What Color Grout To Use With White Tile?

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by Nick Durante

The grout between your tiles is a chance to make a statement and add character to a room. This is especially true if you have white tiles which can be harder to pair with the right grout. That is why many homeowners struggle with what color grout to use with white tile.

White, black, gray, and brown are the best grout colors to use with white color. Cooler colors such as green and blue go well with white tile as well, especially if you use lighter shades. You can create a bold contrast if you use warm colors for grout with white tiles such as yellow, red, and orange.

It ultimately comes down to your aesthetic and what effect you want to create with your grout. Dark colors will add depth to white tiles, and that is a popular choice in modern interior design. Follow along as we help you decide what color grout to use with white tile.

What Color Grout Should you use With White Tiles?

The best color grout to use with white tiles comes down to your taste and aesthetic. For example, white is the safest option if you want your gross to be unnoticeable. However, some homeowners want to make a statement with their grout and choose bold colors such as green.

It is easy to contrast white tiles with a bold color, but not all colors go well with it. Let’s take a look at the best grout colors to use with white tiles.

1. White

White is the most obvious and common grout color with white tiles because they match. This is a particularly great option if you are trying to achieve a monochromatic aesthetic in the room. Otherwise, homeowners often choose white grout because they don’t want it to stand out which is understandable.

This is the traditional option for most showers because it is easy to pull off and it is a reliable look. Try to match the shade of white grout with the tile colors for a natural look. You can also try to offset the white tiles and add depth with a slightly darker or brighter shade of white.

2. Black

Black is the best option if you want your grout to contrast your white tiles. This stark contrast will add depth to the space and stand out against the tiles. The darker the better when it comes to black grout between white tiles.

This is a popular trend in modern interior design but it will eventually prove to be a timeless look. It works particularly well in kitchens and showers where extra depth is always a bonus.

3. Gray

Gray is a neutral color so it goes well with white tiles no matter which shade you choose. You will achieve more of a contrast if you choose dark gray, but light gray looks great as well. Light gray will appear closer in shade to the white tiles so the effect will be subtler.

The other benefit of gray grout with white tiles is that it won’t clash with anything else in the room. Neutral colors like gray go well with any color so you don’t have to worry about throwing off the room’s color palette.

4. Green

Green is arguably the most fun bold color that you can choose to use with white tiles. The relaxing nature of green makes it pleasant in nearly any circumstance. It will stand out against the white tiles no matter which shade you choose.

However, there are enough shades of green to choose from that the possibilities are endless. Choose lime green or another light shade if you want to create a refreshing aesthetic. Darker shades such as forest green will add more depth between the tiles for a more varied look.

6. Red

Red, much like green, is a bold grout color choice when you have white tiles, albeit in a different way. The warmth of red grout will offset the white tiles in a unique way that will draw attention. You can use light shades of red as an accent if you are worried about making too bold of a color choice.

Dark shades of red are more likely to create a huge contrast if you want to commit to a unique aesthetic. There are enough shades of red that you can find one that suits your white tiles well.

7. Yellow

Use yellow grout with white tiles to add warmth to the space that will command attention. Yellow is known to enhance attention and alertness even in small doses. Grout is typically thin and subtle as is, so you don’t have to worry about the yellow coming off as too bold and loud.

Yellow colors and lights are also known to help people wake up in the morning. What better way than to start your day in the kitchen or shower with some subtle yellow grout against white tiles that will catch your attention?

8. Blue

Blue is another excellent grout color choice to use with white tile. This is a great choice if you want to add a cool contrast to the white. White is bright and reflective, so the cool nature of blue will help to tame it.

Navy blue is a great option if you want to choose a dark color but don’t want to go with black. Royal blue is more vibrant and lively if you want to add personality to the space. Luckily, there are 260 shades of blue in existence so you have plenty of options to choose from.

9. Orange

Orange is a great, albeit quirky grout color to use with white tiles. It is a warm color but isn’t quite as harsh and bold as red. This is the best option if you want to use a warm color for your tile grout but don’t want to make too big of a statement.

Shades such as apricot and peach are light and will add friendly warmth to the room. Darker shades such as burnt orange and pumpkin are bolder but will fit in well with your white tiles.

10. Brown

There are 128 shades of brown, and almost all of them go well with white tiles. Light shades such as tan are subtler and don’t create as much of a contrast. Darker shades, such as russet brown are a great choice if you want to create a contrast similar to black grout.

Russet brown is a great option because it has warm tones to it so you get more value.

What Color of Grout With Off-White Tile?

Beige, gray, and black are the best grout colors with off-white tiles. Each of these colors is neutral enough that they won’t clash with the off-white tiles and will only add character to them. Don’t use pure white grout with off-white tiles, however, because it will create a dirty look.

The brightness of the pure white grout will make the off-white tiles look like they need to be cleaned. With that said, some homeowners may like that aesthetic and that is understandable as long as you’re aware of how it will turn out.

What Color Grout to Use With White Subway Tile?

Dark-colored grout is the best to use with white subway tile because it will add depth. You can use anything from navy blue to chocolate brown to add depth to white subway tiles. Black is another great color grout to use with white subway tile because of the extreme contrast.

Avoid white grout with white subway tile because it won’t look like subway tile from afar. Subway tile is a classic look and using a color too similar to the tiles will make them all look the same. The layout of subway tiles can benefit from a dark color to make them stand out so that the wall doesn’t look plain.

Summing it Up

The best grout colors to use with white tiles are black, brown, gray, and white. White and gray go well with white tiles because they are subtle and blend in, especially if you use light shades. Black and brown or even dark shades of gray will create depth to contrast the white tiles.

Warm colors like orange, yellow, and red grout go great with white tiles as well. Blue and green are also great options because they are cool, and relaxing, and come in hundreds of shades.

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