Husqvarna Pole Saw Vs. Stihl Pole Saw: Which One Is Better?

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, there is a lot of work to put in. Keeping everything well-manicured not only takes time but it takes having the right tools for the job. You may be able to get it done with an inferior tool but it will likely take a lot more time and work.

Getting to those tough-to-reach spots in the yard means having a pole saw. And there are two brands in particular – Stihl and Husqvarna – that have made a name for themselves in the lawn care market. When choosing between the two brands, the differences are minor. The Stihl pole saw is a little heavier but a bit more efficient. The Husqvarna has a removable shaft for greater versatility. The differences are minute and it ultimately comes down to budget and preference when choosing which pole saw you want.

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What Makes for a Good Pole Saw?

Before you can start your yard work, you first have to know what makes a good pole saw. There are three factors, in particular, that matter most: weight, quality, and price. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty on why each of these factors is so important.


Like it or not, most of us are on a budget of some sort. As nice as it would be to buy top-of-the-line everything, that just is not possible for many. So, finding a good value at the right price becomes imperative.

Even if you are on a budget, you don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest option right off the bat. While there are definitely some value options out there, you are generally getting what you pay for.


Almost hand in hand with price is quality. You want to know that the money you are putting into this piece of lawn care equipment is going to deliver a steady performance and do so for a long, long time to come.

The quality of a trimmer can be determined in a few ways. For one, durability and longevity. It kind of goes without saying, but you want to get the most life and use out of your pole saw as possible. But equally as important is the performance. Getting quicker, more even cuts is likely going to be more appealing than choppy, uneven cuts.


Easy as it is to focus on features, quality, or price, weight is arguably just as important. The weight of the pole saw dictates how easy it is to maneuver for the average user. The heavier it is, the tougher it will be to move around and hold for long periods.

Ideally, a pole saw will be lightweight enough without sacrificing power or performance. This way, the user can move around freely without their arms getting tired quickly from the extra weight of the pole saw.

Stihl Pole Saw Overview

If there is one thing that can be said immediately about the Stihl pole saw is that it is lightweight and compact. That means easier use no matter how big or small you may be. This pole saw was designed for use by homeowners, which means that it can be used for a variety of applications.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this pole saw is that it has the Easy2Start feature. All you have to do is give a simple pull and the engine is roaring and ready to go. The shaft can be disassembled for easier storage or transportation as well.

The 27.2 cc engine means you can cut through a ton of different materials like shrubs, fine grass, vines, and wood. Cut through shrubs, branches, and even use it to trim the grass if you want to. This is a versatile pole saw.

What to Like About the Stihl Pole Saw

When you think of “ease of use”, you think of this pole saw. It has the Easy2Start feature, which means there is no priming or prepping. More importantly, it is super fuel-efficient and won’t cause any emissions that are harmful to the environment.

The pole is a telescoping pole, which means that it can be taken apart or reduced to save on storage space. For those who have a small shed as storage, it is a highly convenient storage option. Not to mention that it has a higher reach than most others on the market, meaning greater versatility.

What Not to Like About the Stihl Pole Saw

It can be pretty loud when using it. A good deal of outdoor equipment will be loud to use, so that may not necessarily be off-putting to some but if you like to listen to music as you work, that may not necessarily be an option.

The only other real downside is that it doesn’t come with any extras. No extra changes, no interchangeable replacement parts. You will need to order those online or go to your local home improvement store when your chain wears out or you need a replacement part.

Husqvarna Pole Saw Overview

The balance flex harness feature ensures easier handling, which means a safer user experience. Not only that, but the harness makes using it that much easier, which allows for a greater comfort while using. All of which translates to a better overall cut.

The rapid acceleration is apparent as soon as the saw starts, which means no need to wait for it to get into a rhythm. Make cuts almost instantaneously and cut through a wide array of materials while you are at it.

What to Like About the Husqvarna Pole Saw

The balance flex harness allows for smoother, more comfortable handling. Not only that, but it has an ergonomic design which makes it much more comfortable and safer to handle. For homeowners, in particular, that is infinitely valuable.

With a 16 foot operating height, there is almost nothing that you can’t do with this pole saw. Trim branches on some of the taller trees with the greatest of ease, saving money on landscaping and tree trimming costs.

Because it is a gas-powered saw, it has the power to cut through a wide array of materials. Whether that be vines, shrubs, branches, or even tall grass, there is almost nothing that can’t be cut with this pole saw.

What Not to Like About the Husqvarna Pole Saw

Compared to the Stihl pole saw, this model does not have the aforementioned telescoping shaft. The shaft is fixed, which can make it a bit tougher to store especially in tighter spaces. Small sheds may not be suitable for the 16-foot length.

This pole saw also does not come with any replacement chains or parts. So if the chain wears or a part needs replacing, you will either have to order one online or go to the store.

Finally, it is a pretty loud pole saw. If you like to listen to music while you work in the yard, that may be a bit difficult given the loudness of the saw. It isn’t a huge detriment but it is definitely something that can impact overall views of the saw.

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So, What’s It Gonna Be?

When it comes to choosing between the two, you really could not go wrong with either. They both have efficient engines and can cut through a variety of materials with relative ease. It then comes down to the small details.

If you are looking for a more versatile cut, then Husqvarna is the way to go. The shaft is detachable, which means that it can be shortened whenever necessary, which is great for storage and transportation in particular.

Stihl is a bit more lightweight, which makes it easier to handle. For homeowners, in particular, that can make it the pole saw of choice. But really, both options are quite similar and homeowners could do just fine with either.

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