What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Missouri?

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Missouri has a history of being one of the most popular states in the middle of the US. Some of the significant cities are well known, like St. Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City. Bar B Que is the talk of the entire state, and they are proud of it.

Missouri became the 24th state in the US in 1821 after the Missouri Compromise was completed. Back then to today, entrepreneurs, immigrants, and farmers still have their eyes on this state. Currently, we will go through the pros and cons of Missouri and the critical points of living in the state.

The positive outweighs the negative, but the good has to deal with the economy, housing market, and the people. Anything negative has to deal with the opposite side of the economy, the housing market, and the people. It all depends on which neighborhood you live in to make that decision.

Outweighing the good and the bad is the only way to decide if you want to live there or not. This article offers the finer things of the state and for something to be on the lookout.

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The Pro Side of Living In Missouri

There are multiple things that we can say about any city or state in the country. Missouri sits in the middle of everything. It is an excellent place to start a new life through a new career, new life, and meet new people.

1. There Are Plenty of Jobs to Start a New Career

Several jobs are available for those who are looking for a new career in life. Missouri is one of the fastest-growing economies, with constant job openings for milling, information technology, web development, and healthcare. Health specialty teachers are one of the highest paying jobs and are in high demand at the moment.

Missouri may be calling your name if you feel one of those positions fits your calling. There has to be income to make any move, and there is plenty to find in Missouri.

2. There Is an Affordable Housing Market Going On Now

The housing market is excellent as home values have gone up by 7 percent in the last few years. The average price for a home is $180,000, and the interest rates are between 2 and 3 percent. Even renters have a good time with rental homes below $1,000 a month.

When the housing market is thriving, everything is good in the economy. Many things took a nosedive with the Covid pandemic. But the banks and renters have worked with the homeowners and renters.

In Jefferson City, you can find apartments as low as $475 a month. Cities like Kansas City and St. Louis are double but still below $1,000. Independence runs in the middle averaging $675 per month.

3. There Is No Rat Race Living in Missouri

Life moves slowly in Missouri, where everyone seems to “stop and smell the roses.” People do not live the fast life event when they are in a hurry in Missouri. Eighty percent of the people dress casually, smile at everyone, and talk to total strangers.

Most people drive slow and like to sit and visit on their porches. They will also give you an earful of where the best barbecue spot is. Having friendly people around makes a world of difference when living anywhere.

4. There Is So Much To Do In Activities

The all-famous city of Branson, Missouri, has much when it comes to music. There are many places in the city where live music is played, from Jazz to Country music. There is also no shortage of barbecue restaurants for food.

The historical scene of old properties and museums is rich in the area. Another thing people will find interesting is Missouri is where Mark Twain lived, and there is much to discover. There are also theaters, national parks, and monuments are other great attractions.

5. The Cost of Living is Lower in Missouri

The World Report and US News rank Missouri as the 10th most affordable place to live. Groceries, rent, utilities, and entertainment are all at a low cost, and people find it successful in managing their budgets. Most people find it one of the perfect states to retire.

6. Missouri Is the Most Centralized State

People who live in southwest Missouri are at the center of the United States. About a four-hour distance, you will find 40 percent of America’s population all the way around. Most of the largest businesses are located within this area.

7. Some of the Best Sports Teams in the Nation

The Big Four sports leagues are the Chiefs, Cardinals, Royals, and Blues. The Kansas City Chiefs made it to the top of the NFL several times. The Cardinals did the same with the World Series.

Sports bring a massive amount of tourism, money, and excitement. Everyone in Missouri loves their sports teams who stayed with each other through thick and thin. Those are the four teams that are still around.

The Con Side of Living In Missouri

Like the pro side, everything can twist around for the top three choices. If you remember the ying-yang, “with every good, there is bad, and with every bad, there is good.” We must factor in these cons to make the best decision for those who wish to live in Missouri.

1. Wages Are Lower In Missouri Than In the Rest of the Country

Average families are making about $6,500 less per year than the country. This con pans itself out when it comes to the cost of living. Most business owners will not pay their workers over $7.85 per hour.

Those who come from a high-income bracket will not get used to this change. Many people do not live poor; it is only the thought of getting paid less for the same career.

2. Gang Activities in Certain Areas Inside the State

There are rural areas and metro areas that have gang activity issues. As the housing markets are doing better, the gangs are on the dark side of things. Unfortunately, this has to do with most cities in America, as no one is exempt.

Anywhere you want to live in Missouri, the suggestion is high that you check out the crime reports. Every community should have one available, and it gives you the advantage of knowing beforehand. It is something to be aware of, but there is no need to overreact if you keep a safe distance.

3. Crime Rate is High in Missouri

The people are one of a kind when it comes to kindness. However, the fact remains Kansas City is rated at the top of the most dangerous city list. The entire state of Missouri is considered the most violent state in the country.

So how can the most admirable people have a crime rate so high? No one knows, but it all has to do with where you go and do not get off the main drags.

4. You Will Feel the Extreme Seasons

All four seasons are felt to the extreme in Missouri. The summertime holds the heat and humidity, while the wintertime holds ice and snow with freezing temperatures. Fast-built thunderstorms and spin-up tornados are a problem in Missouri with the heat and the high humidity.

5. Health Care and Inclusiveness Are Ranked Poorly in Missouri

Every year, each state gets a ranking from the newscasters and journalists. Somehow, Missouri always ends up in the 46th to 50th number state with inadequate health care access and inclusiveness. Many say the high crime rate added into the mix makes for a poor ranking state.

6. Pest Management Can Make a Fortune

Germans thought Missouri would be a wonderful place to live. They were not the only ones. Armadillos, rats, shrews, and squirrels are a major problem in Missouri.

People who have livestock or chickens have a hard time with the pests that plague the state. They feel it is a full-time job to keep pest control in check.

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Overall Living in Missouri

As we have seen the pros and the cons, it is no different from living anywhere in the world. You want to keep in mind that there is no place safe anymore, so never let that deter your decisions. The worst part is the gangs and the violence, as it makes it unsafe for everyone.

The positives drown out the bad thing because there is so much to see and more good people than bad. There are so many famous places in Missouri. The all-famous Route 66 begins in Springfield, Missouri.

The Lake of the Ozarks is another attraction for people. There is plenty of fishing, boating, and swimming when the weather permits. Everything has to do with the individual’s perspective when it comes to the pros and cons.

People see things differently, and what is good to one person may not be to another. Outweighing the good and the bad will always leave you with the best choice.

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