Is Redding, California A Good Place To Live?

Is Redding California A Good Place To Live

Redding is in Northern California and was founded in 1872 by the Central Pacific RR. The nature surrounding this city is one of a kind and draws in many tourists and people who want to join the community. You might be wondering if this is a good place to settle down and what it’s like to live in this part of California. 

Is Redding, California a good place to live? Yes! Honestly, this is one of the more affordable cities in California, especially when you compare it to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego. Redding is a smaller city meant for those who like small-town vibes and nature. 

The population in Redding, California, is 91,580 and continues to increase slowly. Unlike other places in California, this has a lower cost of living but still above the national average. If it’s your dream to live in California, the city of Redding may be your best bet to enjoy nicer weather and live comfortably.

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Why Is Redding, California A Good Place To Live?

Honestly, one thing that attracts many people to Redding is the convenience of location and the beautiful weather. There are national parks nearby, universities, playgrounds for the family, and much more. Redding is full of new job opportunities and super friendly communities. No matter where you end up in Redding, there is a high possibility that it will still be a more reasonable price than in other bigger cities. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about moving to Reseda, California. 

Reasonable Cost Of Living

Most of you know that California is not the most reasonable place to live when it comes to the cost of living. Reseda is in Los Angeles county and we all know that Los Angeles is not the most budget-friendly. Rest assured knowing that Reseda is much more affordable. 

You will find this area is a lot more affordable than other areas, which is one reason why over 54% of the community choose to own a home. Most of the properties have a home value of $264,900. You can find beautiful homes with a few bedrooms and bathrooms for this price and an easy-to-pay mortgage. 

46% of the Redding community chooses to rent their homes instead of outright buying a place. The average rental is just a few dollars above the national average staying consistently at $1,075 per month in Redding. This is unbeatable if you compare it to other cities. 

A Scenic Experience

Reseda is a beautiful place to live, with various homes and sidewalks thickly lined with palm trees. The weather is always good, and you will find scenic views all over the city. Many houses are Instagram-worthy, and there are many parks you can go enjoy.

If you are looking for a nice picture and maybe some time fishing, you can check out Lake Balboa and Anthony C. Beilenson Park. If you need something indoors to capture your time in Reseda, try out Valley Relics. You can learn about this history and experience scenic views to grab a snapshot of your trip or your new home. 

Lower Crime Rates

The total crime rate is 68% higher than the national average. Every year, the crime rate decreases by 5%, becoming slightly safer than the previous year. Your chance of becoming a victim in Redding, California, is 1 in 24. This is higher than other cities, but most people report not experiencing anything personally. Redding, California, is 9% safer than other cities in the United States. Honestly, with any city, there will be some crime. This is a safer place than other areas inside California and on the safer side being near LA.

Loads Of Recreational Activities

Many great things can be found in Redding, California, that may attract you to live in this area. There are a lot of other activities that may entice you to live in this area. The next time you’re in Redding, check out these areas and events. 

Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a must-see when you first visit Reseda. It has a museum with tons of interactive exhibits. There is a river aquarium, a cave system, and art pieces to view throughout the park. Check out Sundial Bridge. It is one of the most beautiful experiences you can find. One of the most amazing things you can see in Redding is the sundial bridge. It’s a beautiful bridge built in 2004. It is one of the coolest pedestrian bridges you will ever see that crosses the Sacramento River. 

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is loads of fun for the entire family. If you’re looking for a unique outdoor experience, this is the best area for you. There is a massive lake that hosts a lot of water activities that you can enjoy. If you’re looking for the kind of place to host a BBQ or picnic, this is a great area!

You will find so much activity going on in the city. You can experience things that no other city has. There will be local farmers markets, block parties, and more in this neighborhood. 

Sunny Climate

Let’s go over some trivia that you may find quite interesting if you’re thinking of moving to Redding. Did you know that Redding gets close to 300 sunny days per year? That fact may not be surprising given that we are talking about a California city. Still, it may be more remarkable than you think.

