What's The Right Shed Size For A Riding Mower?

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

Having a riding mower can make life easier. Particularly on larger properties, the difference between using a push mower and a riding mower can be night and day. But just like the push mower, a riding mower needs to be mowed properly.

The right size shed for a riding mower is 10′ by 16′ to fit a large riding mower and extra attachments. A common size for riding mowers is 7 feet by 5 feet, so an 8’ by 6’ foot shed could protect a small mower. However, it would be more difficult to maneuver the riding mower in and out of this smaller space.

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What is the Right Size Shed?

Push mowers can be quite compact in size, but the majority of them are fairly large. A riding mower is way bigger than that. Think about it like this: a riding mower is probably much closer in size to a car than it is to a small push mower.

It’s actually not that uncommon for mowers that are zero-turn in nature or riding tractors to be 5-feet wide and 7-feet long. That means that you will need a pretty good-sized storage space to house all of that mower.

The right size is generally in the 10’ x 16’ range. This is because it is big enough to accommodate most riding mowers as well as any additional attachments it might need. All of this without wasting much space but keeping the space from becoming too cramped, either. It is the perfect fit.

What Type of Shed Style?

In most instances, picking the right mower shed is about the design and style than it is about functionality. Sheds are generally just small storage spaces, and the interior tends to not get too complicated.

When picking the right shed, it will come down to looking good and being a good match compared to the aesthetics of your home. Consider the fact that you will need greater depth in a shed so that you can store a longer riding mower. There are some styles of shed out there that can be too shallow in size and wind up causing storage issues for the mower.

For the ideal riding mower shed, you’ll want one that has a long-ways design. This is generally a classic A-frame shed or a high wall barn. Both have a classic look that goes with most homes and is relatively affordable as well.

A Durable Shed Ramp

Most, if not all, sheds are installed above the ground. That means there are gaps between the ground and the bottom of the opening of the shed. When this happens, it means that you need a durable shed ramp so that you can ride the mower up and into the shed itself.

Riding mowers can be pretty heavy. And when your mower weighs in excess of 500 pounds, there’s no way you’re going to want to push it anywhere. So, to get it in and out of the shed conveniently, you’ll need a sturdy shed ramp that will hold up to the weight.

There are some sheds that come with a ramp as part of the installation. Others simply do-it-yourself their own ramp. Make sure that you don’t cut corners either way. Go with a heavy-duty ramp or something made from pressure-treated lumber that is around 4-5 feet in length. You might be able to find a manufacturer in the area that will build custom ramps to fit your specific shed. By going with a sturdy material, you can ensure that it will hold up to the heavyweight and repeated use of the riding mower for years to come.

The Shed Needs a Reinforced Floor

Another thing to consider about the shed that you purchase is the axial weight of the floor. Sheds can have different intended uses, and just because the one you choose is big enough to hold a riding mower doesn’t mean that the floor was built to do so.

Those mowers can get to be very heavy and they are heavy enough that an ill-prepared floor can find itself torn to shreds. Having a reinforced floor is a necessity so that the mower doesn’t bust out the flooring. That can mean damage to the mower and a costly repair or replacement for your flooring.

If the shed that you choose isn’t graded to handle the weight of your mower, you can take on the job yourself. Make sure that you have 2×4’s that are 12 inches apart instead of 16 to provide additional support.

You can also opt to go with something like a double 5/8-inch flooring. Whatever the choice may be, ensure that the flooring is sturdy enough to hold up to that kind of weight over a long period of time. Otherwise, you may be in for a very nasty surprise.

Pick a Shed with Vents

If you thought that a push mower smelled strongly like gas, wait until you get a riding mower. Riding mowers use way more gasoline to generate all that power and without some proper ventilation in your shed, you could find out firsthand just how strong those fumes can be.

Generally speaking, you can get venting in either gables or ridges, allowing all of those fumes from the riding mower to drift outside safely. If you plan on doing any maintenance to your mower inside of the shed, the vents are an especially important feature that is paramount to your safety.

Don’t Skimp on Shelving

Let’s face facts: it is highly unlikely that the only thing you’ll store in this shed is the riding mower. The shed can serve as an all-in-one storage center for any of your outdoor tools. That is, if it has enough space and the proper shelving.

Having the proper shelving for all of your additional equipment can make a shed truly great. This can include built-in shelving or even hooks to hang up things like trimmers and cables. After all, you want the space to be neat and organized, not a hodgepodge of random equipment.

Is a 10×12 Shed Big Enough?

While a 10’ x 12’ shed is on the lower end of storage sheds, it should still be more than big enough to store at least your riding mower. Moreover, it should be more than large enough to store things like a push mower, garden tiller, and even a power washer, too.

With a little bit smaller shed like this, it comes down to planning. If you have a solid idea of where you’ll be storing everything, it can come together like an expert game of Tetris. If not, it might seem like you don’t have enough room when really it is just wasted space.

Do You Need to Hire Shed Installers?

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Can You Fit Bikes in the Shed?

If you opt for a 12’ x 16’ shed, there should be more than enough room to store the riding mower, your garden tools and accessories, and even a couple of bikes. This can come down to how big the mower is, but you can always save space by hanging bike hooks on the wall and keeping them stored there. It can’t be said enough how important the planning of space is when it comes to a shed.

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