How Much Does It Cost To Put Tie-Downs On A Mobile Home?

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Installing tie downs on your mobile home is a necessary, albeit expensive, safety measure. You can expect to spend an average of $2,000 to put tie downs on your mobile home, but prices vary. Whether it be installation or reconfiguring plumbing, let’s take a look at how much it costs to install tie downs on a mobile home.

Mobile or manufactured homes remain widely used throughout the country. The latest statistics indicate that more than 22 million people currently reside in manufactured housing.

You may be planning to move into a mobile home yourself. In that case, you will need to get your new home adequately prepared ahead of your move-in date. That means installing the required tie-downs as well.

The base cost of installing tie-downs on a mobile home often hovers around $2000. Numerous factors can cause that number to go up including the current status of your roof. Your plumbing may also have to be reconfigured in order to accommodate the tie-downs.

Installing tie-downs on a mobile home is a necessary expense. Find out more about how much it costs and other related topics by reading on.

Total Cost of Installing Tie-Downs on a Mobile Home

Expense TypePrice Range
Base Cost of Tie Down Installation$2000
Inspection$200 to $400
New Roofing$600 to $4300
New Plumbing$2500

Cost to Install Tie-Downs on a Mobile Home

Tie-downs are absolutely essential for stabilizing a mobile home. Without those tie-downs in place, a mobile home becomes prone to shifting and even completely flipping over. You must prepare at least $2000 as that is the typical base cost for installing tie-downs on a mobile home.

The tie-downs themselves are somewhat affordable. You can find kits featuring four tie-downs each that are currently available for $30 to $60.

Types of Tie-Downs for Mobile Homes

There are two main types of tie-downs that are used to secure mobile homes. They are the frame anchors and the over-the-top tie-downs. Let’s discuss them in greater detail below.

Frame Anchors

Frame anchors are required for just about every type of manufactured home. These tie-downs are typically connected to the mobile home’s frame rails in order to provide greater stability.

The great thing about frame anchors is that they can sometimes be sufficient enough to secure a mobile home. They don’t have to be paired with other accessories to work properly. In many cases, frame anchors are the only securing devices used on double-wide homes because those structures already feature enough weight.

Over-The-Top Tie-Downs

It is important to note right away that over-the-top tie-downs are not substitutes for frame anchors. Instead, over-the-top tie-downs must be used along with the frame anchors to stabilize a lighter mobile home effectively.

As their name suggests, over-the-top tie-downs are designed to go over the roof of your mobile home. They are able to provide more stability when they are put in that position.

Cost to Inspect Mobile Home Tie-Downs

Inspections are often required before the professionals can move forward with installing any tie-downs. Approach multiple businesses and ask them to inspect your property and learn how much tie-down installation will cost. Most businesses are willing to give provide an estimate of the final cost for free.

In some cases though, businesses will charge a fee. The fee will be based on how far your mobile home is and whether you asked for a short notice inspection. The inspection and the report generated from it may cost somewhere in the range of $200 to $400.

Cost to Install New Roofing on Mobile Homes

Roofing Material UsedSingle-Wide Roof (Price Range)Double-Wide Roof (Price Range)
Composition Shingle Roofing$650 to $2200$1300 to $4300
Liquid Rubber Roofing$600 to $1000$1400 to $1900
Metal Roofing$1000 to $2000$1850 to $3000
Rubber Roofing$1200 to $2300$1600 to $3600

New roofing for your mobile home may be needed to support the tie downs that are set to be added. On the low end, a new roof could cost you about $600. Certain factors can still hike that price all the way up to $4300 however.

One of the factors that affects the cost of new roofing heavily is the size of your mobile home. Installing new roofing over a double-wide trailer can cost twice or even thrice as much as a single-wide project.

You can reserve the new roofing materials for specific spots on your roof to cut down on costs. However, you may still have to spend more money in the future when the rest of the roof deteriorates.

