Is Your Nespresso VertuoPlus Leaking Coffee? (Solve It Now!)

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by Ossiana Tepfenhart
Nespresso’s VertuoPlus is nearly a household name for avid coffee drinkers in the world. But, even with its growing appeal, some coffee drinkers are reporting that the machine frequently spills coffee. Whether you have to clean or replace it, let’s take a look at what you should do when your Nespresso VertuoPlus leaks coffee.

Nespresso is one of the more up-and-coming names when it comes to upscale coffeemakers. They even have stores inside malls that sell both the coffee makers as well as cups of freshly brewed coffee. At the forefront of the popularity is the Nespresso VertuoPlus, one of their most popular models. Unfortunately, it’s a model that’s gaining a lot of notoriety for leaks involving spilled coffee.

If you have a Nespresso VertuoPlus, then a coffee leak suggests that there is a leak that has occurred due to a break or clog in the inside of the machine. This means you have two ways to fix this:

  • Clean The Nespresso VertuoPlus
  • Call The Nespresso Customer Service Line

Nespresso usually makes good machines, so don’t let this scary rep worry you. We’ll explain why most VertuoPlus machines are worth the high price tag in this article below.

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Why Is My Nespresso VertuoPlus Leaking Coffee?

Like many other pod-based coffee machines, the Nespresso VertuoPlus uses a lot of components to funnel the coffee and water through various tubes as it prepares coffee. Unfortunately, this can mean a wide number of things. It could be a seal, a busted hose, something leaking in the machinery. However, there is a snag that comes with Nespresso’s design…

Why Fixing Your Nespresso VertuoPlus Isn’t Always Feasible

While you could fix a broken seal or something like that in theory, in practice, it’s not really doable. The design of the VertuoPlus has a lot of patented items in it, and the entire design is specific to the Nespresso brand. This means that trying to find replacement parts is not going to be doable, and if you are able to find them, it’ll be pricey.

Moreover, you’re not going to find a lot of guidance when it comes to fixing a VertuoPlus by hand. Nespresso really clamped down on the advice, too. Unless you are a natural mechanic who can buy a bunch of broken Nespresso machines from eBay, it’s not a good idea to try to fix your machine on your own.

How To Solve The Problem (Without Going Insane Over Parts)

So, a coffee leak is clearly a big deal. Most of the time, it actually gets worse the longer you try to ignore it, too. Thankfully, there are two ways you can fix your Nespresso VertuoPlus…

Cleaning Your Machine

Believe it or not, some coffee leaks are actually caused by a clog in the pipes. Most of the time, these clogs are due to limescale buildup. As more hard water deposits increase, the chances of having coffee backing up through the tubes increases. Sometimes, just cleaning your coffeemaker using vinegar is enough to unclog your machine.

Before you start to panic or get too upset, try to descale your coffee machine. If it fixes the problem, you might have just saved your VertuoPlus from an even larger breakdown. Mazel tov!

Video: How to Fix & Avoid the Leak

Calling The Nespresso Customer Service Line

Though Nespresso has a pretty foul reputation for being stingy with knowledge about their coffee machines, they also have a very generous warranty and one of the best customer service lines you could imagine. Since the VertuoPlus is a relatively new line, it’s often safe to say that you’re still under warranty.

The best thing you can do to get a problem fixed is to call the Nespresso Club Customer Service line and explain the situation. Most of the time, they will ask you to send the coffee machine back so they can fix it themselves. If they feel like the machine is in a really bad state, they’ll send you a brand new one.

How Long Does The Warranty Last On A Nespresso Machine?

Every Nespresso machine comes with a handy, dandy two-year warranty that covers all repairs and replacements for the first two years. After that, the warranty ends. If you have a leak after the warranty has wrapped up, you’re still not entirely out of luck. Most repairs can still be done by the Nespresso team, though there may be a fee involved in them.

Can You Extend A Warranty On A Nespresso Machine?

It really depends. Some retailers might be willing to help you get a longer warranty through them, especially if you use a specific credit card to do it. However, there doesn’t appear to be an official extended warranty program on the Nespresso site—at least, not a separate one. The only way to really extend the warranty on a Nespresso machine is to join the Nespresso Club.

The Nespresso Club is a benefits program for repeat customers that scales up depending on how much you order. By just getting to their lowest rank of membership, Club members are able to extend their warranty for an additional year. Other perks that come with the club can include:

  • Special Discounts
  • Free Pods After A Certain Number Have Been Purchased
  • Machine Care Hotline
  • Descaling Kits
  • Next-Day Home Delivery
  • Special App Features
  • Free Coffee Tasting Events

How To Join The Nespresso Club

If you like the idea of having all these perks with your machine, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the Nespresso Club is not a club that requires a membership fee to join. If you want to join it, go to Nespresso’s site and make an account on the club. To get the full benefits of owning a machine, you will also need to register your machine with Nespresso.

These tips below can also help you max out your benefits and hopefully level up through the ranks:

  • Use the app to do your purchases, or log on every time. The purchases you make can have a huge impact on how much you benefit.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy coffee pods for your friends as long as they pay you back. The more you buy, the more access you have to special savings and perks.
  • Whenever you have any issue whatsoever, call them up. A lot of the perks are also available internationally, so if you are a coffee aficionado who doubles as a globetrotter, keep that in mind.
  • Take a coffee masterclass. It’s a perk of the Nespresso Club, and can also help you enjoy your machine better, for longer. Besides, who doesn’t like to have the bragging right of being able to say they were literally schooled in the art of coffee?

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Related Questions

How often do you have to replace a Nespresso machine?

The jury is still out on this one, but it would be foolish to replace a machine while it is still under warranty. Most people will get at least three to five years out of a typical model. The typical rule of thumb is that you should replace your coffee maker when getting it fixed would cost 25 percent or more of the original price.With that said, Nespresso makes a very solid model, which means that you should not expect to have to replace your new model any time soon.

How long does Nespresso’s warranty last if I can’t provide proof of purchase?

There are occasions where you might not be able to prove that you have a coffee machine that was purchased from an authorized retailer. With other coffee companies, that could potentially make the warranty null and void. Nespresso is far more generous. The warranty for your specific machine will end six months after the manufacturing date of said machine.Unfortunately for many people that buy machines through illegitimate means, this means that your machine’s warranty might expire before its first cup!

Can you use a Nespresso pod twice?

This is a cool coffee hack that’s been making its rounds on the internet lately. Nespresso pods aren’t quite like others. They are so strong, they can be used twice! With that said, pod reuse means that you will notice a subtly weaker flavor the second time around.Whether or not you want to give this money-saving method a chance is up to you. Many people who adore a strong cup of coffee say that it’s a little bit too weak for them, while others find it to be a great flavor regardless.

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