What Color To Paint A Black And White Tile Bathroom

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

Black and white tile is a popular combo in many bathrooms. It can be modern, vintage, rustic, and everything in between, depending on the overall style. What color you paint a black and white tile bathroom plays a large role in the overall design.

Black and white are neutrals, so you can opt for a wide range of colors when it comes to painting your bathroom. If you want a more modern design, stick with other neutrals, like grays. For a bit of vintage charm, you might choose a soft yellow. Painting a black and white bathroom a rich green or purple can add dramatic flair.

You have plenty of options when it comes to color pairing with black and white tile. But the trick is to make sure you pick the right color for your design goal and the proper shade. For example, light pink might evoke sweet retro vibes, but an overly saturated hue might look like a bad 1950s movie set.

Best Colors To Paint A Black And White Tile Bathroom

Are you ready to give your bathroom a makeover? If you have black and white tiles in your bathroom, the door is wide open regarding the paint color selection. Whether your black and white tile is on the floor, just the backsplash, the walls, or everywhere.

There are very few colors you should avoid when painting a black-and-white bathroom. Colors to avoid would be browns, dark grays, and black. Although these colors theoretically go with black and white tile, they can make a bathroom oppressive and heavy.

Instead, consider one of the following colors to make a positive and appealing impact on your bathroom’s design.

1. Green

Various shades of green can work very well with black and white tile. Sage green can soften the contrast and provide a calm, modern vibe. Adding black fixtures can help create more of a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

If you prefer a more dramatic, elegant look, go with more jewel tones, like emerald green. Adding gold or brass accents and fixtures makes this look even more impressive.

2. Yellow

A pale yellow with black and white tile can provide a bit of a retro spin to your bathroom. For a more contemporary pop, use a brighter sunflower yellow. It’s also a good pick for a modern farmhouse design.

The addition of bright chrome fixtures makes this combination especially appealing. But steer clear of gold or brass fixtures if using yellow walls. This combo can be too much of a yellow-on-yellow look and could look more outdated than chic.

3. Gray

If your goal is to keep things cool and more modern, stick with neutrals for your paint color. Opt for cool, light grays that can help balance the black and white tile. If you decide you want to have a bit more color in the space, you can add it with your accessories.

Using a gray wall provides the ultimate flexible backdrop to use any color towels, shower curtain, etc. Brushed nickel, chrome, or black fixtures work well with gray walls in a black-and-white tile bathroom.

4. Red

Choosing red for your bathroom walls can be an admittedly bold statement. You undoubtedly want to make sure you love it before you commit to it. But if you prefer to make a dramatic statement and love to stand-out, red is a great option.

Red looks especially good with black and white, so it’s a visually appealing match. The best fixtures for this combination would be to stick with silvers, like brushed nickel or chrome.

5. Blue

You have endless options when it comes to pairing blue with black-and-white tile. You can keep things calm and serene with baby blue or similar light shades. Or you can go for the drama with vibrant shades like cobalt or royal blue.

For a sophisticated edge, navy pairs nicely with black and white. But if you want to go for a more quirky, whimsical feel, try out more of an aqua shade or bright sky blue.

Depending on the precise shade of blue you choose and your desired style, fixtures will vary. You could have your pick of pretty much any style and color, from white to silver, gold, and beyond.

6. Purple

You might not often see purple in a bathroom, but it can create a lovely match-up with black and white. A softer shade like lavender can keep things calm and bright, while a rich violet could create a sense of lushness.

When using such rich, saturated tones, it is key to balance them well with neutrals and consider natural lighting. You don’t want your bathroom to feel too dark or heavy.

7. Pink

Depending on your style preference, a light pink could create a feminine, romantic space or add vintage charm. Using a brighter pink could add an element of fun and whimsy.

You can also use a black, white, and pink combo to evoke more of a retro 1950’s vibe in your bathroom. If going for the latter, opt for chrome fixtures and fun vintage touches.

8. Teal

A bright teal or similar blue-green jewel tone can create a cheery, laid-back space. Depending on how you style the bathroom, a deeper teal could also create a more elegant and sophisticated design.

9. White

White is the way to go if you’re going for a clean, crisp, modern vibe. It can also help create a spa-like space, but make sure to add some natural elements to create a sense of warmth. Since white is neutral, you can choose from almost any style and color of fixtures to complement the overall look.

10. Greige

If you like the idea of keeping things neutral but don’t want it to be too cold, consider greige tones. These beige and gray combos can pair well with black and white tile while maintaining a sense of warmth in the space.

Tips For Finding What Paint To Use With Black And White Tile

Whenever you’re trying to find the best paint color, it’s essential to try some samples first. You can use various online tools, like Behr’s Color Visualizer, to see how various colors will look in your space. Or go to your local paint or home improvement store and snag some color swatches as a starting point.

You can hold these up to your black and white tile to see which ones you like the most. But don’t just make your choice based on those little square pieces of paper.

Once you have your top choices, go back to the store and request paint samples. You can usually get these for about $4 and can request them in a satin finish. Choose a couple of areas to paint a large swatch of paint on the wall in your bathroom.

Make sure to try it out on a couple of walls, especially if you have windows in the space. View how the color looks under different lighting and during different times of the day. Colors tend to change when the light shifts.

BONUS TIP: If you prefer, paint the swatches on large pieces of posterboard and hang them on the wall with painter’s tape. Then you can simply move them around the space to see how the color changes.

After you’ve made your observations, you can make an informed choice. Return to the store with the sample jar and request the amount of paint you need.

Questions To Ask When Picking The Color To Paint A Black And White Bathroom

Sometimes, you might not know quite where to start when it comes to choosing a paint color. Testing out samples to see which color works the best is essential. But how do you know what colors to start with?

You need to ask yourself a few questions before you start grabbing up those paper paint cards.

  • What is the overall design style you want for your bathroom? French country, modern farmhouse, glam, vintage, and many other styles will significantly influence your color choices.
  • How do you want to feel when you go into your bathroom? Do you want to relax like you’re in a spa, or do you want to be energized?
  • What is the lighting situation in your bathroom? Is there a lot of natural light that could accommodate choosing a darker color? Is there limited lighting and no windows, in which case you might want to steer more toward lighter colors?


Black and white tile in a bathroom is a popular combination, and luckily, it works well with many different paint colors. Still, you need to be careful when choosing the right color since your choice can significantly influence the overall aesthetic.

Consider your style preference, whether it’s rustic, modern, retro, vintage, etc., and let that guide you. Various shades of pink and light yellows can lend a more retro vibe. But going with jewel tones, like royal blue or emerald, can add a sense of dramatic elegance.

Deeper tones, like teal or navy, can add a sophisticated edge, and brightening the space up with aqua can add some whimsy. You also can’t go wrong with neutrals, like cool grays, white, or greige.

These are all excellent color options that can work well with black-and-white tile. If you’re not a fan of black and white tile in your bathroom, consider changing up your paint color before you remove any tile. You might find a color change makes all the difference in creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Stacy Randall
Stacy Randall

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