with cherry wood, then white is always an option. It’s clean, bright, and can be accented with any number of other colors.

11. Taupe

Similar to beige, taupe is a neutral shade that brightens up the room and highlights your beautiful cherry wood furniture. It provides a nice balance between the rich color of the wood and the light, airy color of the walls.

12. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a soft light green shade that evokes nature and pairs well with cherry wood furniture. It’s calming yet cheerful and pairs well with other shades. You can accent it with neutrals or bolder hues for varying aesthetics.

13. Yellow

Yellow is a vibrant, contrasting choice that is incredibly eye-catching. It can create more of a traditional look when put together with cherry wood furniture. Since it is so bright, consider adding some dark neutrals to balance the color palette.

14. Olive

Olive is a deeper green color that, like all greens, is reminiscent of nature and growth. It’s calming and really complements the reddish hues of cherry wood. It’s a less common choice than other green shades, so by choosing it, your bedroom will look one-of-a-kind.

15. Pale Yellow

If bright yellow isn’t your cup of tea, this muted shade may be a better choice. It’s gentle and calming, yet brightens up the room. Since it’s not especially bold, it really allows the cherry wood furniture to take center stage.

16. Pale Green

Maybe army green and olive are a bit too dark for you, but you’d still like to bring an air of the outdoors into your bedroom. Pale green is a great way to do this. It can be a part of several different color schemes, so play around with various accent colors and watch how they make your cherry wood furniture pop.

17. Orange

Are you bold and brilliant? Then your bedroom should be just the same! Orange is a daring choice to pair with cherry wood furniture, but it can look truly amazing. Another option is to use orange as a fun accent shade. Either way, it brings with it a feeling of encouragement and warmth.

18. Sage Green

There are so many shades of green to choose from, and all of them look incredible with cherry wood furniture. Sage green makes the room feel fresh and provides a lovely contrast to the reddish-colored wood.

19. Silver

Metallic hues are true show-stoppers, and silver makes for a major contrast with your traditional cherry wood furniture. Go all out by painting your entire bedroom silver, or use it as a fun accent paired with some neutrals.

20. Purple

A gorgeous light or deep purple provides a lovely complementary shade to cherry wood. Purple is associated with luxury, nobility, power, and ambition, and it can also be a very romantic shade. It’s an excellent choice for a bedroom, either as an accent or a wall color.

21. Ruby

If you want a color that will really stand out, then a deep ruby red fits the bill. It makes a huge impact and will ensure that your bedroom isn’t boring in the slightest. Paired with cherry wood furniture, it’s as bold as can be.

22. Pale Pink

Pale pink is soft, gentle, and feminine. Put together with bold cherry wood, there’s a nice contrast. The pale pink allows the reddish-colored wood to be the most eye-catching thing in the bedroom.

23. Amethyst

Amethyst is a gorgeous purple hue that gives off an air of true luxury. It’s reminiscent of royalty, and you’ll definitely feel like a king or queen sleeping in a bedroom with amethyst-colored walls and cherry wood furniture.

24. Sapphire

A bold and breathtaking blue, this jewel tone can serve as an accent pop of color, or it can be an impactful wall color. It contrasts beautifully with cherry wood for an effect that’s no less than marvelous.

25. Topaz

Topaz is a rich golden yellow jewel tone that brightens up the room. Its warm hues complement the warmth of cherry wood and make for a lovely wall color.

26. Warm Red

The final color to consider for your bedroom with cherry wood furniture is warm red. Warm red comes with a sense of coziness and depth that matches the warm shade of the furniture. It creates a palette that is sure to stand out.

What Colors Contrast with Cherry Wood?

Cherry wood is beautiful, but it doesn’t necessarily look good with everything. It has too much depth for specific colors and not enough for others. So, it needs to stand out against darker hues and stand back against intense colors. You must mix royal blue, hunter green, and mustard yellow with caution.

The depth of natural cherry wood is unmistakable. It’s warm and rich, so the contrasting colors should be cool and airy. Bright reds and luxurious golds can look great against the finish if paired with the right accents. But then again, so do different blues, greens, and grays.

TIP: If you’re still unsure what color to paint a bedroom that has cherry wood, choose light neutrals.

