What Color Cabinets Go With Black Countertops?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

So many traditions all around the world are based around food, so it’s only right that the kitchen is comfortable. Many people will choose white countertops because it’s the safest choice; after all, it matches everything and opens your space. While it’s certainly not a bad choice, many color cabinets go with black countertops.

Neutral-colored cabinets, like white, cream, black, and gray, will always go well with black countertops, but don’t let black on black get too dark. Natural stained wood in cool light tones and dark, warm tones will look more traditional in your kitchen. For those looking for a more unique style, try emerald green, moss green, or powder blue cabinets with black countertops.

Pairing cabinet colors with black countertops is easy once you choose the interior design style you want. Each color gives a different vibe, and all are great options.

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Designing With Black Countertops

One of the greatest things about black countertops is that they are great at masking a mess. Although it has low porosity, granite still stains if you don’t care for it properly. This is one of the many reasons that black granite is so popular.

There are tons of options for black counters aside from granite. Quartz, soapstone, marble, solid-surface material, and laminate are a few examples of popular countertop materials. Each of these materials has pros and cons, but today we will mainly be discussing black granite countertops.

The Best Color Cabinets For Black Countertops

1. White Cabinets

White cabinets are so versatile and classic, so you know it’s got to be first on the list. While white has unlimited possibilities when it comes to color pairing, adding black countertops will limit your choices. This said, the combo of black and white is the backbone of interior design.

Black and white give a very structured and modern look, almost glamorous in some settings. The shape and style of the cabinets play a huge role in what style your kitchen represents. For example, a cabinet with a sleek, angular shape and no hardware will come across as hyper-modern and minimalist.

White cabinets that are a bit softer with vintage detailing may come across as a cottagecore or modern farmhouse style. The hardware you choose plays a huge role in what style your cabinets will represent. A vintage-style handle will give an eclectic, maximalist, French countryside, or modern farmhouse feel.

2. Slate Gray Cabinets

If black cabinets are too intimidating, give slate gray a try. This is a great alternative because it is able to give more diversity to your space. Slate gray can lean either slightly warm or slightly cool, depending on the undertones and the surrounding colors.

This color cabinet will look best in an open, bright room because it tends to create a heavy atmosphere. Slate gray cabinets tend to fuel a very moody and modern look, think industrial or dark academia. If you still want to incorporate more black into your design, try using black for your lower cabinets.

3. Black Cabinets

Hello, statement kitchen. Black on black kitchens are possibly some of the strongest power moves that you can make in interior design. While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, when you do it right, black kitchens are simply incredible.

If your cabinets have a high-gloss finish, choosing a matte soapstone countertop could add the dimension that your colors are lacking. In contrast, an eggshell to matte style cabinet pairs well with a high-gloss countertop, like granite, marble, or quartz. While plain black countertops can have a powerful look, choosing a marbled finish with gray veins creates a dynamic space.

4. Light Gray Cabinets

A light dove gray is such a good neutral option for black countertops. It keeps the space a bit brighter while still maintaining that moody atmosphere. Some element of dimension and contrast is crucial for any room, and light gray adds just that.

The backsplash has a huge impact on the style of your kitchen. If paired with a white backsplash, light gray cabinets will look more contemporary vintage, like modern farmhouse. If you pair them with a dark backsplash, like slate gray or black, it will look industrial, dark academia, or contemporary.

5. Cream Color Cabinets Go With Black Countertops

White cabinets can sometimes be too stark for some people, especially when paired with black countertops. Cream can come in hundreds of shades and undertones, and each one will tell a different story in your kitchen. Warm creams look more vintage and rustic, while cool creams look more modern and sleek.

Black and white are complete opposites, which is certainly a power combo, but cream softens that contrast. This can work well if you are looking for a darker organic look, which creates a moody and earthy environment. For this look, I would suggest a marbled granite that complements the natural elements of the room.

6. Powder Blue Color Cabinets Go With Black Countertops

If there was one look to represent the English countryside, it would be powder blue cabinets with black countertops. This is such a unique yet timeless look that will always set you apart from neutral kitchens. With this color combo, you will want to lean into the individuality and opt for unique accents and hardware.

Ample natural lighting will make or break the room, so we highly suggest only using this color palette in well-lit areas. If the blue has more gray tones, it will lean more toward modern farmhouse or modern coastal. However, if the color is more of a true blue, it will look more vintage rustic instead of modern rustic.

7. Emerald Green Cabinets

Oh emerald green, how we love you. Green has been the most happening color during these pandemic times, and we are here for it in 2022. With nature elements, like houseplants, being at the height of popularity, it’s only natural for green to be on-trend.

For a sleek, seamless kitchen cabinet, we suggest either minimalist hardware in gold or bronze or no hardware. This will complement maximalist, dark academia, mid-century, or industrial styles well. As for any primarily dark kitchens, we do suggest ample natural lighting to let the room breathe.

8. Moss Green Color Cabinets Go With Black Countertops

Moss green has been a popular color for quite a while now, and at this point, we are almost considering it a neutral. This is a versatile color because the undertones will shift to match depending on which colors you pair with it. This is a great color for transitioning styles because it can change from rustic to modern by changing a backsplash.

Styles that work best with moss green cabinets and black countertops are mid-century, cottagecore, or organic modern. Wall color and backsplash are major factors in how people perceive your style. For example, a black backsplash will appear mid-century, or even dark academia, while a white backsplash will look organic modern.

9. Light Stained Wood

Stained wood cabinets are almost always timeless, which means they are a great choice for cabinets. Super warm honey-colored wood has seen a rapid decline in popularity since its peak during the early 2000’s Tuscan era. Choosing a cooler stain, like a pale birch, will look ultra-modern and sleek, especially when you pair it with black countertops.

Some styles that work best with this color stain are contemporary, industrial, and minimalist, amongst others. Make sure your grain lines are going vertically so that your space is elongated and more open.

10. Chestnut and Dark Stained Wood

While we suggest a cooler stain for lighter colors, rich, red tones with black countertops are a gorgeous combo. This gives a more vintage luxury look, especially when you combine it with soft lighting and matte finishes. The richness of chestnut or dark-stained wood will feel very midcentury or dark academia.

Try to avoid stark white accents if you are trying to achieve a moody vibe. White accents will look more traditional, or contemporary, while colored details, like emerald, will look more luxurious.

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What Color Should Other Parts Of Your Kitchen Be When You Have Black Countertops?

In addition to kitchen cabinets, you also need to consider things like wall color, backsplash, and furniture. What color backsplash you choose will depend entirely on what style you are going for.

For moody styles, like dark academia, or mid-century, go for a darker colored backsplash like black, gray, or emerald green. For minimalist or modern styles, try a white or light-colored backsplash.

The wall color you choose for your kitchen can dictate how your kitchen comes across. Warm-toned walls, like cream or moss green, will give a rustic or organic look, very indicative of nature. Cooler tones will look very clean modern, like industrial or contemporary.

Dining tables are a great opportunity to use your creativity because they are so replaceable. Because they take up 80% of the kitchen, they are a crucial part of your style. There are thousands of dining tables you can choose from, and each will affect your kitchens styles.

For a unique modern look, try an art-nouveau-style table. Unexpected shapes with sleek lines will look luxurious yet simple at the same time.

For a rustic look, try a heavy black table. This will look very French and traditional because matching the table to the counters will create uniformity. You can also add an elevated level of interest by mixing and matching a couple of different chair styles.

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