Jenn Air Vs. Thermador Ranges: What Are The Major Differences?

Jennifer Eggerton
by Jennifer Eggerton

Designing a high-end kitchen is a dream come true, and your range is the heart and soul of the space. A professional range lets you cook and bake like a chef. Two of the top names in the business are Jenn Air® and Thermador®.

Thermador® offers more sizes and oven options, including warming drawers and steam ovens. The more affordable Jenn Air® requires no overhead hood, making it the best option for kitchens with sleek, modern designs. Jenn Air® and Thermador® ranges feature options that broaden any cook’s techniques, from high output burner designs to multiple cooking surfaces and exceptional ovens.

Let’s look at the most important criteria for a professional range and how Jenn Air® and Thermador® compare.

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Special Features

Jenn Air® started in 1965 when its founder, Lou Jenn, developed a technology that revolutionized cooking. He found a way to eliminate overhead ventilation. Since then, the company has introduced innovative features that advance the art of cooking. The company is now under the Whirlpool Corporation. Jenn Air® ranges are available in 30”, 36”, and 48” styles that use dual fuel or gas.

  • Remote Access: Receive real-time notifications, one touch access to Jenn Air® customer service, integration with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, and more
  • Flat Tine Racks: Fluid movement and full extension
  • Chrome Infused Griddles: Easy cleaning and fast pre-heating
  • Grills: 16,000 BTUs and cast-iron grates for consistent heating and searing
  • Convection Ovens: Dual-fan convection cooking for even temperatures – bakes perfectly and retains moisture in foods
  • Dual-Stacked Powerburners: Two levels of gas burners for precise temperature control, from low simmers to high heat

Thermador® has been around for more than a century, and the brand is known for unparalleled performance, elegant design, and innovative solutions. Thermador® ranges are available in 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60” styles that use dual fuel, gas, and convection. Options include a steam oven and warming drawer.

  • WiFi Enabled: Access your Thermador® range from any smart device, even when you are away from home
  • Star® Burners: Star-shaped burners designed with 50 gas ports, equating to a perimeter that is 56% longer than traditional round burners
  • Cooking Power: Thermador® ranges give you 22,000 BTUS of cooking power
  • Convection Ovens: Fast pre-heat and even heat distribution – great for baking, crisping, and roasting
  • Dual-Zone Griddles: Dual-zone, non-stick cast aluminum griddle
  • Grills: Have a cast-aluminum grill in your kitchen for steaks, burgers, and more

Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is one area where Jenn Air® truly rises above Thermador®. Most cooking appliances, including Thermador®, require overhead hoods for ventilation. This limits where designers can put the range without major renovations. The innovative solution brought about by Lou Jenn in 1965 allows kitchen designers to put the range almost anywhere while maintaining a sleek and elegant style. Jenn Air® ranges do not require overhead hoods for ventilation.

How Downdraft Venting Works

How does a Jenn Air® range remove smoke and odors without an overhead vent? The downdraft venting of a Jenn Air® range works vent that is located behind the range. The design is similar to the vent for your dryer. The vent rises from the backside of the range. A fan blows air at a height of 19”, and traps smoke and odors. The fan moves the air into a curved vent in the range and out through a wall vent behind the range.

The controls for the Jenn Air® downdraft system are concealed in the cooktop. There are four settings for the fan. When you turn on the system, a unit rises up from the range top. You can turn it on manually or program the unit to work at certain times of the day. The system has an automatic shutoff that stops the fan, and retracts the unit back into the stovetop.

Burner Design

Jenn Air® ranges are made with a double stack of brass that is precisely drilled with holes for gas cooking. The burner design allows for impressive temperature control, whether you need a low, slow simmer, or high heat for searing.

Thermador® ranges feature a unique star-shaped burner design. The perimeter of the burner is 56% longer than a standard round burner. This means more cooking power in the same space.

Range Configuration

Jenn Air® and Thermador® offer collections of ranges with configurations to fit your cooking style.

Stovetop Options

Jenn Air® offers ranges with 5 or 6 burners. Add-ons include a chrome-infused griddle and 16,000 BTU cast-iron grill.

Thermador® offers ranges with 4, 5, or 6 burners. Add-ons include single-zone and dual-zone griddles, as well as a cast-aluminum grills.

Oven Options

Jenn Air® and Thermador® offer single and double oven options. Some Thermador® ranges come with steam ovens and warming drawers.


Jenn Air® and Thermador® ranges are WiFi enabled. You can use an app on your phone or other smart device to control temperature settings, preheating, and other functions. The Jenn Air® app offers recipes and instructions, as well as instant connection to the company’s customer service. Thermador® offers a temperature probe for meats that is connected to the app.


When it comes to price, Jenn Air® is the more affordable option. The 30” ranges from Jenn Air® start at $2,700, and the 48” ranges top out at $12,300.

Thermador® ranges are about twice the price of Jenn Air® ranges. The 30” Thermador® ranges start at a retail price of $4,950, and the top price point is $20,150 for a 60” dual fuel professional range with double griddle and warming drawer.


Jenn Air® cooking appliances come with limited one-year warranties. Coverage includes parts and labor for defects in manufacturing and materials. The service must be performed by a Jenn Air® certified technician. Some coverage is included for two to five years, including electric elements, electronic controls, touch pads, microprocessors, magnetron tubes, sealed glass burners, and glass-ceramic cooktops.

Thermador® offers a limited warranty for two years to cover parts and labor. Unlike Jenn Air®, the company does not provide warranty coverage after 24 months.

Related Questions

What’s the difference between a range and a stove?

A range includes the stovetop and oven. A stove is just the cooktop. The words range and stove are often used interchangeably.

What is a steam oven?

Steam ovens use steam for cooking rather than electricity or gas. The benefits of a steam oven include better color to your foods and retaining nutrients. You use less oil for cooking with a steam oven, and the food stays moist.

Do indoor grills work as well as outdoor grills?

Indoor grills give you the convenience of grilling regardless of weather. The downside is that you cannot achieve the smokey flavor of an outdoor grill. Outdoor grills produce higher temperatures than indoor grills. Heat distribution is better with an indoor grill.

How does convection cooking work?

A convection oven circulates warm air around the food with a special exhaust and fan design. Convection is preferred by many cooks and bakers because it cooks food evenly in less time.

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Summing It All Up

Jenn Air® and Thermador offer professional ranges for cooking and baking. Jenn Air® is more affordable, and the ranges do not need an overhead vent. The brand is preferred by designers who want a sleek, elegant look.

Thermador® offers a wide variety of styles for their ranges, including a commercial-grade 60” unit with a steam oven. The star-shaped burner design gives you more ports for gas cooking than a traditional round burner design.

Jenn Air® offers a one-year limited warranty with some coverage for two to five years. Thermador® offers a two-year limited warranty. Both companies require warranty repairs by certified technicians.

Jenn Air® ranges cost about half as much as Thermador® ranges, so the appliances are great options for budget-conscious home cooks who want high-end appliances. If you have an unlimited budget, Thermador® is worth considering.

Whether you choose a Jenn Air® or Thermador® range for your kitchen, you will get an exceptional appliance for cooking and baking.

Jennifer Eggerton
Jennifer Eggerton

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