Cherry Wood Decor Color Combinations

Now that we’ve covered tons of color options, let’s get into warm and cool colors and various color combinations. This way, you can put together an entire color scheme for your bedroom!

Warm Colors

When looking at the color wheel, there are several warm colors that include red, yellow, and orange as well as yellow-orange, red-orange, and red-violet. Cherry wood furniture goes well with muted warm colors.

So, what’s the effect of using a warm color in your bedroom? Well, they’re thought to be quite invigorating. They can increase your heart rate, blood, pressure, and adrenaline. This is because they’re associated with the sun, heat, and fire.

When used in large spaces, warm colors can make the room feel cozier. However, they’re not always the best choice for bedrooms–at least, not as the main color in bedrooms.

When paired with rich, bold cherry wood furniture, warm colors can be a bit overstimulating. That’s not exactly what you’re looking for in the room where you sleep! Still, if you’re a very bold person with a big personality, a room filled with warm colors might be exactly your style.

Cool Colors

Cool colors are essentially the opposite of warm colors. There are several cool colors on the color wheel: green, blue, violet, blue-green, yellow-green, and blue-violet. They have a soft, relaxing feel to them and often remind people of nature, whether that be plants, the sky, or still water.

Using cool colors in a small room can make it feel larger, but in an especially spacious bedroom, this may not be the best choice. However, it’s easy to remedy this by adding some warmer accent shades to the room. Those with introverted personalities are often drawn to cool shades.

Paired with the warmth of cherry wood furniture, cool colors offer a nice contrast that lets the furniture stand out.

Five Basic Color Schemes To Use With Cherry Wood

Now, let’s get into the different types of color schemes you can put together with your cherry wood furniture!


Using complementary colors means choosing two colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. They create a high level of contrast. One example is red and green; this is why you saw so many shades of green in our list of colors above. Green looks beautiful against the reddish tones of cherry wood furniture.

When you choose two complementary colors, one is warm and the other is cool, which creates balance. If you’re afraid of the contrast being too bold and powerful, simply select lighter shades.


A monochromatic color scheme consists of multiple shades of the same color. This creates a subtle, sophisticated look and doesn’t run the risk of having too much contrast going on. With cherry wood, all you need to do for a monochromatic color scheme is select multiple shades of red.


You can easily put together an analogous color scheme by choosing three colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel. The color in the middle is the dominant color, with the colors to its right and left acting as accent shades. Red, red-violet, and red-orange make up one example of an analogous color scheme.


As you may have guessed from the “tri” in its name, a triadic color scheme is made up of three colors. The key is that the three colors are evenly spaced across the color wheel. It creates contrast, but is a bit more subtle than a complementary color scheme. Yellow-orange, red-violet, and blue-green make up a triadic color scheme.


A tetradic color scheme consists of four colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. It can also be seen as two sets of complementary colors. This creates a very bold, rich color scheme, so one tip is to choose one color to be the focus, while the others act as accent shades. Red, blue-violet, green, and yellow-orange are a tetradic color scheme.

The 60-30-10 Rule

At this point, you’ve figured out your color scheme. Now, here’s an easy way to keep it balanced: Just remember the 60-30-10 rule. This is a general rule that says the dominant or main color in your color scheme should take up 60% of the room.

The secondary color (or colors) should take up a total of 30% of the room. In other words, the secondary colors in your color scheme should take up half as much of the room as the main or dominant color.

Finally, the accent color (or colors) take up the remaining 10% of the room. The accent colors are best used for emphasis and to add in your own personal style.

Of course, this is just a general rule, so don’t feel too restricted by it! When in doubt, go with whatever feels and looks right to you. It’s your bedroom, after all!

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If you’re wondering what color paint goes with cherry wood, you can’t go wrong with contrasting colors like blue or green or neutrals like taupe and beige. You can even choose monochromatic shades like soft red, purple, and amethyst for a cozy effect.

With cherry wood furniture in your bedroom, there’s no shortage of paint options. Your choice depends on the aesthetic you’re trying to create. From rustic and rugged to nautical and nice, the color of your walls plays a significant role. However, so do the accent pieces you place in the room.

Make sure everything coordinates and complements to create the ambiance you prefer. If all else fails, hire a professional decorator to determine the best color choices. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here because it’s your house. Paint it the way you want it!

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