Standard Quartz Slab Size

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standard quartz slab size

Quartz is a durable and popular option for countertops, kitchen islands, and bathrooms that’s easy to maintain. Sometimes you’ll need to piece together multiple slabs to fit your countertop needs. Other times, one slab might be enough, but how big is the standard quartz slab size?

The standard size for a slab of quartz is 56 inches by 120 inches. However, there are jumbo slab sizes available that measure 63 inches by 126 inches. The industry standard for thickness is 3 centimeters, but standard slabs come in 1.3, 2, or 3-centimeter widths. You can get jumbo slabs either 2 or 3 centimeters thick.

When it comes to sizes of quartz slabs, finding the right fit for your kitchen depends on your space, style, and budget. But understanding the standard slab size of quartz is a great place to start planning your project.

What Is The Average Size Of A Slab Of Quartz?

The average size of a standard slab of quartz is 55 or 56 inches by 120 inches. But slabs can range from 110 to 120 inches by 55 to 70 inches, depending on where you source them.

The most common thickness is 3 centimeters or approximately 1.18 inches. However, you can find thin and ultra-thin slabs available.

Thin slabs are 2 centimeters thick, or roughly three-quarters of an inch. Ultra-thin slabs have a thickness of 1.3 centimeters, which is only ½-inch.

As you can probably guess, these thinner slabs are less expensive and lighter. However, they’re also less durable since their thin quality makes them more susceptible to cracking and other damage.

Thicker slabs provide more strength and durability and also tend to offer a higher-end look. These are all things to consider when contemplating the thickness of your quartz slabs.

Depending on how much space you need to fill, you might need multiple standard slabs. For example, imagine you want an extra-deep counter. You love the idea of a quartz countertop overhanging your cabinets for a breakfast bar area.

In this example, you will need more than a single standard slab if you have 20 feet of countertops. Instead, you’d need two slabs and may or may not end up with seams depending on your countertop configuration.

How Many Square Feet Is A Slab Of Quartz?

You can expect a standard slab of quartz to be roughly 45 to 47 square feet. You can determine the square footage of a slab by multiplying the length times the width and dividing by 144. You divide by 144 because there are 12 inches in one foot, so one square foot is 12 inches squared, or 144.

For example, for the average size slab, you’d multiply 56″ by 120″ to get 6,720″. Next, divide 6,720 by 144 to get 46.66 square feet.

A standard slab that is 55 by 120 inches would be roughly 45.83 square feet. One that is 55 1/2 by 122 inches would measure approximately 47 square feet. The actual square footage of a finished slab may be slightly less after reshaping the stone.

What Is The Standard Width Of Quartz?

The standard width of a quartz slab is between 55 and 56 inches. For many typical countertops, this width would provide enough for double the length of countertops.

An average countertop has a depth of about 25 ½ inches. So you could cut a 56-inch wide slab in half lengthwise to get two separate 28-inch wide pieces. In this example, if you needed up to 20 feet of countertops, you could theoretically get what you need from one slab.

Of course, this example cuts it very close. It would be best if you always allowed a little for cutting, waste, etc. But you can get the concept.

The standard width and length can vary slightly depending on the brand of quartz, the quarry it’s from, and how it’s cut. Therefore, when you’re shopping for the perfect quartz slab, pay attention to the specific dimensions.

They won’t necessarily be exactly the same from manufacturer to manufacturer. Instead, you’ll likely notice slight variations in the sizes. These minuscule differences might not seem like a big deal, but every bit of an inch counts in many renovations.

What Are Calacatta Quartz Slab Sizes?

The majority of quartz slabs from Calacatta are 128 inches by 63 inches. Therefore, they offer many jumbo size slabs. But they also offer smaller (standard size) slabs that are 55 by 120 inches.

What Are Cambria Quartz Slab Sizes?

Cambria offers standard-size quartz slabs measuring 122 inches by 55 ½ inches. You can also purchase jumbo slabs measuring 132 inches by 65 ½ inches. This size is slightly larger than the typical jumbo slab and is approximately 60 square feet.

What Are Silestone Quartz Slab Sizes?

You’ll find the typical standard-size slabs from Silestone and jumbo slabs. Their standard slabs are 55 by 120 inches, and their jumbo slabs are 63 x 128 inches.

