Is Reseda, California A Good Place To Live?

Is Reseda, California A Good Place To Live

Many people are moving to Los Angeles because it is one of the best places to gain new opportunities. Though Los Angeles is not known to be the most budget-friendly or family-friendly place to live. If you’re looking for a decent place to live and don’t know where to start, you should check out Reseda, California. 

Reseda is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles, and that’s because of the scenic views and amazing parks you can walk around. This is not only one of the most beautiful places to live, but it is also one of the safest places to live as well.

This can be an excellent place to live if you are looking in the Los Angeles area. This is a place where young families can find room to grow while young professionals can commute downtown for their careers. The nightlife is rated high thanks to all of the nearby bars and restaurants with tons of entertainment options. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find something you like in Reseda. 

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Why Is Reseda California a Good Place To Live?

If you’re looking for a reason to move to California, there are a ton of reasons you should consider this part of California. It’s in the middle of the state and has some amazing weather. Overall, Reseda, California, is a romantic place to live that is just like living in a fairytale. 

Everyone in the community knows each other, big parties are thrown, and everyone’s invited. It is a good place to live if you love shopping, parties, or just being with the family. It’s a great suburban area that attracts many new people. 

Reasonable Cost Of Living

If you are looking to buy a home, this is one of the best places in California to do so. 48% of the community chooses to buy their homes because of the reasonable price. You may be surprised to find that in Reseda, the average home value is $484,635. This is lower than other parts of California, but the national average for home value is $217,500.

If you are worried about the price of the homes, don’t be alarmed, most everything else is affordable, especially if you compare it to other areas in California. 52% of the community is made up of renters because the average monthly price for a home is $1,652 per month. 

A Scenic View

Most of California is full of breathtaking views, but Reseda is exceptionally beautiful. The neighborhood is thickly lined with palm trees and bright blue skies. There are beautiful scenic homes that are extraordinary to look at, and the best thing is you can easily buy those homes. You can drive through town and experience the joy of the neighborhood. 

Lower Crime Rates

One of the best things about this area in California is that this area is 55% safer than other cities in the state. The overall crime rate is 13% lower than the national average, making it one of the safest places to walk around during the evening and all day. Though you may hear bad things about places in California, the truth is Reseda is one of the safer areas to live. Your chance of becoming a victim is 1 in 47, and every year the crime rate is decreasing by 4%.

Recreational Activities In Reseda

California is full of fun activities and Reseda is no exception. This is a neighborhood in LA and is close to the strip. If you’re looking for a phenomenal adventure or working in downtown this is the place for you. You will find activities for the entire family. If you’re new to LA you can catch Hollywood bus tours, go to the wildlife learning center or, enjoy candy cane lane. 

Unemployment Rate

Though the unemployment rate is 12% higher than the national average, the income per capita is 20% higher than the average. Most jobs are very secure in this area, and the best part of living in Reseda is you have a lot of job opportunities, with downtown LA being so close by. If you live in Reseda and wish to work in Los Angeles, it will be a 30-minute drive. However, Reseda has a great amount of work available as well. 

In Reseda, the median household income is $63,748, which is slightly higher than in downtown LA. In the city of Los Angeles, the median household income is $62,474. If you can find a job in Reseda and live in Reseda, it may be more beneficial. However, there are many open jobs in Los Angeles, and you could find your dream career. 

What Are The Pitfalls Of Reseda California?

Overall, Resed California is one of the best places you could live. It is affordable, and for the most part, you can live on a budget more comfortably than in other areas. However, like with any major city, there are some disadvantages or unattractive aspects of Reseda, California. 

  • Homeless: There is an exceptionally high amount of homeless that have been coming through Reseda. This makes a few people nervous to walk around, and you may get haggled. There are certain areas that will be overrun by homeless people who want to set up camp. 
  • Drugs: Along with drugs, more homeless people are committing crimes like arson on properties. This is not something that happens often, but it does happen, and you should be keeping a lookout for things like this. 
  • Gangs: Though there are gangs, they don’t do much damage. If you are safe and don’t get caught up, you will be okay. They won’t do much harm though sometimes they do property damage that can be covered by insurance. 
  • Traffic: Many people in Reseda experience heavy traffic. There are many commuters who head to LA for work. On almost every street, you will find traffic around 8 am and 5 pm. 
  • Noisy: Like any city, there is a ton of noise. No matter where you live, you will hear the homeless chatter and cars passing by. This may not be fitting for every lifestyle. Many people who grow up in the city are used to the noises that are present every night. 

What Is The Cost Of Living In Reseda California?

There are many things that affect someone’s cost of living in California. House prices, child care costs, school costs, and more. Here is what you can expect to pay for certain things. 

Typically, the average person should expect to pay $1,863 per month for full-time child care in Reseda, California. This price will fluctuate depending on the hours the child needs to be watched, how old the child is, and how many children you plan on putting in a childcare program.

If you are a college student, the closest colleges you will find will be closer to Los Angeles. There is Pierce College with 2-year programs that is an excellent choice for beginners. There is California State University in Northridge with plenty of 4-year courses. Lastly, there is West Coast University right downtown with more 4-year programs. All of these can cost around $5,000 to begin and more as you get further into a program. 

The average cost of food in Reseda, California, is $35 a day, but you could get by on much less if you are careful. If you have a bigger family, it could cost around $100 a day to live in this area. The average restaurant price in Reseda is around $14 for a middle-priced plate. 

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Related Questions

Is Reseda a bad neighborhood?

Though this area doesn’t have the glitz or glam that parts of Los Angeles are known for, it is a very good neighborhood to live in. It also has become one of the film industry’s favorite places to film. The cost of living has gone up dramatically, but this is not a bad neighborhood to live in if you can afford it. 

How much money do you need to live comfortably?

Anywhere in Los Angeles County will be expensive, and this includes Reseda. To live comfortably while paying rent, you should aim to make around $136,207 a year. If you plan to buy a home anywhere in the county, you should try to make $150,391 per year. This may seem like a massive number, but it is the bare minimum for comfortability. 

Is Reseda the suburbs?

The population of Reseda, California, has grown tremendously over the last few years. Regardless of the population, it has remained very suburban. This is an easy ride to the city and very attractive for young families. 

How far is Reseda to Los Angeles?

Many people who choose to settle down in Reseda do so because it is a short distance to Los Angeles. It is about 27 miles away and a 30-minute drive. It is a good place for people to live away from the bustle of the city. 

Is Reseda The Right Place For You?

Overall, this may be one of the best neighborhoods to move into if you are a young family looking for an affordable place to live. This community has a rich culture, and everyone knows each other. The school district is awesome, and there are tons of learning opportunities for your kids with highly rated schools.

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