Redding is actually the second sunniest city in the United States. The only city that has it beat by that measure is Yuma, Arizona. Although Redding gets plenty of sunshine, the summers aren’t too bad in the city. Temperatures do reach the upper 90s during July, but that’s about as high as they go. The temperatures ease up later into the summer and while the climate stays warm, it’s far from uncomfortable.

Low Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate is much higher here than across the United States but there is also a higher homeless rate than other areas. The unemployment rate is 12% above the national average but don’t let that deter you from moving here. This is actually better than many other areas in California state. The best news is that the median household income is 2% higher than the national average. 

What Are The Pitfalls Of Redding, California?

Unfortunately, there are some pretty big pitfalls when thinking about moving to Reddubg, California. They are things that you will seriously have to consider before moving to this part of California. Rest assured, knowing it is a better choice than a lot of other places near LA. 

  • Homeless People: Like in any bigger city with nice weather, there are tons of homeless people. The number continues to grow in and around Redding, California. In most cases, this won’t impact you directly, but it may make you feel uncomfortable. It will have to be something you constantly watch out for. 
  • Regular Earthquakes: In most areas of Los Angeles, you will experience regular earthquakes. Some of them will be large, or some of them will be small, and you will experience them at any time of day. This isn’t an issue for most people, but if you are not prepared for it, the earthquake could be really startling. 
  • Traffic: In cities, there will be traffic, and Redding is no exception. Though it is outside of the downtown area, it still gets mild traffic that can make a commute frustrating. This is something that won’t impact your house or cost of living, but it may make your stress level higher. 
  • Noisy: There will always be noise no matter where you go, and you may not be able to get away from it. Truthfully this is a quieter area of California. However, it still has people driving through it at all hours and noisy people who live to chit-chat. 

None of these pitfalls impact the cost of living in California, and it may not impact you negatively. These are just some of the biggest things to take away before deciding to move to the area. 

What Is The Cost Of Living In Redding, California?

The overall cost of living in Redding, California, is 38% higher than the national average but 1% lower than the rest of Los Angeles. If you are looking for a semi-reasonable place to live, this is the place. This is the perfect place for people who want to live near LA but want to be away from the commotion of the center. The national average is ranked to 100, and there are some noteworthy things to keep in mind when looking at Redding. 

  • Groceries: Out of 100, which is the national average, Redding scored 116. This means that it is more expensive to go grocery shopping than in other parts of the United States, but this is still lower than other surrounding areas. 
  • Health: If you are worried about healthcare, it may be slightly more expensive to get help. It scored 111 out of 100. 
  • Utilities: This is actually less expensive than you may think, and it scored 107 out of 100. 
  • Transportation: In Reseda, transportation will be a massive chunk of money that you will have to budget for every month. Out of 100, this scored 126. 

Most places in California are expensive but this is much more affordable than any of the neighboring cities. 

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Related Questions

What is Redding known for?

Redding is the 2nd sunniest city in the United States with over 300 days of sun. Additionally, it is known as the “Capital of Kayaking” and “Trails Capital of California”.

What is the crime rate in Redding, CA?

Crime in Redding is 674.42 for every 100,000 people.

Does Redding Have a Serious Traffic Problem?

Heavy traffic has become almost synonymous with California. It’s understandable why anyone thinking of moving to Redding would be concerned about that. Thankfully, traffic is a non-issue in the city. A lot of people in Redding prefer moving around by bike or by walking.

Commutes are shorter in Redding regardless of how you choose to travel. Driving your own car is probably still the fastest option, but using public transportation won’t lead to you being late.

Which Tourist Attractions Are Well Known in Redding?

Redding has its fair share of tourist attractions that are well worth seeing if you have the time. Fans of great architecture, in particular, will enjoy their time in the city. Some famous architectural landmarks in the city include the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay, Shasta Dam, and Cascade Theatre.

You can also drop by the Riverfront Playhouse or the Redding Civic Auditorium to catch some shows. Paying a visit to those locations is a great way to spend a weekday evening.

Final Thoughts

If you are worried about safety in Redding, there may be some areas you will want to avoid for safety reasons. Places like Shasta Lake, Palo Cedro, and Bella Vista should be avoided due to high crime rates. Most other places in Redding, California, are typically good to live in and safe as far as city standards. 

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