Is Kingman, Arizona A Good Place To Live?

Kayla Eaton
by Kayla Eaton

Kingman, Arizona, has a modest beginning starting from a railroad, and it is now known to hold many manufacturing jobs. These jobs bring in many new people, and the best thing is this area is totally affordable. It’s a quaint town with beautiful scenic views. Nature buffs from around the world choose to move here because of all of the activity and more.

Kingman, Arizona, is a good place to live if you work in manufacturing and love nature. This area is close to the Cerbat Mountains and Mojave National Preserve. If you choose to move to this area, you will find that there are so many activities to choose from and it won’t disappoint you.

Arizona is pretty much always warm, has a lower cost of living, good job opportunities, and houses are totally affordable. If you love nature, Kingman is one of the best places you could choose to live. This is a place where people choose to retire and a place where it is fun to raise a family. The public schools are rated above average, and the surrounding area offers the community a suburban feel.

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Why Is Kingman Arizona A Good Place To Live?

This historic town has so many features that attract tourists and new community members to the area. This is known as the “heart of historic 66” that was founded in the 1900s. This is one of the best places to take day trips to the grand canyon and be surrounded by nature while enjoying a close community.

The population of all Kingman is 29,726 and steadily continues to grow, attracting newcomers. If you are trying to start a new business and find your way in the world, this is the best place for you. There are a few other reasons you should consider moving to Kingman Arizona!

A Reasonable Cost To Live

67% of people in Kingman own their homes. You will find that the median home value is around $152,900 while the national average for homes is around $217,500. You can tell that the prices for homes in Kingman, Arizona, are way more affordable than other places in the United States.

Over 33% of the community in Kingman, Arizona, decides to rent instead of buy. The average rent in this part of Arizona is $875, which is much lower than the national average.

Across America, the national average is around $1,062 per month. Most of Arizona is very affordable to live in, and Kingman is one of the most affordable.

Great Things To Do In Kingman Arizona

Close by, there is an entrance to the grand canyon where you can explore caverns and more. This is the best and first place you should check out if you have never seen the Grand Canyon and one of the best reasons to move to Kingman.

If you love nature, this is the place for you. Lake Mohave is another scenic view where you can take your family on a picnic and enjoy the day. This is a must-see if you live in Kingman.

This is by far one of the best places to experience nature, take photos, and experience beautiful views. You can take long hikes out past the city borders or experience parks where you can have picnics. This is the perfect place if you want to have a ton of good weather and be outdoors most days.

Lower Crime Rates

Kingman, Arizona, is a relatively safe place to live, though many people experience high property crime. Your chance of being a victim in this area is 1 in 22.

The property crime rate is 108% above the national average. The good news about living in Kingman is that the violent crime rates are 14% below the national average. This means if anything were to happen it would be petty or property crime.

Loads Of Recreation

There are many museums in Kingman, and you will want to check them out. The Kingman Railroad Museum, the Historic Route 66 Museum, and Mohave Museum of History and Arts.

If those places don’t suit you, there are also loads of restaurants, pubs, and breweries where they serve the local’s favorites. Part of getting to know the area is learning what the locals eat. Don’t be shy to explore this city.

Lower Unemployment Rates

The unemployment rate is 16% below the national average meaning that there are people who have jobs all year long. Most people will not need to get unemployment. Though unemployment is lower people do make a lot less in this area of Arizona.

The income per capita is 23% below the national average and so is the household income for Kingman. The median household income in Kingman is $49,029, which is just below the national average. However, the cost of living in Kingman, Arizona, is much lower than in other places in the United States, so this is a very comfortable salary.

What Are The Cons Of Living In Kingman Arizona?

Like with any place, there are pros and cons of living in a city. This is a small city that has decent weather all year long.

You should know there are a few things that people do not like about this area. If you are looking for a bustling city, this is not the place for you to settle down.

  • Small Town: This is not like a big city, but it is near Las Vegas. If you want big city vibes with tons of activities 24/7, this is not the place for you. This area is very much a small town and has a calmer vibe. It is more natural than shopping centers and a lower population than in big cities. 
  • Less Shopping: There are some shopping centers, but there are not as many as you would think. There are bigger stores like Walmart and Target but also a few smaller antique shops that are fun to check out. Other than that there is less of everything in this city. 
  • Heavy Drugs: Many people tend to do heavy drugs in this area which can be bad for the community. As long as you stay away from drug use, it is typically no problem for your family. 
  • Less Indoor Activities: This city is focused on nature and attracting people with outdoor activities. This can be a major downfall if you love indoor activities. 
  • Roads Aren’t Planned: The city is growing and will continue over the years attracting many outdoorsy people who want to live surrounded by nature. However, the roads and buildings plan doesn’t always make sense. This can make it hard to get around. 

Overall, Kingman is a great place to live for any outdoor enthusiast who loves a small town. You will get to know all of your neighbors and shop for the necessities but have to order many other things.

What Is The True Cost Of Living in Kingman?

Surprisingly one of the most expensive things to pay for in this area is health. Still, almost everything else is below the national average.

The expenses you pay for will be determined by your lifestyle, but we have gathered some facts for you to look through. The national average for each area is 100.

  • Overall: When you look at Kingman, Arizona, you will realize that the overall cost of living is much lower than the national average. The score for Kingman is 85 out of 100. This includes everything except for child care. 
  • Groceries: Out of 100 groceries, score 94.9, which is just below the national average. You will see that most groceries will be the same in all areas of Arizona. However, some places score around 96. 
  • Health: This is one of the most expensive costs to living. Out of 100, this area scores 112.8. 
  • Utilities: Scoring just under 100, you will find the utilities rank around 99.1. The entire state ranks just over 100 at 102. Kingman is a more affordable place to pay utilities. 
  • Transportation: This is one of the lowest costs you will pay in Kingman. Out of a score of 100, transportation ranks 74.7. 

Housing is affordable here, and many other things are below the national average. You can easily stick to any budget. Out of many other places in Arizona, this is a cheaper place to live and very safe.

Related Questions

Is there a local mall in Kingman?

There is a local mall and regional medical center in Kingman, Arizona. It draws in many customers and is rapidly expanding and adding new things. 

How far away is the Grand Canyon?

Though the Grand Canyon is close enough to drive, you will want to ensure you plan a day trip to see everything. It is about 175 miles away and will take a little over two hours to get to the entrance. 

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Kingman, Arizona, is a great place to live, and if you love nature and doing things outside, you will fit right in. There are many houses on the market, and if you are looking to buy instead of rent, this area may be your golden ticket.

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