What Are Caesarstone Quartz Slab Sizes?

Caesarstone offers standard quartz slabs that are 56 ½ inches by 120 inches. They also have jumbo slabs measuring 64 ½ inches by 131 ½ inches.

What’s The Largest Slab Of Quartz?

It is possible to find quartz slabs larger than the average slab size. Some of the largest quartz slabs in the world are 79 inches by 136 inches or 74.6 square feet. These extra-large slabs are part of Daltile’s American Reserve collections.

One of the most immense slabs of quartz is 78 inches by 138 inches, offered by Alicante Quartz. This slab would be approximately 74 ¾ square feet, only slightly larger than the ones from Daltile.

Alicante refers to these slabs as Super Jumbo. You can also find many manufacturers that offer jumbo slabs. Jumbo slabs aren’t as large as these supersized Super Jumbo slabs. But they do provide roughly 12 to 14 more square feet than standard size slabs.

Jumbo Quartz Size

Jumbo slabs are usually available in 2 or 3-centimeter thicknesses. A typical size jumbo slab of quartz is 126 inches by 63 inches or just over 55 square feet. Other jumbo sizes are 64 ½ inches by 131 ½ inches or just under 59 square feet.

How Much Does A Slab Of Quartz Weigh?

The average quartz slab that is 3 centimeters thick weighs between 20 and 25 pounds per square foot. So a standard slab that is 56 by 120 inches would weigh between 933 and 1,166 pounds. However, depending on the density, some can weigh closer to 18 pounds per square foot.

If you opt for a thin or ultra-thin style, it will obviously weigh less but lose some durability in the trade. A 2 centimeter thick slab will weigh closer to 10 to 12 pounds per square foot. An ultra-thin slab is slightly less.

A jumbo slab of quartz 3 centimeters thick could weigh between 1,102 and 1,472 pounds. Some of the largest slabs available can weigh closer to 1,500 to 1,875 pounds.

Do You Have To Buy A Whole Slab Of Quartz?

In most cases, a manufacturer will require you to buy a whole slab of quartz, even if you only need a portion. They do this because the manufacturer needs to pay the supplier for the entire slab.

Therefore, you’ll purchase the whole slab, the fabricator cuts what you need, and then typically sells the remainder as a remnant. Or, you could request that you want to keep the remnant; after all, you paid for it. But if you do this, have a plan for it, or plan to have a place to store it.

If you’re renovating, budget is always a top priority. Luckily, you don’t always have to buy a whole slab of quartz. Depending on what size you need, you could take advantage of these remnants that fabricators sell.

How Much Do Quartz Slabs Cost?

The average cost for a quartz slab is between $75 and $100 per square foot. Higher quality, thicker slabs can cost closer to $100 to $150 per square foot. Luxury slabs can surpass $200 per square foot.

Of course, a lot of factors influence cost, including where you buy it, quality, thickness, and style. However, these figures are good ballparks if you’re trying to get a rough estimate for your upcoming design project.

To save money, you can opt for lower-quality quartz that may have discoloration or other cosmetic imperfections. These slabs can run closer to $50 to $65 per square foot.

But if you need a smaller piece, it could work in your favor. You might be able to cut the best part of the slab and not even notice the issues.

A Final Look At The Standard Size Of A Quartz Slab

Standard quartz slabs average 56 or 55 inches by 120 inches and are usually 3 centimeters thick. You can also find thinner slabs that are 2 centimeters or 1.3 centimeters. If you need a larger slab, jumbo sizes are available from many manufacturers.

Jumbo slabs are 2 or 3 centimeters thick and typically 63 inches by 126 inches. Other jumbo slabs can be closer to 64 ½ inches by 131 ½ inches.

There can always be slight variations in these standard and jumbo sizes. These variations depend on the manufacturer, the quarry, and how the slab is finished.

A typical standard slab of quartz is 45 to 47 square feet. However, some of the most giant slabs in the world are almost 75 square feet. If buying quartz, manufacturers usually require you to purchase the entire slab, even if you don’t need it.

Therefore, if you need a smaller piece, consider looking for remnants from various fabricators. Once you determine the size slab you need, the quality, thickness, and manufacturer will all influence your cost. You could pay anywhere from $50 to over $200 per square foot for a quartz slab.

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