Is Folsom, California A Good Place To Live?

Is Folsom, California A Good Place To Live

At UpgradedHome, we love to focus on big cities, but most of us know this is not always an attainable goal. Sometimes outside of a city can be more budget-friendly and even safer. If you are curious about towns outside of Sacramento, one of your go-to options should be Folsom, California.

Quality of life can be better in this area, and it tends to be one of the safest options in California. These are only two of the massive advantages in moving to this area; the rest of our research has led us to some surprising facts about Folsom.

Folsom, California, is known to be the second-best neighborhood to live near Sacramento. It has a very low crime rate, a decent amount of recreational activity, and a low unemployment rate. Overall, this is one of the best places you could choose to live in California, and you can easily do so on a budget. Unfortunately, it does have some pitfalls, like a bad allergy season and poor air quality. 

Many people would not consider Folsom their number one destination to move to when considering California. However, this may be the best choice for you. Especially if you are considering getting a job in Sacramento as it is about a 30-minute drive from both areas. This guide will help you understand Folsom, California, a little bit better and understand what you can expect if moving to this area.

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Why Is Folsom A Good Place To Live?

Recently, Folsom was rated the second-best suburbs to live in near Sacramento. The neighborhoods are clean, safe, and there are tons of activities to choose from. This makes it a great place to live and also to vacation. You will experience a new side of California in this humble town.

Reasonable Living Cost

Most of Folsom is very reasonable in terms of cost; one of the biggest expenses will be homes. Everything else will be slightly above or below the national average. The median home price in Folsom, California, is $524,100. This is much higher than the national average, which rests at $217,500. As far as prices go, this is one of the most expensive costs you will pay for.

Many things like health will be below average, and things like utilities will be near the national average. A lot of the recreational activities will be affordable, and the best news is that you will make enough money to afford this town.

A Scenic Experience

Many people don’t know this about Folsom, California, but there is a mix between city life and natural areas surrounding Folsom. Once you move to Folsom, you will soon realize there are recreational parks to be enjoyed everywhere. You will also notice a giant lake that many people love. This is Folsom lake which is a reservoir on the American River.

There is a recreational area where you can enjoy trails around the lake, horseback rides for you and your kids, or water activities to enjoy in the hot summer.

If spending time outside isn’t your cup of tea, there are many indoor activities. Once you enter Folsom, you will notice a historic district that holds many unique shops. This is something you can do on a sunny day if you are in the mood for some retail therapy.

Low Crime Rates

If you are looking for a safe place to live in California, this should be on the top of your list. This is one of the safest places with both a low level of property crime and a low level of violent crimes. You will not find one person in this area who feels unsafe walking through the streets of Folsom. The police department is exceptionally responsive and will help during any emergency.

Overall, Folsom has a total crime rate of 21% below the national average. Your chance of becoming a victim in this area is 1 in 52. This is a lot better than many other areas in California. There is virtually no gang activity in this area which can be a common theme found in other cities of the state.

Loads Of Recreation

If you love shopping or outdoor recreational areas, this is the town for you. The main area you should see for shopping is the historic downtown area, this is good for a scenic view and the best for shopping. You can leisurely stroll around and window shop or find something unique to take home. If you are looking for other indoor activities you should try The Folsom Prison Museum. This is where you can learn about the 140-year-old famous prison accessed by the Johnny Cash Trail.

Lake Folsom is absolutely stunning, but there are also tons of water activities to do on the lake. If you are looking for a place to kayak alone or take your family on a canoe, this lake is within driving distance from downtown. There are many trails that surround this lake that will take your breath away.

Low Unemployment

If you are looking for a city where you know you will have stable employment, Folsom is a good place to start. The unemployment rate is 3.4% which is 26% below the national average. You will find a job based on the skills you have, and there will always be workers available for new jobs.

The median household income in Folsom, California, is $102,692, which means you can expect to live comfortably. People in this area are able to afford to buy their homes with the help of their jobs. In fact, 70% of the neighborhood choose to own their homes instead of rent.

Many of the industries that are big in Folsom, include technology, manufacturing, aerospace industries, and social assistance. If you are in one of these industries, you may find the perfect job that pays you well enough to live in Folsom.

What Are The Pitfalls Of Living In Folsom?

You may be thinking this town is too good to be true, but the truth is there are a few downsides to this town. However, there are many more benefits than negative attributes to living in this area. Here is what we have found through our research…

  • There is really bad air quality in Folsom, California. In this area, the weather actually traps the pollution. You will find this to be true in most parts of California, and it is something you will experience in Folsom. This can make it a difficult place to live if you suffer from asthma or other breathing conditions.
  • Hay fever may be higher in this area. This is a place that mixes the city with beautiful natural areas. However, when spring comes, it hits hard, and for people with allergies, this may cause worse allergy attacks. The air quality mixed with the pollen may impact your health if you are prone to hay fever.
  • It gets exceptionally hot in Folsom during the summer. The daily average temperature in the summer is around 86°F and a low of 68°F. This can be extremely hot for most people, and sometimes the temperature can get much higher than this. This is also a dry heat which makes the temperature feel warmer than it is.
  • Housing prices may be more than you’re willing to pay. Though this is one of the only big expenses you will have to pay for, it may be more than you want to spend on a home. The good news is that many people make enough to afford the houses in the area. However, if you are new to the area, you may have to budget wisely before moving to Folsom.
  • Folsom State Prison is in this city. This has a history that makes it pretty infamous. There has been a history of gang violence in this prison and inmates who turn against guards. However, you don’t need to worry! This is a very secure prison, and there is no chance a prisoner could escape. Folsom is a very safe town to live in, but this prison may make you feel uncomfortable if you are new.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Folsom?

Any place in California will have a higher cost of living than in other states. However, Folsom may be one of the most affordable places around Sacramento. Homes in Northern California can be very expensive.

  • The median home price in Folsom, California, is $524,100. However, you may also look into renting a home. 30% of the community chooses to rent because of the affordable prices. The median rent in this area averages around $1,710 per month.
  • Food and groceries are just above the national average. According to the cost of living index, food and groceries sit at a ranking 108.3 out of a national average of 100.
  • Utilities are closer to the national average while the cost of transportation is higher. Utilities rank 104.5 out of 100, while transportation is 117.4.
  • Healthcare is below the national average. This may be a relief for many people because healthcare ranks 96.7 out of 100.
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What is Folsom, California, known for?

This area is known mostly due to the Johnny Cash song called “Folsom Prison Blues,” thanks to the local prison.

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