Along with the size of your mobile home, the roofing material you’re using also affects the cost of the project. Let’s discuss the price points for those roofing materials in the upcoming sections.

Composition Shingle Roofing

Composition shingles are made from a mixture of different materials. Those materials often include asphalt, fiberglass, laminate, slate, and even wood. Because of the way they’re designed, composition shingles are great for directing water away from your mobile home.

Liquid Rubber Roofing

Liquid rubber roofing is similar to roofing made up of composition shingles because they both prioritize protection from water. A lot of homeowners are also drawn to liquid rubber roofing because of how affordable it is.

The problem with liquid rubber roofing is that it doesn’t last long. It will likely have to be replaced after 10 years. Even before then, you may need to apply touch-ups to keep the roof in good condition.

Metal Roofing

In stark contrast to liquid rubber roofing, metal roofing is remarkably durable. Install metal roofing over what you currently have covering your mobile home and the new addition could last for several decades.

Metal roofing can also be quite expensive. Apart from the price of the roofing itself, you also have to account for insulation. Insulation alone could tack on thousands of dollars to your final bill.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing has emerged as a great alternative for DIYers. It’s easy enough to install on your own and the entire process can be done quickly. You’re also not sacrificing anything in terms of home protection if you decide to use rubber roofing.

Cost is the only reason why some homeowners may second-guess using rubber roofing. On the high end, rubber roofing can really put a big dent in your bank account.

Cost of Professional Mobile Home Roof Installation

Hiring a professional to handle the installation of the new roof over your mobile home can be expensive. For a single-wide installation, the labor expenses usually end up at around $300. The price reaches $700 if you want a new roof professionally installed over your double-wide manufactured home.

The labor costs you’ll have to pay could still go up if your roof is in bad shape. Do note as well that the professionals you hire can provide the roofing materials if you’re partnering with them.

Cost to Repipe a Mobile Home

Expense TypePrice
Removing Existing Pipes$500
Replacing the Water Main$500
Installing New Pipes$1500

Homeowners may have to spend up to $2500 on repiping their mobile home. Repiping is often necessary because of how the mobile home’s plumbing is changed after the tie downs are installed.

Remember that tie-downs have to be installed on frame rails and even over the roof itself. While all that is happening, the roof may have to be changed in order to accommodate the new installations.

You cannot just keep your plumbing set up the same way because you may be violating some building codes. Rerouting the drainage along the roof is likely going to be required. Changing up your home’s entire plumbing system may also be needed in some cases.

Start altering your mobile home’s plumbing by removing the existing pipes. Professionals can handle that job for about $500. The water main may also have to be repositioned within the new plumbing system. Expect that to tack on an additional $500 to your bill.

Lastly, you also have to purchase new pipes that will be installed inside your mobile home. You can go for different kinds of pipes including copper, galvanized steel, and iron. PEX pipes also warrant consideration.

PEX pipes make a lot of sense because they are very affordable while also boasting terrific durability. Installing new PEX pipes inside your reconfigured plumbing system may cost around $1500.

Related Questions

Is New Skirting Required if You Want to Install Tie-Downs on Your Mobile Home?

Technically speaking, skirting is not needed to support the tie downs you’re adding to your mobile home. However, you may still be required to install new skirting if your mobile home doesn’t have it already.The law requires skirting to be present around the perimeter of a manufactured home. Professionals may not agree to install the tie downs until you resolve the skirting issue. In that sense, you will need to fix the skirting as well if you want new tie-downs installed.

Can You Get Discounts on Tie-Down Installations?

Some businesses will offer discounts if you intend to get tie-downs installed along with your neighbors. Talk to them first before you push forward with installation to see if you could save some money.

How Long with Tie Down Installation Take?

The installation of the tie-downs themselves should take less than one day. Do note though that the added work that may be necessary could prolong the process. Fixing the roof and the plumbing may add several days to the minimum working time for this kind of project.

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