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Choosing a new television for your home is an exciting but significant investment. Televisions will last for years, so it is vital to make sure you purchase a television that will comfortably fit in your room, allowing you the best viewing experience possible. Most recently, a 65-inch television is the most popular size for American consumers to buy.

In general, a 65-inch television will measure about 58 inches wide. The television will be 34 inches tall without a stand, and with the stand added will be 36 inches. It is important to check with your individual manufacturer and model because there is some variation between leading television manufacturers.

Picking the right television for your space will also largely depend on the resolution type you purchase. Higher-resolution televisions, like 4K or 8K televisions, will allow you to sit closer to your TV without seeing the individual pixels in the screen. This characteristic means that you can still fit a high-resolution 65-inch television in a small room while still maintaining a good viewing experience.

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Are All 65 Inch Televisions 58 Inches Wide?

While 58 inches is the standard measurement for televisions, there is some slight variation between manufacturers. Of course, before purchasing your television, you will want to get the exact dimensions of your particular TV make and model to make sure you have enough space in your room. In general, some of the most popular television manufacture dimensions are as follows:

Sony58’’ x 33’’Model – XBR – 65Z9F
Samsung57’’ x 33’’Model – QN65Q8FN
LG57’’ x 34’’Model – OLED65C9PUA

So, Where Does the 65 Inch Measurement Come From?

It is a bit misleading to consider a 65-inch television is not actually 65 inches wide, but instead much narrower. The 65-inch measurement is the diagonal measurement from corner to corner. This measurement is true for all televisions. For example, a 55-inch television is 55 inches measured from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner of the television.

This measurement usually only takes into account the visible screen area. Early flat-screen televisions had a large bezel around the tv, necessary for lighting. In these earlier televisions, the diagonal measurement goes from the very edges of the screen area. Modern televisions have a screen that goes right up to the outer bezel.

How Tall is a 65 Inch TV?

If you are trying to fit a 65-inch television onto a TV stand or need the appropriate clearance to hang your television on the wall, knowing the overall height of the TV is very important. There is some variation between different television manufacturers, but a 65-inch television is usually around 34 inches tall. Adding the stand and available feet for the 65-inch television will usually add 2 inches, making the total height about 36 inches if the television is resting on the stand.

How Can I Transport a 65 Inch Television?

Purchasing a new television is a big decision, but the most considerable challenge could be moving your television to your house. If you buy a 65 inch TV, the chances are that the television inside the box will not fit in a car or a standard SUV. A 65-inch television may fit in a pickup truck or in a large SUV.

Usually, televisions are packed in a large box, which helps keep the tv padded and protected through shipping. These large boxes add a foot or more to the overall dimensions, with some television boxes measuring up to 70 inches across. Always get an accurate measurement of the box before purchasing a new television to ensure you can transport the TV. The TV should always be kept vertical, strapped in and secured, and not allowed to lay flat.

How Heavy is a 65 Inch Television?

Although television weights will vary between manufacturers, the average 65-inch TV weighs about 55 pounds. It is essential always to practice safe lifting procedures when moving the television and use a buddy to help move the TV into place. Dropping a 65-inch television can lead to severe damage or injury.

If you are using a wall-mounted bracket to support your television, make sure you buy an appropriately rated month. Ensure you are securing your wall bracket into the studs on your wall to ensure a tight and secure installation. Never use a wall bracket for a smaller or lighter television or a bracket that is not properly secured to the wall. Find out how wide a 72-inch TV is.

How Far Away Should You Sit From a 65 inch TV?

When you sit down to watch a movie or television show, you want to make sure you make the most of your experience. That is why it is essential to buy a television that is appropriately sized for your room. The resolution of the television will also play an important role, but most TVs are at least a 4K resolution, with some boasting 8K resolution.

For a 65-inch television, you can sit closer if you have a 4K resolution. Usually, you can sit about 5 to 8 feet away from this television style and still be able to see the TV without pixelation. For a 1080p 65-inch television, you will want to sit about 8 to 13 feet away to have the best viewing experience.

How Do I Choose the Right Television Size For My Room?

Choosing the right size television for your room can be a little complicated, but luckily there is an easy interpretation chart for calculations. For a 4K television, the correct viewing distance should be 40 degrees of your field of vision from the distance you want to sit. With some intricate equations, this factor means that you should sit about 1.4 times the diagonal measurement of your television.

The below chart depicts the appropriate size television for the distance your couch will be from the viewing screen. Remember that television sizes measure the diagonal distance from corner to corner.

Viewing Distance from TelevisionPerfect Television Size
4-5 feet40 inch TV
5-6 feet50 inch TV
6-7 feet55 inch TV
7-8 feet65 inch TV
8-9 feet 75 inch TV

Is a 65 Inch TV Considered a Big-Screen TV?

It seems that in recent years the standard size for a television continues to grow. While a 19-inch television may have been the norm 25 years ago, a 65-inch television is the most popular size for people to purchase today.
A big-screen TV usually consists of televisions that are at least 55 inches. Remember, the size of a tv is the measurement taken diagonally from one corner to another.

The most common big-screen television sizes are 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. Compare this to 85-inch TV dimensions.

What Is the Average Price of a 65 inch TV?

Today it is possible to buy a 65-inch television at many large retail stores, including Walmart, Target, and even Costco and Sam’s Club. It is also possible to purchase a 65-inch television from online retailers like Amazon. Several different leading electronic manufacturers make a 65-inch television, all with varying prices.

Usually, a 65-inch television will cost between $550 and $700 for a 4K television. Of course, purchasing an 8K television will increase the price significantly, with many 65-inch 8K televisions costing over $2,000. Additional features, like added applications and smart home technology, will also increase the price. Televisions with 1080p resolution will usually be less expensive.

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Related Questions

Will the television resolution impact what size TV I buy?

Many people will choose to buy a television that fits their room appropriately to give the best viewing experience.  In the past, traditional televisions would look too grainy if you sit too close.  Today though, there are three different resolution choices, all allowing optimum viewing quality.Televisions are available in 1080p, 4K, and 8K resolution.  4K resolution seems to be the standard, which means that you will be able to sit close to the television without seeing the individual pixels in the image.  If you have a small room, you may still be able to buy a large 65-inch television with high resolution and be happy with the overall image.

What are the benefits of hanging a TV on the wall?

Much of the viewing experience will depend on how far away you sit from the television.  Placing a television on a TV stand shrinks your room size due to the bulky size and shape of a traditional TV stand.  However, hanging your television on the wall not only reduces the amount of large furniture in your room, but it gives you more distance between your couch and the television.A television mount usually sticks out about 2 inches from the wall, giving you a larger viewing distance for smaller rooms.  A wall-mount TV usually gives you about an additional foot of viewing space.  The average thickness of a flat-screen television is about 2 inches, making the television hang tight and snug to the wall.  Hanging a television on the wall helps to maximize your overall available space.

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